Kundali Bhagya 22nd July 2022 Written Update Savior Karan

Kundali Bhagya 22nd July 2022 Written Update Savior Karan

Kundali Bhagya 22nd July 2022 Written Update Savior Karan Anjali asks Arjun to take back his word and stop the goons from killing Rishabh. Karan is mad over the past and goes on expressing his hatred for Rishabh. He tells that Rishabh had killed him because he loved Preeta. He doesn’t want to forget Rishabh’s evil deed. Anjali asks him not to stoop to Rishabh’s level of a murderer. She advises him to change his decision. Karan doesn’t listen to her. He watches the goons hitting Rishabh by the truck.

When Rishabh meets with an accident, Karan sees his bleeding brother and comes to senses. He fails to tolerate the sight, and runs to save Rishabh. Karan madly runs to reach Rishabh and then lifts him over his shoulders to take him to the hospital. Anjali gets to see Arjun’s mixed emotions. Mahesh gets the news of Rishabh’s accident. He informs Rakhi and entire family about the accident. The Luthras rush to see Rishabh. Arjun becomes a hero for them, as the savior of Rishabh. Do you like this weird revenge track? Keep reading.

Earlier in the show, Anjali comes to meet Arjun. He shows her the Luthras office building. He tells her that he has bought this office space. He adds that they can concentrate on their motives directly. She asks him what is he planning. She answers a call on his phone. She learns that Arjun hired the goons to kill Rishabh. Goon informs that Rishabh is out of his office building. Rishabh talks to Preeta on call. Anjali finds Rishabh in danger. She asks the goon not to harm Rishabh. Karan finds his phone with Anjali. She confronts him for his madness. She asks him how can he kill his brother. Karan tells that Rishabh attempted to kill him because he wanted to marry his wife.


Kundali Bhagya 22nd July 2022 Written Update Savior Karan:

Karan tells Anjali that Rishabh’s deeds will be responsible for his death. He asks the goon Vishnu to show everything live to him. He wants to see the accident live on the big screen. He acts heartless. Rishabh turns and doesn’t see the truck coming towards him. The truck races towards him and knocks him down. Karan is shell shocked. He starts feeling for his brother. He shouts Rishabh and runs to him. Anjali is surprised by his reaction. Rishabh falls down on the road, injured. Karan runs to him crying with regret. He asks Rishabh to open his eyes. He asks the people to call for an ambulance. He tells that nothing will happen to Rishabh. He shouts that Rishabh is his brother. He asks Anjali to help him.

Anjali helps Arjun take Rishabh to the car. Karan asks Rishabh to open his eyes and not leave him. He apologizes to Rishabh. She asks him why is he saying this when he wanted to kill Rishabh. Karan tells that he didn’t want to kill his brother, he had paid Vishnu to just hurt him a little, so that Rishabh gets scared, the accident should be just a threatening for him, the accident should not hurt Rishabh, but just instil fear in his mind. He apologizes to Rishabh that he has put him in this pain. Rakhi feels restless. Preeta asks her to sit. Bani asks Rakhi what happened to her. Rakhi asks Preeta to call Rishabh. She tells Bani that she feels tensed about Rishabh’s safety.

Rakhi tells that she feels something wrong has happened with Rishabh. Preeta and Shrishti receive some messages. Preeta hides it from Rakhi. Anjali tells Arjun about the traffic jam. Karan runs to clear the route, but fails. He lifts Rishabh on his back and takes him. Anjali realizes that Arjun loves his brother a lot, he won’t be able to take revenge on Rishabh and Preeta. Preeta gets the news of Rishabh’s accident. Mahesh tells Rakhi and Bani about Rishabh’s accident. The family is in huge shock. Karan brings Rishabh to the hospital. He asks the nurse to call the doctor, his brother is bleeding. She asks him to fill the details. He asks her is she mad, he needs a doctor first. Nurse asks him to follow the rules.

Karan shouts that his brother needs the treatment first, he will break the rules for his brother’s life. He threatens the hospital staff. Doctor asks him to calm down, he will treat his brother. Karan tells that Rishabh isn’t his brother, but dear like a brother. He assures Rishabh that nothing will happen to him. He gets Rishabh’s watch. He sheds tears for Rishabh. Vishnu calls him and informs that he did the work. He asks for the money. Karan asks him to come to the city hospital. Luthras get stuck in the traffic jam. Sameer calls Preeta. He asks her to take the other route.

She tells that they are also on the way. Anjali sees Shrishti in the traffic. Vishnu meets Karan to get the money. Karan catches Vishnu and reprimands him for hitting Rishabh so badly. Vishnu asks him if Rishabh got saved. Karan tells that he asked him to just scare Rishabh, not to kill him. Vishnu demands the money for his work. Karan threatens him. He bashes the goons. He asks Vishnu to pray that Rishabh gets saved. Vishnu learns that Rishabh is Arjun’s brother. Karan leaves him with a warning. He goes to pray for Rishabh.

He tells that he loves Rishabh, he never intended to kill him. He learns about Rishabh’s blood loss. He tells that he can give the blood and help Rishabh. Arjun gives his blood to save Rishabh’s life. Doctor realizes that Arjun loves Rishabh a lot. Karan tells that he is perfectly fine, he can donate more blood for Rishabh. Nurse tells that he can get dizzy, he has already donated much blood. He tells that he doesn’t care for himself, he wants to save Rishabh. She asks if Rishabh knows that he loves him so much. Karan sinks in guilt. He prays for Rishabh’s recovery.

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