Bhagya Lakshmi 22nd July 2022 Written Update New trouble

Bhagya Lakshmi 22nd July 2022 Written Update New trouble

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Bhagya Lakshmi 22nd July 2022 Written Update New trouble Lakshmi doesn’t like Rishi and Malishka’s closeness. She asks him to learn to behave with the outsiders who come to stay in his house. She shows Malishka her place. She tells that Malishka is an outsider for them. Rishi demands the truth from Balwinder, who in turn attacks Rishi and flees. Lakshmi doesn’t want Rishi to fall into trouble. She tells him that Balwinder has run out, and Rishi won’t follow him. She stops Rishi from chasing Balwinder further. Ayush runs after Balwinder to catch him. Ayush goes missing in the coming track. What chaos will arise with Ayush’s disappearance? Keep reading.

Earlier in the show, Rishi asks Lakshmi not to smile. She asks him to try her solution again. Rishi agrees. Rishi and Lakshmi look at each other. Malishka comes to meet him. She finds them sharing an eyelock. Rishi tells that it was a good idea to get rid of sleep. He praises Lakshmi for giving such amazing ideas. Malishka tells that even she wants to try this idea with Rishi. Rishi and Malishka sit to stare, but he has his eyes on Lakshmi. He tells Malishka that she can’t do it, he isn’t sleepy now, he doesn’t need to try this. He knocks the door to talk to Balwinder. He tells that he will get the truth out of Balwinder tomorrow. Malishka gets upset that Rishi is ignoring him. Rishi tells that maybe Malishka didn’t like her idea. He sits back to stare at Lakshmi and teach her. Lakshmi and Rishi get into a moment.

Bhagya Lakshmi 22nd July 2022 Written Update New trouble:

Dadi takes the alcohol bottles with her. She asks Ayush to wait and watch, and just follow her. Rishi is troubled that Balwinder is hiding in his washroom. He thinks its easy to keep an eye on him. Malishka screams and hugs Rishi, saying she just saw a cockroach. He asks her not to get scared. Lakshmi finds them hugging. Rishi tries to make Malishka away when he sees Lakshmi. Malishka sees Lakshmi and hugs him again. Lakshmi pulls Malishka away and tells that Rishi is her husband. She asks Rishi to learn to behave with outsiders. She takes Rishi with him. Ayush asks Dadi what is she going to do.

Dadi pours the alcohol on the floor. Balwinder smells the alcohol and asks Rishi why is he throwing the alcohol. He tells that he wants to have the alcohol, he really needs it. Dadi asks Balwinder to come out if he wants the alcohol. She tells Ayush that Balwinder will come out in a minute now. Ayush locks the door. Balwinder tells that he will come anywhere she asks him to. He asks her to open the door. Dadi opens the door. Balwinder comes out of the washroom. He drinks the alcohol madly. He thanks Dadi for coming as his lifeline. He tells that she has given him a second life.

Dadi asks him to just do whatever she tells him. He tells that he will do what she wants. She asks Balwinder to come with him. Rishi and Lakshmi get into an argument. She calls him disgusting that he was hugging Malishka. He tells that Malishka was scared of cockroach, its an ordinary thing, a normal thing to hug. Lakshmi tells that Malishka has a wrong motive. He asks her if she is doubting his character. She tells that she didn’t take his name, she is questioning Malishka’s intentions. He tells that he doesn’t know about Malishka. She asks him what did he think.

He tells that he didn’t know what to do. She asks him why did he not break the hug. She teaches him the difference between right and wrong. She tells that she is his wife, she can’t just watch all this silently. He tells that she is misunderstanding. She asks if Malishka will take him along if she sees a lizard. Rishi asks her not to talk like typical wives. Malishka comes there. He seeks her help. Malishka hugs Lakshmi on his saying. She tells that Rishi asked her to hug her. Rishi thanks Malishka. He clears Lakshmi’s mind. Lakshmi smiles happily knowing Rishi wasn’t thinking of Malishka. She asks Malishka not to hug Rishi again. Malishka tells that Rishi is her would be husband. Lakshmi tells that they shall see whenever it happens. Malishka finds both of them mad.

Dadi brings Balwinder to the living room. She calls the family members. She tells them that she has fed the alcohol to Balwinder and got him into control, now he will tell them the truth. Rishi praises Dadi for her smart idea. Dadi questions Balwinder. She asks him to tell them the truth. Balwinder tells that he can know it someway, why can’t he know it on his own. He asks them whose name do they want to hear, when he has already named three people. Rishi tells that Balwinder looks more out of control now. He asks Balwinder to tell them the truth. Dadi slaps Balwinder.

Malishka is scared for herself. Balwinder breaks a bottle and catches Lakshmi. He threatens them that he will hurt her. Rishi asks him to leave her. Balwinder asks them to let him go, else he will kill Lakshmi. She tells that alcohol is his weakness, but gives him power. He shouts that he will marry Lakshmi, he will kill anyone who comes in front. Rishi fights Balwinder to save Lakshmi. His hand gets injured. Lakshmi stops Rishi from following Balwinder. She asks Rishi to let Balwinder run away. He tells that he won’t die because of a small injury. She asks him to never say it again. She doesn’t permit him to go. Ayush tells that he will go and catch Balwinder.

Ahana and Devika ask Ayush not to let Balwinder escape. Lakshmi cares for Rishi’s wound. Neelam makes Lakshmi away from Rishi. She asks him will he risk his life for Lakshmi. Karishma stops Lakshmi. She asks her to stop the drama. Lakshmi doesn’t listen to them. Rishi defends Lakshmi. Neelam asks Malishka to do the aid. She calls Lakshmi unlucky for the family. Dadi tells that its her mistake, Lakshmi is not at any fault. She makes Lakshmi do the aid to Rishi. She asks Lakshmi to handle the relations. Lakshmi feels hurt seeing Rishi’s wound. She wants him to take care of himself. Rishi tells that even Lakshmi does a lot for his sake.

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