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Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 27th July 2022 Update Dev awaits Vidhi

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Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 27th July 2022 Update Dev awaits Vidhi Dev apologizes to her. She gets hurt. He gives his kerchief for her wound. She refuses to take the costly kerchief. She tells that she can’t explain his aunt. He tells that the servant will clear the mess. He asks Vidhi to stop crying, he will buy the same bowl for her. Vidhi tells that its her aunt’s belonging. He gives his card. Amba laughs seeing him. Dev gets nervous. He gives his expensive ring to Vidhi. He asks her to come to his office and take the money, but not sell his ring. He makes a quick leave. He meets his stepmum. She asks him if everything is okay. He tells that he is okay. Urmila gets a lesser payment than promised.

Vidhi goes to tell her about the broken bowl. Urmila angrily takes her along to leave. Vidhi shows Dev and tells that he broke the bowl. Dev tries to avoid Amba. Urmila and Vidhi come home. Urmila comes home to tell Vidhi’s parents about the loss. Vidhi’s dad promises to return the money in two days. Amba asks Dev does he think that girl will tell everyone about them. She congratulates him and tells that they will win the trophy of a hot couple. Dev runs aside. Amba performs the dance with the youngsters. Vidhi gets scolded by her parents. Her younger sister Seema consoles her. Vidhi’s dad wishes that Vidhi doesn’t suffer in her marriage because of her stupidity.

Vidhi shows the ring given by Dev. Seema and their mum don’t value the ring, and think it’s a cheap ring. They go to ask Vidhi’s dad. He knows the right value of the platinum ring. After the right evaluation, he asks them to shut the doors and windows of the house quickly. He tells them that the ring is worth 40 lakhs. They can’t believe the price of the ring. The marriage function gets over. Dev turns into a caring son for his stepmom. He asks her if everything went well. She shows her faith on him. She tells that he has done his duty really well. She reminds his promise that he will get married once his siblings get married. Dev’s friend tells that they will find a nice girl for Dev. His mum enquires about his ring.

Dev tells that he gave it to someone, he will soon get it back. He informs that the puja went well in Chitra’s house. Dev’s friends talks about Amy. They ask Dev how did he give a ring worth 40 lakhs to the parlor girl. Dev tells that he didn’t get any other idea at that time, that girl was sincere, she will get the ring back. Dev’s friend tells that he will go and get the ring back. Dev bets that she will come back and return the ring. His friend tells that he will crawl and walk on knees if that girl comes.

Dev tells that if the girl doesn’t come, then he will do whatever his friend says. He is sure that Vidhi will come. Vidhi’s dad asks Vidhi to go and return the ring. He tells that they will not sleep and guard the ring. They wonder if Dev also lost his sleep in tension. Dev sleeps peacefully. Vidhi’s dad is scared that he may lose the ring. He sees someone at the window. He assumes its some thief. He tells that if they lose the ring, then they can never afford to repay the loss. Dev awaits Vidhi.

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