Kumkum Bhagya 9th August 2022 Written Update Rhea blasts

Kumkum Bhagya 9th August 2022 Written Update Rhea blasts

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Kumkum Bhagya 9th August 2022 Written Update Rhea blasts Rhea tears the divorce papers. She tells Pallavi that she/Pallavi has made a decision, and now she has made a decision right on Pallavi’s face. She throws the trash paper over Pallavi. Pallavi loses her cool and goes to slap Rhea, but Aaliya comes to protect Rhea. Aaliya holds Pallavi’s hand and stops her. Rhea refuses to divorce Ranbir and leave the house, even on Pallavi’s saying. She doesn’t believe Pallavi at all. She doesn’t want to be a part of Pallavi’s plan when she isn’t sure of Pallavi’s intentions. She gets confused seeing Pallavi changing colours so soon and becoming loyal to Prachi. She tells that she has made her decision to not divorce Ranbir. Aaliya stands by Rhea as always, because even she doesn’t trust Pallavi’s crazy planning.

Earlier in the show, Rhea’s confession shocks Prachi and Ranbir. Prachi calls it enough. She asks Pallavi to oust Rhea, who is a threat to her child. She asks Ranbir to divorce Rhea. Ranbir nods to give his consent. Pallavi asks Ranbir to sign the divorce papers. Ranbir signs it happily. He asks Rhea to sign the papers now. Pallavi tells Rhea that she will tell the truth to the police if Rhea doesn’t sign the papers. She asks Rhea to decide where she wants to stay, home or jail. She reveals that Rhea had hired Nick to get Prachi killed.

She apologizes for not revealing the truth to the family before. Ranbir understands Pallavi’s concern. Pallavi sings Prachi’s praises. She asks Rhea to leave the house. Rhea refuses to sign the divorce papers. Pallavi forces her to sign. Rhea signs the papers and throws it on Prachi’s face. She asks Prachi to celebrate happiness, but remember that the happiness will be short-lived because she will be back in the house soon.

Kumkum Bhagya 9th August 2022 Written Update Rhea blasts:

Rhea tells that she will come back home soon. Pallavi tells that she will make sure, Rhea gets jailed forever. She asks Rhea to get out of the house. She throws Rhea out of the door. Rhea refuses to go, and asks how dare she throw her down. She screams and wakes up from the nightmare. She is relieved that she is still in Kohli house. She goes to see Ranbir. She finds him sleeping in Prachi’s room, sharing the bed and holding her hand in sleep. She throws the things in anger and makes a leave. Ranbir and Prachi wake up. Prachi finds him holding her hand. He apologizes to her. He tells that he fell asleep. He asks her to trust him, he didn’t take any advantage of her sleepy state. Prachi smiles.

He asks her if she is smiling. He asks him to sleep on the bed. He gets happy and asks her if they should keep the pillows between them. They both have a cute moment, and share an eyelock. Aryan reaches there. He sings a song to tease Ranbir. Prachi tells that she will go and freshen up. Ranbir asks Aryan what is he doing. Aryan tells that he came to find his boxing gloves. Prachi gets dizzy. Ranbir observes this and runs to hold her in arms. He hugs her with concern. Prachi smiles feeling protected. Aryan wishes that they love each other, and their baby keeps them close. Shahana reaches there. She finds Aryan praying and seeing Pranbir hug. She asks them to come and have the breakfast.

Ranbir tells that he will pay attention to his pretty wife than the tasty breakfast. He compliments Prachi. He holds Prachi’s hand and takes her. Aryan smiles seeing them. Shahana asks him when did he change. He tells that Mili has changed him a lot, he is serious for Mili, like Shahana is serious for Stanley. Shahana yells at him. Rhea barges into Aaliya’s room and asks her to wake up. Shaina gets scared and wakes up. Rhea asks Shaina to sleep. She asks Aaliya to just get up. Aaliya asks her did anything happen. Rhea tells that she has seen it in a dream. Aaliya asks what did she dream. Rhea asks her to just get up. She tells that Pallavi has thrown her out of the house, in her dream. Aaliya breaks her sleep. Rhea tells that Ranbir and Pallavi ousted her.

She tells that even Prachi was asking Pallavi to throw her out. She senses a bad happening. She tells that Pallavi may handover the divorce papers today itself. Aaliya asks her not to worry, and just refuse to sign the papers. Shaina asks Rhea not to worry, nobody can force her to sign the papers. Rhea tells that her morning dream can get true. She adds that she has a plan, but it may backfire. Aaliya learns Rhea’s plan. She likes the plan. She asks Rhea to get prepared, they will either win or get out of the house. Pallavi tells Vikram that she got the divorce papers for Rhea, so that Prachi stays secured with Ranbir. She asks him to always trust her, she is just thinking for the family’s betterment.

Vikram tells that he will always trust her. She thanks him. Rhea checks the door. The courier guy tells that he will hand over the courier only to Pallavi. Rhea goes to call Pallavi. Aaliya tells that Pallavi might want to hide the matter. She wants to check the papers. Rhea asks if Pallavi is really hiding something. Aaliya tells that she will find out. She goes to sign as Pallavi Kohli, and receives the envelope. Rhea quickly checks the papers. She is shocked to see the divorce papers. She hides the papers from Dida. Dida asks Rhea what is she hiding behind. The entire family meet and appear happy.

Prachi tells Vikram that Ranbir is taking good care of her. Vikram tells that he has a good news for them. He asks Pallavi if he should tell them. Ranbir tells that they already know it, Dida told them about it. Pallavi asks Prachi how did she react, is she okay with it. Prachi tells that she is happy. Ranbir tells that Dida was really happy, he was feeding sweets to them. Vikram is glad to see their positive reactions. Ranbir tells that it’s a good news if the cow gave birth to a calf. Vikram and Pallavi ask what are they talking. Prachi tells that they just know this good news.

Vikram and Pallavi laugh. They also want to have sweets. Ranbir asks why are they laughing. Pallavi tells that their good news is different. Prachi asks what is it. Dida tells Pallavi that Rhea isn’t answering her, she is hiding something. Pallavi asks Rhea to answer Dida. Rhea tells that she is incomplete shock, Pallavi didn’t change her mind and instead made the divorce papers ready. Rhea blames Pallavi. She tears the papers in anger. She tells that she has made her decision right on Pallavi’s face. She throws the pieces of paper on Pallavi’s face. Pallavi angrily raises hand on Rhea. Aaliya steps in between and stops Pallavi from slapping her niece.

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