Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 29th July 2022 Update Dev wins the bet

Na Umra Ki Seema Spoilers Ajooni Channa Mereya

Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 29th July 2022 Update Dev wins the bet Guard calls Dev and informs that a girl has come to meet Dev, stating an important purpose. Dev checks the cctv footage. He gets to see Vidhi. He feels he has won the bet, and also proved that his judgement isn’t wrong. He asks his friends to see Vidhi, who isn’t a fraud cunning girl. Dev asks the guards to let Vidhi inside. Vidhi goes inside the office. She meets Dev. She gets conscious seeing his friends there. She tells that her parents couldn’t sleep because of his ring. She adds that he should take back the ring, and give the money for the bowl. She gets the ring box from the tiffin.

She shows the safety precautions taken for the costly ring. She hands over the ring box, and asks Dev to give her money back, including the auto fare. Dev tells his friends that he has won his bet. He asks his friend to record the moment. He opens the ring box. His friend laughs seeing the box empty. Vidhi gives a shocked reaction, seeing which Dev checks the box. Vidhi’s mum finds the ring in her finger. Seema asks her how did the ring come in her finger. Vidhi’s mum tells that she had worn it to protect it, Vidhi took an empty box. Vidhi panics for the ring. Dev’s friends question her about the ring. They accuse Vidhi for plotting the drama.

Vidhi apologizes to Dev. She tells that her dad will not forgive her. Dev asks her to relax, and take a deep breath. He behaves nicely. He gives a glass of water to Vidhi. She asks him to think with a calm mind, where can the ring go. He asks her to start it from her house. Seema and Vidhi’s mum leave from the house to meet Vidhi. They meet a neighbor and refuse to attend the Satsang. Vidhi tells that her mum had sealed the ring in the box. Yogesh tells Vidhi that they won’t let her take the ring.


Vidhi tells that she has come too far to return the ring, not to lie. Dev consoles Vidhi. He asks her to call her mum and ask her, if she kept the ring in the box and not. Vidhi tells that her mum can’t make any mistake. Dev insists her to call her mum, anyone can make mistakes. Yogesh calls it his mistake that he trusted Vidhi. Vidhi apologizes. He gives her phone. She tells that he is really good. Yogesh jokes that Dev is going to lose the ring. Vidhi calls her mum, who informs that she has the ring, she has reached the office gate. Dev asks Vidhi to call her mum inside. Vidhi gets confused in finding the exit way. Vidhi runs to the gate to meet her mum. Her mum asks her if she got insulted. Vidhi tells that Dev is really nice. Her mum tells that the ring is stuck in her finger. Vidhi asks her to come with her, and show the ring to Dev. Her mum tells that she was just joking, the ring isn’t stuck. She gives the ring and asks her to give it to Dev. Vidhi goes to Dev and gives the ring to him. She confusedly makes him wear the ring. She apologizes and tells that her mum asked her to make the ring reach the right place. Dev thanks her. Vidhi tells that they will sleep in peace today. She sees Dev’s picture with little Chitra, and compliments that his daughter is really pretty. Vidhi leaves with her mum and Seema. Her mum informs about an alliance coming for Vidhi.

Dev asks Yogesh to step back from his word, if he wants. Yogesh tells that he will fulfil his word. He crawls in the office, and lies to the staff about his mannat. Dev relieves Yogesh from the dare. He tells that he has lost his respect, but fulfilled his promise. Yogesh’s wife feels bad, and gets revengeful against Vidhi. Vidhi doesn’t want to marry soon. Her mum tells that its her dream to see her marriage. Dev tells that they shall give a job to Vidhi in their office, because she is really honest. Vidhi gets a job offer from Dev’s office. She innocently turns down the office. Dev’s friend lies about Vidhi insulting his financial state.


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