Anupama 4th August 2022 Written Update New track

Anupama 4th August 2022 Written Update New track

Anupama 4th August 2022 Written Update New track Kinjal angrily says that even she and Kavya understood Anupama’s value. She angrily reminds Pakhi and Paritosh that they are Anupama’s own children and asks them when they will understand Anupama. Kavya says Pakhi and Paritosh won’t ever understand Anupama’s value because they are totally selfish. This shocks Pakhi and Paritosh. Kavya tells Pakhi that till now she hasn’t seen a useless, pointless, insolent, pathetic and selfish child. She also tells Pakhi that sometimes she wonders if she is really Anupama’s child. Kavya compares little Anu with Pakhi.

She asks Pakhi to see that little Anu met Anupama a few days ago and still cares for her mother. Kavya also asks Pakhi to see that even after taking birth from Anupama’s womb, she failed to understand her. Kinjal asks Pakhi if she is feeling bad now. She also asks Pakhi to think how bad Anupama would have felt, when her own daughter insulted her. Kavya asks Pakhi who told her that Shah house is her house. She says it was Anuj and Anupama’s decency that they didn’t say anything. Kavya says if Anuj would have wanted, he could have thrown their whole family out of the house. This shocks Baa.

Kinjal tells Pakhi and Paritosh that they always follow the same pattern. She tells Pakhi and Paritosh that they keep making mistakes and keeps apologizing to their parents. Kinjal further tells Pakhi and Paritosh that they have insulted Anupama and Vanraj many times. She tells Pakhi that not every mistake is forgiven, especially whatever she did today. Pakhi and Paritosh feel angry. Kavya suggests Pakhi to apologize to Anupama as maybe by this the latter’s pain will reduce a little. Kinjal tells Pakhi and Paritosh that they will live their whole life in guilt, if they won’t apologize to Anupama.


This shocks Pakhi, Paritosh and Vanraj. Pakhi starts leaving but Kavya scolds her for showing the wrong attitude to elders. Kinjal tells Pakhi that she will remember Anupama only, whenever she will get into any trouble. She also tells Pakhi that she will always feel the lack of a mother in every situation of life. Kinjal says children without a mother are very unfortunate. She tells Pakhi and Paritosh that they are more unfortunate as they will yearn for their mother their whole life now because of their mistakes, attitude and anger. Pakhi leaves angrily.

Kavya asks Kinjal to rest in her room as such stress is not good for her health. Kinjal tells Kavya that she is fine. Kavya makes Kinjal sit on the couch. As Vanraj starts leaving, Kavya stops him by angrily telling him that she hasn’t finished yet. This shocks Baa. At Kapadia house, Anupama spends a good and quality time with Anuj and Anu. “Zindagi Ki Yahi Reet Hai” from the film “Mr. India” plays in the background. Anu falls asleep and Anupama kisses Anuj’s cheek. At Shah house, Pakhi is seen crying profusely in her room. Suddenly, Pakhi’s head bangs on the bed board, she screams “Mummy”.

She recalls Kinjal and Kavya saying that she and Paritosh will start finding Anupama as and when they will get into trouble. Pakhi keeps on recalling the things that happened today at Shah house. By recalling all this, Pakhi cries profusely. Kavya on the other hand tells Vanraj that maybe her way of expressing is different but she is really attached to the Shah family and truly loves everyone. She says she always used to wonder why she isn’t like Anupama. Kavya says now after seeing what Anupama’s children did with her today, she is glad that she isn’t like Anupama. She says that the biggest curse in a person’s life is to be good/kind than actually required.

Kavya says that even if Anupama will agree to give her life for Shah house, Vanraj will ask Anupama to go and die at Kapadia house. She says Paritosh will ask Anupama to die after taking care of his child for some years. Kavya further says Pakhi will feel embarrassed on her mother’s way of dying too. She tells Vanraj that whatever Anupama may do for Shahs, it’s never going to be enough. Kavya accuses Shaha for always treating Anupama like a doormat. She says now it has been cleared that doing anything for the Shah family is absolutely pointless. Kavya tells Vanraj that he, Baa, Pakhi and Paritosh can never be happy with anyone.

Kavya says after getting a clarity check, she will still fulfill all her duties but won’t work according to anyone. She looks at Baa and says that she won’t even hear anyone’s taunts. Kavya says she will live her life on her own terms. She says that she will give 100 taunts in exchange for 1 taunt, if anyone even tries taunting her. Kavya alsos says that Anupama showed greatness by not saying anything to her children who insulted her but she won’t do the same if anyone will insult her. She says if anyone tries to insult her, she will make that person bear its consequences.

Kavya asks everyone to remember that she is not Anupama but Kavya. Kavya’s angry side shocks everyone. She tells Pakhi, Paritosh, Baa and Vanraj that they won’t ever be able to be happy as they don’t deserve joy, happiness and peace. She says Anupama deserves everything like joy, happiness and peace. Kavya prays to God to always keep Anupama happy. Kinjal prays the same in her thoughts. Pakhi on the other hand imagines apologizing to Anupama and realizing her mistakes. Imaginary Anupama explains Pakhi the importance and deepness of a child and his/her mother’s relation.

Pakhi’s imaginary Anupama keeps expressing love to Pakhi. Pakhi gets scared as the imaginary Anupama disappears. On the other hand, Anupama recalls celebrating Rakshabandhan with Shah and her maternal family. She also recalls Pakhi and Paritosh’s bitter words and how they crossed their limits with her. Anupama further recalls Baa rudely restricting her from visiting Shah house. Anuj comes and tells Anupama that he never wanted to ruin her relations but can’t tolerate anyone crossing limits with her. He tells Anupama that he can’t see anyone do wrong with her. Anuj tells Anupama that she stopped him yesterday from punishing Shahs, otherwise he would have made them bear the consequences of whatever they did yesterday with her.

He asks Anupama from where mothers bring such a big heart from. Anuj tells Anupama that he would have broken badly, if his daughter would have told him that she hates him, even jokingly. He also tells Anupama that now her respect and self-respect is now his responsibility and thus he won’t let her visit Shah house ever again. Anuj apologizes to Anupama for taking the decision which should actually be hers. He tells Anupama that he took this decision because she would have felt difficult while taking the same decision. Anuj says that he is ready to hear people badmouth him for not letting his wife meet her children and maternal family. He tells Anupama that he just can’t accept seeing anyone humiliating her.

Anuj tells Anupama that the final decision is still hers. Anupama gets emotional seeing Anuj’s love and care towards her. Anupama tells Anuj that she doesn’t want to visit a place, where her husband gets pained and her daughter is made to cry. She assures Anuj that she won’t visit Shah house ever again. Anuj asks Anupama to visit Shah house, if there will be any emergency. Anupama grows more emotional. Anu asks Sara how can Anupama be her idol. She tells Sara that idols are those whose photographs get published in newspapers and who get lots of awards. Sara asks Anu where such things are written.

She explains to Anu that the idols are those, whom they wish to become like. Sara also explains to Anu that an idol is that person by seeing whose work and hearing his/her words, a person learns to live life. Sara tells Anu that by observing Anu, she has learnt a lot from her, which she hadn’t learnt from anyone for years. As Sara says that Anupama is her idol, Anuj congratulates Anupama for getting another follower or supporter. Sara says she is Anupama’s fan. Anupama showers love on Sara and Anu. Anuj feels happy seeing all this.

At Shah house, Vanraj gets shocked seeing Pakhi broken. He asks Pakhi what happened to her. Crying Pakhi says that she is very bad as she humiliated her own mother a lot. She says she always (again and again) hurts Anupama and today crossed all her limits. Pakhi asks Vanraj why no one stopped her or slapped her while she was brutally humiliating Anupama. She says she deserves a tight slap. Pakhi tells Vanraj that Kavya is absolutely right as she is really world’s most stupid, selfish and an idiot girl. She asks Vanraj how she could oust her own mother from her house.

Pakhi says that she has hurt Anuj, Bapuji, Anupama and disappointed pregnant Kinjal too. She asks Vanraj why he didn’t take a stand for Anupama. Pakhi asks Vanraj how they will celebrate Rakshabandhan without Anupama. Vanraj asks Pakhi to get into the habit of celebrating happiness and festivals without Anupama. He tells Pakhi that their and Anupama’s life is very different now. Pakhi tells Vanraj that they are at fault in all this as they created differences between Kapadias and them. She says she wants to apologize to Anupama for her mistakes and make everything right.

Vanraj thinks that if Pakhi will apologize to Anupama, then Kapadias will again start visiting Shah house, which he doesn’t want. He tells Pakhi that now she doesn’t need to apologize to Anupama or visit her house ever. This shocks Pakhi. Vanraj leaves wishing “Good Night” to Pakhi. In the coming episodes, Anuj will get paralysed. Anupama will be seen taking care of a paralyzed Anuj. Barkha will accuse Anupama and Pakhi for trapping Anuj and Adhik respectively. Vanraj will tell Anupama that Anuj’s family showed her her status. Little Anu will ask Anupama if Anuj will never get well. Anupama will request paralyzed Anuj to respond as 2 Anu’s are waiting for him. Later, Anupama will get determined to make Anuj once again stand on his feet.

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