Kundali Bhagya Karan speeds revenge 20th July 2022

Kundali Bhagya Karan speeds revenge 20th July 2022

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Kundali Bhagya Karan speeds revenge 20th July 2022 Anjali asks Karan to take his revenge on Rishabh and Preeta, before their find out about his true identity. She tells that one day they will find his truth, his motives, its better that he hurries with his revenge plan. Karan agrees to her. Rishabh promises Preeta to console her, saying he will break all ties with Arjun and keep him away from them.

Muskuraane Ki Vajah Tum Ho:
Kabir brings the baraat at Katha’s door. Yuvraj makes everyone dance. He sings and dances in the baraat, while his friends cut off the stage foundation to make it tremble down. Yuvraj wants to stop the marriage, without coming in Katha’s sight. Kabir is happy to see everyone enjoying so much in his baraat. Yuvraj doesn’t anyone go inside until his friends signal him that the work is complete. Kabir goes to sit in the mandap. Manyata goes to get Katha downstairs. Kabir waits for his bride. The families are very happy for Kabir and Katha’s marriage. Yuvraj goes away from the mandap. He worries that Kabir may fall into trouble.

He sees the pillar falling over Kabir. He runs to save Kabir, and gets under the huge pillar. He gets hurt in his own trap. Kabir and his family are shocked. Kabir rushes to save Yuvraj. He pushes the pillar aside, and saves Yuvraj. Kabir and Yuvraj jump out of the mandap, and it suddenly trembles down completely. Katha is shocked at the sight. The families face a hard time because of Yuvraj’s planning. Kabir is determined to marry Katha at any cost. The marriage doesn’t stop even after Yuvraj’s multiple plans.

Pandya Store:

Rishita gets Janardhan’s call. She learns that Kirti has eloped with Krish. He worries. She asks Dhara to forgive her for her anger. She requests to just call Krish and ask him to come home. She apologizes for shouting on others. Raavi asks Rishita to calm down and think of her baby. Rishita tells that if this goes on, then the fights between the families will never end. She doesn’t want more drama when her baby is coming. Krish gets ditched by Kirti. Kirti insults him on his poor status. He feels cheated. Gautam, Dev and Shiva get a relief to see Krish coming.

Krish returns home with a heartbreak. He tells Suman that he had stolen the money to elope with Kirti, but she refused to come. He returns the money to Suman. Suman angrily slaps Krish. She can’t believe that Krish had stolen the money. Suman tells that Krish can’t be her son, she will punish him now. She asks him to leave from her house. Krish cries on his heartbreak. She doesn’t forgive him for breaking her faith. Dhara begs Suman to forgive Krish, and keep him home. Krish vents his frustration on the family. He finds difficult to deal with a heartbreak.






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