Anupama 3rd August 2022 Written Update Anupama rebuilds

Anupama 3rd August 2022 Written Update Anupama rebuilds

Anupama 3rd August 2022 Written Update Anupama rebuilds Anupama is heartbroken. She leaves the Shah house. Kavya and Kinjal feel terrible seeing how Anupama got mistreated by the family. They cry for Anupama and reach the door for her. Anupama carries the good memories of the house, and steps out. Kavya runs to hug Anupama, much to Vanraj and Leela’s shock. She tells Anupama that she will always be there for her as a friend. Anupama replies that she knows it. Rakhi jokes that Anupama’s children have become her enemy and her Sautam has become a friend. Anupama hugs Hasmukh and cries. He gives her a tamarind candy. He gives her hand to Anuj. He blesses her and asks her to go. Anuj takes Anupama and Anu with him.

Hasmukh cries emotionally. Anuj drives to home. He finds Anupama upset. Anupama tells that she wants to stay back in the car for some time. Anuj takes Anu with him. Anupama cries inconsolably in the car, recalling the ugly argument in the Shah house. Barkha is worried that Anuj is going to make an announcement. Ankush tells that he got to know this in the office. She is stressed that he may announce something that’s not good for them. She finds Anuj at the door. Anuj tells that he really has to make an announcement.

Rakhi does a drama, and Kinjal requests her to leave. Hasmukh tells the family that a Devi was insulted and sent away from the house, the house will face the outcome of Anupama’s humiliation, they will get cursed. He feels helpless that he couldn’t do anything for Anupama. He shouts that he doesn’t want to live. Kavya gives him water and asks him to calm down. She tells that Anupama will not bear the shock if anything happens to him. He takes the medicines for Anupama’s sake. Kavya tells that everything will get fine. Hasmukh tells that nothing will get fine in the house where a mother, a woman and Lakshmi gets insulted.


He calls the family selfish to always use others. He rebukes Pakhi and Paritosh for illtreating their mother. Anupama calms down and gets out of the car. Hasmukh tells that one who hurts a mum’s heart will always suffer. He rebukes Pakhi for doing so wrong. He refuses to forgive Pakhi for her bitterness. He warns them that they all will suffer all their lives, because they did wrong with Anupama. Anupama gets Anu’s cute letter. Anu tries to cheer her up. Vanraj gets the BP machine to check Hasmukh’s BP.

Hasmukh asks him not to touch him, he doesn’t care for his life. He tells that he just worries for Anupama. He asks Vanraj to ask him to leave the house. Vanraj asks him not to get angry. Hasmukh doesn’t care for his health. Anupama and Anuj spend happy time with Anu. Anu is happy that Anupama is smiling. Anupama tells that she won’t spoil their moments. She shows the happiness Santa and Anu’s letter that made her happy. Anuj and Anu clap for her. Anu, Anupama and Anuj celebrate their togetherness. Hasmukh tells that Pakhi went on Vanraj, she doesn’t think before saying anything, she insulted her mum.

He asks Vanraj why didn’t she stop his daughter. He reminds that Anupama doesn’t let the children insult Vanraj. He explains that it was Vanraj’s duty to stop the children from insulting their mum. He asks can he see anyone insulting Leela. Kavya asks Vanraj why didn’t he slap Pakhi, and take a stand for Anupama. Pakhi starts regretting and hugs Vanraj. She asks him why didn’t he slap her and stop her from ousting Anupama. Anupama refuses to meet the Shahs again. Pakhi wants to apologize to Anupama, but Vanraj advises her not to go and meet Anupama at Anuj’s house.


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