Yeh Rishta 29th July 2022 Written Update Hardships

Yeh Rishta 29th July 2022 Written Update Hardships

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Yeh Rishta 29th July 2022 Written Update Hardships New Students or interns at Birla hospital discuss Abhimanyu. They degrade Abhimanyu by saying that after his hand injury, Abhimanyu has lost his mind and is frustrated himself. Students and interns say that a person whose mental health is compromised is now coming to teach them. They say it is rightly said that “the brain of a heart surgeon should be in the right place”. Abhimanyu knocks and all students gather at their places. As Abhimanyu enters and takes a professor’s place, all students put their heads down in apology.

Abhimanyu makes students sit down. He tells all students the first rule of the medical field. Abhimanyu says no matter how small or big the surgery is, their ( a doctor’s) focus should always be only on the patient. He tells his students that they have to ignore whatever might be going on in their personal lives at any cost, as only their patient’s life is important at that moment. Harsh smiles, while Akshara feels a little relaxed, seeing Abhimanyu controlling his anger and teaching the students properly. Abhimanyu leaves wishing luck to his students. He recalls the last doctor telling him that he is 95% or more sure that his hand will remain non-working forever.

Tense Abhimanyu leaves from there. Akshara feels worried for Abhimanyu. A female student tells other students that they behaved very badly with Abhimanyu and shouldn’t have behaved so meanly with him. A male student says that they can’t ignore the truth. Akshara feels angry and goes to the students. She tells them that they don’t need to know who she is. Akshara also tells the students that she very well understood what kind of people they are. She further tells the students that for becoming a good doctor, one needs to have a healthy as well as a golden heart, which beats for others.

Akshara tells the students that there is a treatment available for blockage in arteries, but not for the blockage in the brain and thinking. She tells the students she feels pity for people like them. Akshara says that it is Abhimanyu’s professionalism that he didn’t say anything to anyone and instead educated all the students, even after getting humiliated by all the students. Akshara says it’s very easy to make fun of someone in his/her absence or on social media. She says the difficult thing is to reach the person’s level, whom we make fun of. Akshara asks the students to prove themselves, then everyone will listen to them and even understand them.

She leaves the class and worries about Abhimanyu. Harsh overhears and witnesses everything from the beginning. Akshara finds Abhimanyu sitting disheartened. She also sees a person requesting Abhimanyu to operate on his son. This person tells Abhimanyu that he failed to treat his son, even being a specialist Unani of medicine. Abhimanyu asks this person if he has any medicine for damaged nerves as his hand’s nerve has got damaged. Akshara feels bad seeing Abhimanyu’s feeling helpless. Akshara gets determined to find Dr. Kunal Khera at any cost. She checks out all the articles and google images of Dr. Kunal Khera’s any type of information.

Later, Akshara and Abhimanyu’s romantic moments are shown. Abhimanyu tells Akshara that he is very lucky to have her as his wife. Abhimanyu and Akshara get lost into each other. “Kesariya” song from the film “Brahmāstra”, plays in the background. Akshara suddenly disappears and all this turns out to be Abhimanyu’s dream. Abhimanyu thinks about how he will tolerate it, if just like in his dream, Akshara will go away from him in real life too. Abhimanyu thinks that he will breathe but won’t be able to live. He requests a sleeping Akshara to never leave him. Next morning, Akshara is seen working diligently on a laptop.

Abhimanyu calls everyone downstairs and tells them that he forgot to plan for Akshara’s birthday, which is the next day. Neil tells Abhimanyu that they will celebrate Akshara’s birthday the best way. Even Parth, Shefali and Manjiri agree to plan a surprise for Akshara’s birthday. Through a makeup store text, Akshara recalls that it’s her birthday tomorrow. She tells God that she is asking for all her birthday wishes today only. Akshara requests God to show her some way or information through which she could meet Dr. Kunal Khera. Suddenly, Akshara gets something on the internet.

On the other hand, Birlas start preparing for Akshara’s birthday celebrations. Abhimanyu says he himself will make a birthday cake for Akshara. He tells everyone that they will make this birthday of Akshara, the best birthday of her life. Through an article, Akshara learns that Dr. Kunal Khera visits a particular Dargah every year on today’s date. She feels a little hopeful. Abhimanyu tells Manjiri that they will even invite Goenkas to Akshara’s birthday party. He says Akshara will get happy only if her whole family will celebrate her birthday together. He requests Parth, Neil, Shefali and Manjiri to help him prepare a special birthday gift for Akshara.

Thinking that she doesn’t want her family’s expectations to break, she decides to not tell anyone about Dr. Kunal Khera right now. Kairav tells Goenkas that Abhimanyu planned a superb surprise for Akshara’s birthday. He tells everyone about Abhimanyu’s idea for Akshara’s surprise birthday party. Manish says he again believed today that Akshara is very lucky that she got Abhimanyu as her life partner. Aarohi feels jealous and angry overhearing all this. Suhasini says they should also plan something for Akshara’s birthday. Aarohi smiles evilly hearing this. Kairav tells Suhasini that he wants to fulfill one of Akshara’s wishes.

He tells everyone that he will make arrangements for Akshara so that she can teach singing to any NGO students. Goenkas praises Kairav’s surprise for Akshara. Aarohi decides to ruin the birthday surprise that Abhimanyu planned for Akshara. Akshara prays to Lord Shiva to make her meet Dr. Kunal Khera for sure for Abhimanyu. At Birla house, Abhimanyu learns to play a song on guitar for Akshara, with Parth and Manjiri’s help. Manjiri and Parth notice Abhimanyu’s hand pain. Manjiri applies a pain relief spray on Abhimanyu’s hand.

Parth asks Abhimanyu, how he will play guitar at the party when he is going through so much pain even in practice. Abhimanyu tells Parth that he will do it as there is a lot of power in love. Parth and Manjiri feel proud of Abhimanyu and motivate him. Manjiri jokes with Abhimanyu. With Abhimanyu’s medical files, Akshara walks through the corridor. She hears someone playing guitar. As Akshara enters the room, she sees Parth, Abhimanyu and Manjiri having tea. Akshara asks Parth if he was playing guitar. Parth and Abhimanyu tell Akshara that no one was playing guitar. Manjiri tells Akshara that no one else than her plays guitar in Birla house.

Akshara informs Manjiri and Abhimanyu that she is going to meet her Music Guru for her next audition round. She says she will meet her music teacher and have a conversation with him about daily practice as she is going to sing in such a big show. Manjiri asks Akshara if it’s important to meet her music Guru today only. Akshara tells Manjiri that her Guruji will leave for Mumbai soon and it’s important to meet him today only. Abhimanyu asks Akshara to go as it’s important for her career and practice. Akshara feels apologetic for lying to Abhimanyu.

She thinks that she can do anything for Abhimanyu. Aarohi comes and meets Akshara outside Birla house. She suspects that Akshara is hiding something from her. Aarohi sees Birla hospital’s medical files in Akshara’s hands. Akshara leaves telling Aarohi that she is going to meet her music Guruji. She prays to God to make her meet Dr. Kunal Khera as it’s about her Abhimanyu.

In the next episode, Goenkas will reach Birla house to attend Akshara’s birthday party. Abhimanyu will talk to Akshara on call. Hearing background voices, Abhimanyu suspects that Akshara is in some Dargah. Later, Akshara will pray to God to make her meet Dr. Kunal Khera. Abhimanyu on the other hand will feel tense thinking if he will really be able to do something right at Akshara’s birthday party. Dr. Kunal Khera will reach outside the Dargah and Akshara will turn towards him.






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