The Broken News Episode 3 Gagged

The Broken News Episode 3 Gagged

The Broken News Episode 3 Gagged Praful tells Dipankar that Anuj brought news about TV star Madhvi Thakkar’s party and weed consuming story. Dipankar asks Praful to put Madhvi’s news story in the 9PM slot at the second last position. He also tells Praful that they will broadcast Anurag Bhatia’s news story at prime time slot /finale. On the other hand, Radha submits Sure Cure hospital’s story to Amina on the behalf of Juhi. Kamal understands that it’s Radha’s hard work. Amina, unaware of the truth, praises Juhi. Juhi feels guilty and apologizes to Radha.

Radha forgives Juhi and tells her that either a person can be a good reporter or he/she can have a life. She leaves, asking Juhi to choose between them. Radha gives Julia’s laptop to Jugal in the tech department to retrieve its data. Later, Radha meets Damani in his car. Damani gives Anurag Bhatia’s information about his deep links with Pakistan to Radha. On Radha’s questioning, Damini confirms to her that his given information is verified. Damani gets a little angry on knowing that Radha is helping Dipankar using Anurag Bhatia’s information she got from him. Radha tells Damani that sometimes to do the right thing, a person has to work with the wrong people.


She convinces Damani to collect Gigasys India Consultant each and every type of information for her. After returning to her office, Radha meets her friend Pooja Kakkar. Pooja tells Radha about how Superstar Akhil Kapoor harassed her. She feels reluctant, when Radha asks Pooja if she will be able to give her statement on camera. Due to her conservative in-laws’ fear, Pooja tells Radha that she can talk to Nazneen Balsara for a statement against Akhil Kapoor as she is also one of Akhil’s victims and unmarried. Radha feels bad for Pooja and tries to calm her.

Amina shares her worries about Awaaz Bharati’s news, loss, low TRP’s and finance with Pankaj. She reveals that Radhe Sharma is continuously taking loans from the market. Pankaj tells Amina that one can’t run a business or even live with an idealism like hers. Amina and Pankaj fight over true news and the entertainment news the public wishes to see or hear. Amina says it’s journalists responsibility to make the truth reach the public. Pankaj says these days the public themselves decide truth and lies, by watching news on social media. Amina tells Pankaj that it’s important that there should be a channel which has a place for truth.

Amina and Pankaj keep on fighting about truth, lies, strategy, office and home. On the other hand, Dipankar gets to know that Radha is investigating Julia’s (Citizen Today Magazine’s investigative journalist/Radha’s flatmate) death, which she is doubting is a murder/conspiracy. Dipankar asks Radha to join Josh 24/7, as to investigate such stories, they have resources, access, contacts and money. Radha tells Dipankar that he also knows that good reporting is done through ability, not access. Radha refuses to work with Josh 24/7 and hands over Anurag Bhatia’s information to Dipankar.

Dipankar asks Radha to think about his job offer once again as however he is, is much more experienced than her. Later, at prime time, both Josh 24/7 and Awaaz Bharati start their finale news. At Awaaz Bharati, Amina exposes Sure Cure hospital’s CEO, Dr. Firoz Batliwala by revealing to the public that Sure Cure hospital cleverly showed their covid patients death as deaths due to heart attack, lung failure and pneumonia on behest of state government. She also reveals that in exchange for Dr. Batliwala’s lie to the public, the state government gave him subsidies, special tax reports and land at cheap rates for 4 new hospitals.

Amina further reveals that Dr. Batliwala is funding upcoming municipal elections for the ruling party. After this, Dr. Batliwala gets speechless. On the other hand, Dipankar also interviews Anurag Bhatia and proves his connection with Pakistan, ISI and Dawood Ibrahim. Dipankar reveals to the public that Saif Capital owns 33% shares of Anurag’s company. He also proves that ISI invests its money earned from the opium business in Saif Capital. Dipankar further proves that even Dawood Ibrahim converts his entire black money into white through Saif Capital. Anurag tries to defend himself by saying that Saif Capital’s money is invested in dozens of companies, not only Bhatia Secutech.

Dipankar proves Anurag wrong by saying that out of all companies only Bhatia Secutech got the government office’s digitization contract. Before Anurag can explain himself to the public, Dipankar’s employees, as already discussed, mute’s Anurag’s mic. Dipankar questions the public, if they are feeling safe after knowing that government’s personal data, government policy records and public’s data can go in the hands of a company, which is owned by ISI and Dawood Ibrahim. Later, Anurag angrily asks Dipankar to focus on “Operation Umbrella”, if he is really so concerned about people of the country. He leaves, asking Dipankar to think and try to understand why the order to defame him was given.

Radha meets Anuj on the way back to her home. Hearing about Anuj’s stay issue, Radha offers him to stay at her flat in Julia’s room. Anuj accepts Radha’s offer. On the other hand, Dipankar gets to know that Kedia made him do Anurag Bhatia’s story on the behest of the home minister. Later, the Home Minister praises Dipankar for trapping Anurag Bhatia amazingly. Home minister says that he already had suspicions on Anurag. Dipankar asks the Home Minister, why he handed over the government contract to Anurag, if he already had doubts on him. He also asks the Home Minister, why after doing all this, he got Anurag publicly humiliated by him.

As the scared Home Minister ignores Dipankar’s questions, Dipankar asks him another one about “Operation Umbrella”. The Home Minister doesn’t answer Dipankar’s questions. In exchange for an interview, the Home Minister asks Dipankar to never question anyone about Operation Umbrella ever. After returning home, Radha asks a person, whom she calls brother to get her information on Prasanna Nair, who lives in Gamdevi and is now missing. She also gives brother an information pendrive and some money. Next morning, Anuj comes to start staying at Radha’s house. Radha explains to Anuj about her house and society rules.

As Radha gets busy, Anuj finds Akhil Kapoor and Pooja Kakkar’s story file kept at Radha’s home. Out of curiosity, he opens it up and reads it. He pretends to be innocent and sweet in front of Radha. Radha fails to catch Anuj red handed and leaves for her work. On the way, Radha tells Kamal about Pooja Kakkar and many women’s exploitation by Akhil Kapoor, which they can broadcast as Mee Too story. She gives more details on the same story to Kamal. After this Radha and Kamal meet Nazneen (one of the victims of Akhil Kapoor) and request her to give an on camera statement against Akhil Kapoor.

They tell Nazneen that she can save many other women and girls, who can become Akhil’s next victims. Nazneen refuses to give a statement against Akhil Kapoor to Awaaz Bharati, without any monetary reward against it. This disappoints Radha and Kamal. On the other hand, Dipankar scolds his employees for not having any news for the day. Anuj informs Dipankar that he has the Me Too Story of Akhil Kapoor. Such a big and important story coming from Anuj stuns everyone including Dipankar. At Awaaz Bharati, Radha gives “Me Too Story of Akhil Kapoor” to her channel and Amina. Initially Amina shows reluctance in broadcasting Akhil’s news on Awaaz Bharati, as Akhil Kapoor is CM candidate of opposition party and a celebrity too.

Kamal and Radha tell Amina that it’s important to expose Akhil to the public because he can become more cheap and dangerous, if he by any chance becomes the CM. Pankaj says without proof, they can get sued. Later, Amina refuses to broadcast Akhil’s story on Awaaz Bharati, without any victim statement on camera against Akhil Kapoor. Amina promises to expose Akhil, even if one girl/woman gives a statement against him, on camera. On the other hand, on Dipankar’s orders, Anuj is seen handling live and field news on protests against Anurag Bhatia. Here the public is seen protesting against Anurag by burning his effigy.

Later, Dipankar interviews the Home Minister, Atul at the lawn of his house. Dipankar exposes Atul by revealing that he is trying to topple CM Ramdas Ji’s government by trying to poach/buy his MLA’s. Atul gets speechless after this. On the other hand, Radha tries convincing Pooja to help Awaaz Bharati expose Akhil by giving an on camera statement against Akhil. Pooja fears her conservative in-laws. Radha tells Pooja that at the end of the day family is to support their family members, not undermine them. She leaves, asking Pooja to think properly as her news channel has only 3 hours.

At the home minister’s home, Atul threatens to finish Dipankar’s career and Josh 24/7 if they broadcast his interview on TV. Dipankar leaves the home minister’s house fearlessly. On the other hand, Awaaz Bharati decides to broadcast Mee Too story of Akhil after getting Pooja’s statement against Akhil and on Radha’s insistence. At Josh 24/7 Kedia angrily tells Dipankar that he won’t broadcast Atul’s interview, as it can ruin both of them as well as Josh 24/7. Dipankar explains to Kedia that CM will be obliged to them for unveiling a conspiracy against him. Kedia warns Dipankar that he is crossing the sword with the wrong person.

Dipankar tells Kedia that he doesn’t want his interference in his job as he also never interferes in any of his works. He asks Kedia either to trust him or fire him. Both Awaaz Bharati and Josh 24/6 start broadcasting their Prime time news. Suddenly, many police officials, lawyers and a person stop Awaaz Bharati’s prime time news. It is shown that the Court has blocked the transmission of Awaaz Bharati’s live news/broadcast.


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