Udaariyaan 10th August 2022 Written Update Tejo assaulted

Udaariyaan 10th August 2022 Written Update Tejo assaulted

Udaariyaan 10th August 2022 Written Update Tejo assaulted Tejo gets suspicious about Jasmin’s strange behavior. She tells that Jasmin keeps the door shut these days. She wonders what’s the reason. She asks Jasmin is there any problem that she keeps the door shut. Jasmin tells that she wants some privacy. Tejo asks her why does she need privacy suddenly. She tells that both of them know the truth. She tells that she didn’t make Jasmin fall yesterday. She questions Jasmin and asks her what is going on in her mind. She doubts that Jasmin is hiding a big thing. Jasmin grows tensed with Tejo’s interrogation. Later, Amanpreet enters Virk house in the family’s absence.

He attacks Tejo, when the latter looks for Jasmin. He tells Tejo that her beauty has turned him mad. He pulls her dupatta. Tejo warns him and keeps him away by holding a sharp pointed flower stand towards him. She asks him not to mistake her goodness as her weakness. Fateh comes in time and defends Tejo’s dignity. He also warns Amanpreet. He covers Tejo with her dupatta, and tells that Amanpreet will regret a lot for his mistake. Fateh and Tejo fight Amanpreet. Amanpreet troubles Virks by filing the custody case to get Candy from Simran and Buzo. How will Fateh and Tejo handle the evil Amanpreet? Keep reading.

Earlier in the show, Gurpreet asks Tejo to take care of everything as only she and Jasmine will be at home. Later, Amanpreet is seen outside Virk house’s gate, laughing evilly. Tejo is seen going for a bath. Amanpreet enters Virk’s house using a duplicate key, the prints of which he had stolen from the Virk family home using a transgender’s help.


Tejo starts bathing. Amanpreet walks forward inside Virk house with an evil intention towards Tejo. He thinks that Tejo is alone at home. Amanpreet enters Fateh and Tejo’s room. He walks towards Fateh and Tejo’s bathroom. Tejo dries her hair and comes outside with clothes on. Amanpreet moves toward Tejo with evil intentions. Tejo sees Amanpreet behind her and gets scared.

Udaariyaan 10th August 2022 Written Update Tejo assaulted:

Amanpreet secretly comes inside Tejo’s room. Tejo gets scared seeing Amanpreet. Amanpreet tells Tejo that he came to meet Candy. He asks Tejo to give him some love as she gives it to Candy. He behaves cheaply with Tejo. Tejo angrily asks Amanpreet to get out. Amanpreet tells Tejo that he came to meet her as she has settled in his veins. He asks Tejo to give some love to him too as he loves her a lot. Tejo angrily asks Amanpreet to get out. She angrily throws the towel at Amanpreet.

Amanpreet keeps on behaving cheaply with Tejo. Tejo angrily throws a vase at Amanpreet. Amanpreet asks Tejo to throw herself at him as he will handle her properly. Tejo picks up another heavy flower vase and scares Amanpreet. Amanpreet tells Tejo that it doesn’t suit her. Tejo angrily asks Amanpreet to get out. As Amanpreet doesn’t agree, Tejo throws the heavy vase at him. Amanpreet runs outside towards Virk’s living room to save himself. Seeing the bar near him, Amanpreet asks Tejo to offer him a drink. Angry Tejo picks up a knife and warns Amanpreet to get out.

Jasmine feels irritated with Tejo and Amanpreet’s noises. She thinks to check what’s going on. Before going outside, Jasmine realizes that she hasn’t worn her fake pregnancy belly belt. She wears her fake pregnancy belly belt and walks outside. Jasmine sees Amanpreet troubling Tejo. She enjoys seeing her sister in trouble, from a distance. Tejo threatens Amanpreet that she will call the police. Amanpreet tells Tejo that he has already filed an FIR against the Virk family and police officials are already sympathetic towards him, not Virks. Tejo keeps on scaring Amanpreet with the knife.

Amanpreet runs outside the Virk house towards its lawn. He keeps on behaving cheaply with Tejo. Tejo, again and again, warns Amanpreet. Amanpreet tells Tejo that he is going and will return to meet Candy. He also tells Tejo that he will play with her as well as Candy. Amanpreet cheaply asks Tejo to come with him to London or Paris or New York or France or Italy, if she is feeling shy at home. Tejo’s anger increases and she again scares Amanpreet with the knife. She asks Amanpreet to get out. Amanpreet leaves telling Tejo that she appears in his dreams the whole night and troubles him.

As Amanpreet leaves, Tejo breaks down into tears. Fateh, Simran, and Buzzo return home. They run worriedly towards a troubled and tense Tejo. Worried Fateh envelopes Tejo in a hug. Everyone asks Tejo what happened to her. Tejo sobs and tells Fateh that Amanpreet secretly entered her room and was talking cheaply. Fateh gets angry and asks Buzzo to accompany him to the police station right now. Tejo stops Fateh and asks him to understand that Amanpreet had already filed a complaint against them. She reminds Fateh that Amanpreet has already trapped Simran in fake charges.

Tejo explains to Fateh that if they will file a complaint against Amanpreet at present, then Candy’s custody case will turn weaker for them. Simran and Tejo explain to Fateh that Amanpreet wants them to do something to make him look like a victim in the eyes of the law. They further explain to Fateh that Amanpreet wants to get benefits from their wrong steps. Buzzo also expresses anger towards Amanpreet. Fateh says he can’t tolerate seeing Amanpreet troubling his family. Tejo tells Fateh that they will now think the way Amanpreet thinks. She says they will defeat Amanpreet using his way only.

Tejo reminds Fateh that they will follow their lawyer’s instructions. She tells Fateh that they will do something to prove to the court that Candy is not safe with Amanpreet as he (Amanpreet) is a criminal. Tejo further tells Fateh that they will tolerate everything but won’t take a wrong step. Fateh and Tejo hug each other. At night, Tejo witnesses Simran and Candy’s lovely mother-son bond. Tejo recalls the doctor telling her that she lost her baby 9 months ago. Fateh sees Tejo getting emotional seeing Simran and Candy’s bond. He keeps a comforting hand on Tejo’s shoulder.

Tejo walks away and recalls the doctor telling her that she can’t ever become a mother now. Fateh wipes Tejo’s tears and tells her that her pain will increase as much as she will try to hide it. He requests Tejo to reduce her pain by sharing it with him. Tejo leaves telling Fateh that she won’t suffer from any pain till he is with her. Fateh wonders how Tejo has so much tolerance inside her. He says he can understand Tejo’s pain because even he is feeling (going through) the same pain.

On the other hand, Amanpreet’s lawyer asks Amanpreet to do anything to prove that Candy isn’t safe with Virks. Amanpreet tells his lawyer that it will be easily and beautifully proved that Candy isn’t safe with Virks. The lawyer asks Amanpreet the reason behind his confidence. Amanpreet tells his lawyer that he is an evil, master and experienced player of this type of evil game. He also tells the lawyer that Tejo will make him win Candy’s custody case. He recalls following Tejo towards her room. At Virk house, Tejo is seen reading a book. She recalls Amanpreet’s cheap and evil behavior towards her. She also thinks about Jasmine’s strange and weird behavior. Fateh enters his room and locks it from inside. He goes to Tejo and asks her why she is stuck on the same page. Fateh starts writing something on Tejo’s back with her permission. He asks Tejo to read whatever he writes on her back and answer his questions too. Tejo guesses whatever Fateh writes on her back. Through this Fateh and Tejo say, “I love you” to each other.

Fateh and Tejo tell each other that they want to spend their whole life with each other. They decide that they will love each other even when they will turn old. Fateh mimics old Fateh and old Tejo. This makes Tejo laugh. Both Fateh and Tejo laugh wholeheartedly. Tejo shares her pillow with Fateh. Fateh tells Tejo that they will have a small and lovely house on a distant mountain. He also tells Tejo that they will see the sunset sitting together holding each other’s hands, every evening. Fateh asks Tejo to handle the kitchen department as it’s beyond his capability.

Tejo tells Fateh that she can’t spoil her stomach health and taste by eating noodles daily like a kid. At the same time, Tejo recalls the doctor telling her that she can’t ever become a mother. She tells Fateh that they won’t ever have their own kids, who will act stubbornly for eating noodles. Tejo turns her face, getting upset and hurt. Fateh turns Tejo towards him and takes her in his arms. He tells Tejo that he doesn’t want anyone between them as they are enough for each other. Fateh and Tejo fall asleep in each other’s arms. The next morning, Simran apologizes to Tejo for Amanpreet’s cheap behavior towards her.

Tejo tells Simran that she doesn’t need to apologize on Amanpreet’s behalf. She also tells Simran that they won’t ever let Amanpreet succeed in his evil motives. Tejo asks Simran to not worry as Fateh and Khushbeer have gone to talk to the lawyer. Simran tells Tejo that Candy seems scared since he met Amanpreet. She tells Tejo that she is feeling scared thinking that Amanpreet will brainwash her child and make him against her only. Tejo tells Simran that nothing like this will happen. She explains to Simran that kids can understand who actually loves them and who is deceiving them. Candy calls Simran to help him find his shirt.

Gurpreet comes and asks Tejo to make tea for her as she is having a headache. Tejo asks Gurpreet to sit as she will bring tea for her soon. Gurpreet receives Jasmine’s call. On the call, Jasmine lies and manipulates Gurpreet against Tejo by telling her that she has been waiting for Tejo for the last 1 hour. She says Tejo told her that she will pick her up after the doctor’s appointment. Jasmine is actually seen having a gala time sitting inside a cafe. She lies to Gurpreet that she is feeling ill in the heat outside. Jasmine asks Gurpreet to ask Tejo to come quickly to pick her up.

Gurpreet comes in Jasmine’s lies. Jasmine keeps on pretending to be innocent and also manipulating Gurpreet against Tejo. She tells Gurpreet that she is waiting outside Sangam clinic. After disconnecting the call, Jasmine smiles evilly. She thinks that now Gurpreet will herself keep away from her and her fake pregnancy belly belt. At Virk house, Gurpreet scolds Tejo for not picking up Jasmine on time. She tells Tejo that Jasmine has been waiting for her outside the clinic for the last 45 minutes in extreme sun heat. Tejo tries defending herself in front of Gurpreet.

Gurpreet doesn’t believe Tejo. She behaves rudely with Tejo. Gurpreet asks Mahi to always be with Jasmine from next time. Tejo feels hurt by Gurpreet’s rude behavior towards her. She wonders why Jasmine is lying to Gurpreet. Tejo also wonders what is going on in Jasmine’s mind. Later, Gurpreet and Mahi bring Jasmine home. Mahi goes to bring hot water for Jasmine’s feet. Tejo comes and gives lemon water to Jasmine. She asks a lot of questions from Jasmine.

Jasmine tells Tejo that she can’t understand a pregnant woman’s pain and fatigue. She shows the doctor’s fake prescription to Tejo, which proves that she had a 10:30 AM appointment with the doctor. Jasmine asks Tejo why she will call her at 12:30 PM when she has had a 10:30 AM appointment with the doctor. Gurpreet asks Jasmine to leave all this and drink lemon water. Jasmine gets scared when Tejo tells her that she will accompany her to the doctor next time. She tells Jasmine that this way she will know how to take care of her and the child. Tejo notices Jasmine’s fear. She tells Jasmine that she will call the doctor and ask her about today also. This increases Jasmine’s fear, which can be clearly seen on her face. Tejo’s suspicion toward Jasmine increases.

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