Kumkum Bhagya Ranbir believes Prachi 11th August 2022

Kumkum Bhagya Ranbir believes Prachi 11th August 2022

Kumkum Bhagya Ranbir believes Prachi 11th August 2022 Kumkum Bhagya episode spoiler – Ranbir believes Prachi Rhea tells Prachi that she will unmask her. She shows Sid and Prachi’s photograph to everyone and says that they have an illegitimate relationship. Ranbir tears them and warns Rhea that whatever she tells now he will no more believe it. Prachi feels good. He clearly says that he will never doubt Prachi. Rhea becomes furious.

Udaariyaan episode spoiler – Amanpreet wants custody:
Amanpreet informs Fateh that he has filed an FIR against the whole family. Fateh gets angry at him. Amanpreet says that he has applied for the custody of his son at the family court. Fateh goes to attack him but everyone stops him. Simran asks him what does he want and he demands his son. Everyone is alarmed.

Sasural Simar Ka episode spoiler – Kavya is pregnant:


Simar wins the competition. Everyone claps for her. Ishita is stunned. Simar and her team hold the trophy. Geetanjali Devi says that Simar has succeeded in doing the impossible and asks Ishita to seek forgiveness from Simar. She apologizes to Simar. Kavya informs Reyansh that she is carrying his child. Reyansh becomes speechless and Simar is stunned.

Pishachini episode spoiler – Rani waits for Rocky:

Rocky and his family decide to leave for Chail. Pavithra also decides to go there. Rani waits for the Rajputs. Rocky tells Pavithra that he will carry her luggage as she is from London. She agrees and smiles. Rani wonders who is the girl with Rocky. Pavithra touches the door knob and bounces off Rani. She is astonished.

Harphoul Mohini episode spoiler – Balwant needs insulin:

Harphoul kicks the gunny sacks thinking it to be Balwant Chaudhary. The wheat grains fall from the sack. Mohini nurses Maai. She stops Harphoul from hurting himself. Balwant prepares to have his food but gets an attack. His men come to Harphoul and Mohini in need of insulin so that his life is saved. Mohini reluctantly looks at the insulin and then at Harphoul.

Swaran Ghar episode spoiler – Swaran’s shocking avatar:

Ajit gets worried as Swaran goes missing and asks the police to search for her. Swaran makes an entry by dragging the kidnapper’s hand tied to the rope and vermilion covered on her face. She says that a woman and a mother is never weak. She declares that nothing is important for a mother than her child. Arjun is flabbergasted.


  1. fed up fed up.so rhea n ranbir will never get divorce 2 wives shit story will continue with 2 children n now saying prachi child is Sid.or gosh when this filth n trash will end


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