Na Umra Ki Seema Spoilers Ajooni Channa Mereya

Na Umra Ki Seema Spoilers Ajooni Channa Mereya

Na Umra Ki Seema Spoilers Ajooni Channa Mereya Na Umra Ki Seema Ho episode spoiler – Shocker for Vidhi Vidhi enters her mother’s workplace. She hears her mother and her friend speaking about her job but her mother tells her that her father didn’t give her permission. Her friend questions her and she says that if he would have been considerate she would have not made excuses and come to work. Vidhi is shocked.

Ajooni episode spoiler – Ravinder Singh’s entry:

Ravinder Singh Bagga tells inspector Manjeet that he has set an example of bravery by putting Rajveer in jail. He turns the hourglass upside down and warns Manjeet to remove Rajveer out till the sand is over. Manjeet asks Ravinder who is her. Ravinder and Rajveer are shocked.


Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai episode spoiler – Indu questions the waiter:

Indu plays the video. She asks the waiter to speak the truth and promises to convince the police to act softly with him. He agrees to speak. She asks him who gave him the money. Sameer gets scared. Sunita cries and informs Indu to give more importance to her mother sometimes as compared to Zoon. Indu becomes emotional.

Channa Mereya episode spoiler – Aditya gets injured:

Aditya gets injured and Ginni applies medicine to his wounds. He shouts in pain and she says that the wound is deep and if it is not cleaned then it won’t heal. Aditya confesses that he had sent the goons and asks her to give the dhaba. He is astonished to see Darji.

Gud Se Meetha Ishq episode spoiler – Madhur’s true face:

Dev tells Madhur that he will not let Pari get married to a cheap man like him. He says that he doesn’t want to listen to this from him and says that if Pari tells him the same thing then he will go far away. Dev and Pari are stunned. Neel tells Kaju that the sindoor on her forehead indicates that she loves him. Kaju is speechless.


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