Yeh Hai Chahatein 29th July 2022 Written Update Prisha reacts

Yeh Hai Chahatein 29th July 2022 Written Update Prisha reacts

Yeh Hai Chahatein 29th July 2022 Written Update Prisha reacts Prisha asks Armaan why he didn’t tell her that Ruhi and Saaransh are Rudra’s children. Armaan tells Prisha that he intentionally didn’t tell her because she is very sensitive, caring and motherly affectionate towards kids. He asks Prisha how he would have told her that the kids whom she loves a lot are Rudra’s children, the person whom she hates the most. Armaan tells Prisha that she would have got more hurt by this as she already got many attacks because of Rudra. Prisha tells Armaan that he could have at least told her about Saaransh and Ruhi’s mother.

Armaan worries thinking, if Saaransh told Prisha the truth. Prisha asks Armaan why he didn’t tell her that Saaransh and Ruhi’s mother left them. She tells Armaan that she felt very bad when Saaransh told her about his and Ruhi’s mother. Prisha tells Armaan that both Saaransh and Ruhi are yearning for their mother. Armaan asks Prisha to leave all this and have dinner. He gives water to Prisha in which some wrong pills are mixed. Armaan smiles evilly seeing Prisha drinking the water with wrong pills mixed. He thinks that the second part of his plan will start soon.

On the other hand, Saaransh drops an unwell and dizzy Rudra to his room. Rudra falls asleep quickly. Saaransh wonders how Rudra slept early today. He takes out Rudra’s shoes and covers him with a quilt. Saaransh leaves wishing Goodnight to a sleeping Rudra. He goes to his room and receives Sharda’s call. Sharda asks Saaransh how she is. Saaransh tells Sharda that he is absolutely fine and is in Shimla presently. Sharda asks why. Saaransh tells Sharda that he and Rudra came to Shimla for Prisha. He also tells Sharda, how he and Rudra recreated an old fire incident in front of Prisha to make her start recalling her past memories.


Saaransh also tells Sharda how he and Prisha applied ointment to each other’s burns. He further tells Sharda that Prisha recalled the old fire incident as he and Rudra hoped for. Saaransh tells Sharda that if he and Rudra will similarly recreate old memories in front of Prisha, then she will surely regain her memory and return home. Sharda and Ruhi feel happy hearing all this. Sharda tells Saaransh that Prisha will soon regain her memory, if God will want this. She also tells Saaransh that she is more happy knowing that he and Rudra are together trying to bring Prisha back home. Sharda further tells Saaransh that if he and Rudra together will keep trying, then no one can stop them. She tells Saaransh that he and Rudra will win this battle for sure.

Saaransh thanks Sharda. He asks Sharda to tell all this to Ruhi. Saaransh also asks Sharda to ask Ruhi to fix her mood and quickly return home. Sharda says okay she will do it. She disconnects the call asking Saaransh to take care of both him and Rudra. Ruhi tells Sharda that she is super happy as her plan worked. While returning to her room, Prisha starts feeling dizzy. Armaan drops Prisha to Rudra’s room. He makes a dizzy Prisha sleep beside unconscious Rudra. Armaan smiles evilly and opens Rudra’s t-shirt buttons. He also makes Prisha sleep on Rudra’s arm. After doing all this, Armaan leaves from there.

Next morning, Pihu reaches Nieve Resort with her parents. Pihu decides to surprise Prisha. Armaan hears a knock on his room’s door. Pihu and her parents surprise Armaan. Armaan takes Pihu and her parents to Prisha’s room. He pretends innocence in front of his family and tells them that Prisha’s room isn’t getting opened with the spare key. Armaan keeps on acting and tells his family that Prisha isn’t picking up the intercom. Pihu and Kanchan get worried about Prisha. With evil intentions, Armaan takes his family to reception to grab the master key from the staff.

Expressing tension for Prisha, Armaan takes the resort manager to open Prisha’s room. Thakurs gets tensed, finding Prisha missing from her room. They start searching for Prisha everywhere in the resort. Armaan keeps on expressing fake concern for Prisha. He smiles evilly thinking about executing the next step of his plan. In Rudra’s room, Prisha wakes up and feels that she slept peacefully today after a long time. She wonders why her room surroundings look different. Prisha turns her face and gets shocked seeing Rudra sleeping beside her. She throws water on Rudra. Rudra wakes up immediately and gets shocked seeing Prisha sitting beside him.

He asks Prisha how she came to his room. Prisha scolds Rudra for doing this. Rudra tells Prisha that he doesn’t know anything as he woke up just now. He tries making Prisha trust him. Prisha angrily asks Rudra to stay away from her and not dare touch her. Rudra asks Prisha to calm down. He tells Prisha that he doesn’t know how she came into his room and what she is doing here. As per Armaan’s plan, Thakurs open Rudra’s room and get shocked seeing Prisha and Rudra on the same bed. Armaan pretends to be shocked.

Armaan accuses Rudra for trying to sleep with Prisha by deception. He grabs Rudra by his collar. Armaan pretends to be angry at Rudra. Rudra faces Armaan with confidence and tells him that even he knows who can be so cheap. He tells everyone that he doesn’t know how Prisha came to his room. Rudra says that he doesn’t even know anything about last night. Thakurs feel angry with Rudra. Armaan asks Rudra if he means to say that Prisha herself came to his room. Armaan accuses Rudra of getting something mixed in Prisha’s dinner. He also accuses Rudra of bribing the resort staff and taking the master key from him.

Armaan further accuses Rudra of bringing Prisha from her room to his room. Rudra refuses all the accusations. Armaan angrily tells Rudra that playing with women’s respect is a normal thing for celebrities like him. He keeps on accusing Rudra for wrong things. Armaan asks Rudra if he wants to kill Prisha by his cheap actions. Rudra tells Armaan that even he very clearly knows who is deceiving Prisha. He asks Armaan to remember that he won’t ever let anything bad happen to Prisha, even if he will die. Armaan asks Rudra why he can’t tolerate seeing Prisha living peacefully with him.

Rudra gets very angry, when Armaan accuses him of trying to force himself on Prisha. Angry, Rudra threatens to kill Armaan. He accuses Armaan of Prisha’s present and worse condition. Armaan accuses Rudra of repeating his savagery with Prisha. Rudra gets confused with Armaan’s words. Prisha wonders how she came to Rudra’s room and why she can’t recall anything. Rudra understands what Prisha is thinking. He thinks that Prisha will not be able to recall anything as the evil and demonic Armaan snatched her memories by giving her poisonous pills.

Rudra thinks that he can’t tell this truth to Prisha right now as she isn’t considering him as her family or well-wisher. He thinks Prisha won’t believe the truth, even if he will tell her. On the other hand, Sharda calls Saaransh and asks him how he is. She also asks Saaransh for how many more days she and Rudra will stay in Shimla. Saaransh tells Sharda that he is fine. He also tells Sharda that he and Rudra will stay in Shimla for some more days as they need to make Prisha recall more things. Sharda tells even Ruhi and she are thinking of coming to Shimla. Saaransh asks Sharda to come soon with Ruhi.

Suddenly, Saaransh hears Rudra’s screams from Rudra’s room and tells Sharda about it. In Rudra’s room, Rudra tries to make Prisha trust him. He tells Prisha that Armaan is deceiving her. Rudra requests Prisha to not trust Armaan as he is giving poison to her. This shocks Prisha and Kanchan, confuses Pihu and worries Armaan as well as Digivijay. Rudra tells Prisha that Armaan is filling poison in her heart for him. Digivijay asks Rudra to shut his nonsense. He asks Rudra to not make false swears. Digvijay tells Rudra that he earlier also tortured Prisha and is torturing her again. He questions Rudra how he came to Nieve resort, exactly at the same time, when Prisha and Thakurs came for a vacation.

Digivijay accuses Rudra of following Prisha and Armaan and also for troubling them. Saaransh comes and says that Rudra isn’t lying. Armaan gets worried about his evil plan, when Saaransh tells everyone that he was with Rudra last night. Saaransh tells everyone that he dropped Rudra to his room as he felt dizzy after having coffee. While everyone gets confused, Armaan and Digivijay get worried about their evil plan. Saaransh tells everyone that Rudra can do wrong with Prisha as he quickly slept after he (Saaransh) dropped him to his room.

Digivijay asks Saaransh if he was with Rudra the whole night. Saaransh keeps confidently defending his father. Digivijay asks Saaransh to not interfere in adult matters as he is still a kid. He tells Saaransh that he will obviously side with Rudra being his son, why he will care about Prisha. Saaransh stops while blurting out that he cares for Prisha as she is his mother. He changes his words and says that he cares for Prisha because she is just like his mother. Saaransh says he respects Prisha just like he respects his mother. He tells everyone that his father Rudra taught him to respect women.

Saaransh says Rudra can’t do such cheap acts with anyone. Digivijay asks Saaransh to tell him how he and Rudra came to Nieve resort, exactly at the same time, when Prisha and Thakurs came here for a vacation. Saaransh goes speechless. In the next episode, Armaan will accuse Rudra for using his children for his wrong and cheap actions. Ruhi will come and defend Rudra. Saaransh, Sharda and Ruhi will tell Rudra that they trust him fully. Prisha will believe the allegations leveled against Rudra by Digvijay and Armaan. She will file a police complaint against Rudra. Police will reach to arrest Rudra. Prisha will reach Rudra and tell him that she filed the complaint against him.

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