Udaariyaan Promo Update 25th July 2022 Tejo love confession

Udaariyaan Promo Update 25th July 2022 Tejo love confession

Udaariyaan Promo Update 25th July 2022 Tejo love confession Udaariyaan episode spoiler – Tejo’s love confession The building crashes and Tejo shouts Fateh’s name loudly. She finds him trapped inside the bricks and pulls him out. Tejo hugs Fateh and says that she doesn’t wish to live her life without him anymore. She says I love you to Fateh. A baba asks them to stay united as there are several hardships on their way.

Radha Mohan episode spoiler – Hriday pushes Gungun:

Hriday blindfolds Radha and tries to inappropriately touch her. Gungun comes into the room and asks him to stay away from Radha. She questions Hriday what was he doing in the room. Damini orders Hriday that Gungun should not come back home in one piece. He pushes Gungun down the stairs. Gungun shouts loudly.


Ajooni episode spoiler – Rajveer the rebel:

Rajveer is a badass Punjabi munda. He is flying a kite and defeats Lala. His friend goes to get the kite but Rajveer stops him and says that no one can touch his kite. He runs to get it. Rajveer gets his kite but Lala stops him. He bashes up Lala when he demands the kite from him.

Bindiya Sarkar episode spoiler – Bindiya’s dream:

Bindiya wishes to get married and settle in Lucknow. Sarkaar Saheb wants to get married to an educated girl. Bindiya doesn’t have a degree but she is good at household chores. Sarkaar Saheb feels that marriage is more difficult than handling the law. Bindiya is sure that after her marriage with the Sarkaar Saheb her life will change for the better.

Pishachini episode spoiler – Merciless Pishachini:

Rani says that she enters a house when she is given an invitation otherwise she keeps roaming around. She says that once she enters she will present a lot of things but in return will snatch away the happiness. Rani laughs thunderously and walks around in her anklets.

Naagin 6 episode spoiler – Rishabh’s premature death:

Pratha sadly gets ready for her second marriage. Rishabh looks at Pratha’s picture and misses her. He sees Pratha getting married and feels that he lost his love. Rishabh slips in the fire and dies. His body is brought into the house while Pratha does her griha pravesh. Rajesh tells Pratha that she got her revenge but she says that Rishabh never betrayed her and the game was played by Mahek and Urvashi. She cries as Rishabh dies.


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