Kundali Bhagya 29th July 2022 Written Update Karan saves Preeta

Kundali Bhagya 29th July 2022 Written Update Karan saves Preeta

Kundali Bhagya 29th July 2022 Written Update Karan saves Preeta Karan pulls Preeta’s hand and saves her from an accident by a speeding car. Preeta is shocked by his move, and so is Rishabh. Rishabh thanks Arjun once again that he saved his family. Preeta again feels Karan by Arjun’s touch. Rishabh and Preeta leave for home. Rishabh asks her if she is okay. Shrishti finds Preeta disturbed. She asks her what’s the reason that she is so disturbed, is she missing Karan or is it anything else. Preeta names Arjun as the reason for her restless. She tries to find out what’s attracting her towards Arjun. Can Preeta know Arjun’s truth? Keep reading.

Anjali supports Arjun. Karan tells that he will try to end the hesitation between them. Rishabh thinks Arjun is reacting kiddish like Karan used to do. Rishabh apologizes and thanks Arjun for saving his life. Rakhi calls up Arjun. Karan tells that even Rishabh and Preeta are at his place. She invites him home for dinner. Karan asks her to prepare the food for him, only then he will come. She tells that its Rishabh and Preeta’s wedding anniversary tomorrow. Karan tells that he will come leaving aside all the important work. Rakhi tells that she will wait for him. Karan wishes Rishabh and Preeta for their anniversary. Rishabh tells that he was going to invite him. Preeta asks Anjali to come with Arjun. Karan asks Anjali for an apple, because he is feeling hungry. Anjali asks him to have breakfast. Preeta again reminisces Karan. Preeta and Rishabh make a leave.


Kundali Bhagya 29th July 2022 Written Update Karan saves Preeta:

Mahesh and Kareena are glad that Rakhi is happy. Rakhi gets emotional and tells that she likes Arjun. Mahesh jokes and asks why does she like Arjun. She tells that she sees Karan in Arjun. He asks her not to get serious. She thinks what to prepare in food, something that Arjun likes. Mahesh asks her to call Arjun and ask. Rishabh finds Preeta lost. He asks her to wait, until he gets the car. Preeta walks towards the road. Karan comes and pulls her hand, to save her. Rishabh runs to Preeta to ask if she is okay. He thanks Arjun for saving her life. Karan reacts angrily, and asks if she lost her life, then what would he do. He tells that Preeta is never in her senses, Rishabh shouldn’t leave her alone.

He shouts on her and tells that she always keeps falling here and there, he has saved her many times. He asks Rishabh to take care of his wife. His behavior reminds them of Karan. Karan apologizes for his rudeness. Rishabh thanks him and apologizes. Anjali wants to know what’s going on. She finds Arjun turning strange. Rishabh takes Preeta with him. Anjali asks Karan to answer her. He tells that he has to make an urgent call. He calls his manager Akash. She asks what’s going on, if he still has feelings for Preeta, because he got worried for her.

He tells that he has no feelings for her, he would have saved any other person, he wants to hurt her by his shocking surprise in her wedding anniversary. He wants to hurt her emotionally, not physically, just like she played with his emotions. He hates her for the huge plotting done with Rishabh. He wants to plot against her by becoming her savior. He tells that he will cheat them in reply of their cheat. She tells that she had seen his love for Preeta, but now she is relieved knowing his plan. He asks her to select his clothes for the party.

Rakhi calls and invites Biji in Rishabh and Preeta’s wedding anniversary party. Shrishti finds Preeta lost. She asks her what is she thinking, if Arjun has misbehaved again. Preeta tells that Arjun didn’t do anything wrong. She thinks of Karan all the time and wants to see him around. She feels restless without him. She tells that its Rishabh and her anniversary tomorrow. Rakhi overhears her. She tells Preeta that she can understand her feelings, its not easy to forget Karan. She feels lucky to get Preeta as her bahu. She blesses Preeta. She tells that she invited Arjun in the party. Karan gets into the goons’ sight. They get revengeful. Shrishti doesn’t want to leave Preeta alone.

She tells that she doesn’t like when Preeta is so stressed. She asks is Preeta missing Karan or is there any other reason for her tension. Preeta tells about Arjun. Shrishti tells that Arjun is playing with her mind and heart. Preeta tells that Arjun is really weird. Shrishti tells that problem is with Preeta, she is torturing herself. Preeta tells her that she gets a strange feeling when she is with Arjun, she doesn’t like him at all.

Shrishti tells that Preeta is such since always, she doesn’t like someone at first and then she likes him and falls in love, like it happened with Karan. Preeta tells that she didn’t like Karan initially. Shrishti tells that same case is happening with Arjun. Preeta asks her to let it be. Raja tells Vishnu that they shall attack Arjun and Rishabh. Bunty asks why are they going to attack Rishabh. Raja tells that Arjun and Rishabh’s fate is connected. Karan battles with Preeta’s memories.

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