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Anupama 11th August 2022 Written Update Shocker A Doctor comes out of the emergency room. He tells Shahs and Kapadias that Vanraj and Anuj’s condition is still serious. The doctor leaves, telling Shahs and Kapadias that at present they are shifting Vanraj and Anuj to the ICCU. On the other hand, Anu imagines Anuj and Vanraj in absolutely the right condition. She gets happy and asks imaginary Anuj and Vanraj if they are fine. Imaginary Vanraj tells Anu that he and Anuj are absolutely fine. Imaginary Anuj explains to Anu that nothing happens to those whom God saves. Anu happily hugs imaginary Anuj and Vanraj.

Anu makes imaginary Anuj and Vanraj befriend each other. She also makes imaginary Anuj and Vanraj promise her that now they won’t ever fight with each other. Imaginary Anuj and Vanraj play with Anu in her dreams. Dolly, Kinjal, and Pakhi notice little Anu smiling while sleeping. They assume that Anu is seeing a good dream. Dolly wishes and prays that Anu’s dream gets fulfilled. Anu wakes up and asks about Vanraj, Anuj, and Anupama’s whereabouts. She says she wants to tell Anupama that Anuj and Vanraj came to meet her. Pakhi hugs Anu. Dolly explains to Anu that Anuj and Vanraj will again come to meet her if she will sleep again.

Pakhi makes Anu sleep again. At the hospital, Anupama and Kavya see Anuj and Vanraj respectively, who just got shifted to ICCU. Anupama recalls her happy time with Anuj. “Bhare Naina” from the film “Ra.One”, plays in the background. Kavya recalls her and Vanraj’s wedding. Both families see Vanraj and Anuj from outside the CCU ward. GK recalls witnessing Anuj and Anupama performing pooja in the temple. Baa recalls an emotional Vanraj hugging her. Samar prays to God to save Vanraj and Anuj. He tells Bapuji that he was right when he said that after reaching the hospital, every person becomes equal.


Samar says Anuj and Vanraj are very different from each other but today are in almost the same condition and lying unconscious on the hospital bed. Anupama says be it poor or rich, both families beg for their family member’s life from God. Kavya says everything changed in just one second. The Doctor comes outside and informs Shahs and Kapadias that both Vanraj and Anuj’s condition has worsened. The doctor tells Shahs and Kapadias that they did whatever they could. He says that it will become very difficult to save Anuj and Vanraj if they won’t gain consciousness in the next 48 hours.

This information shocks and scares Shahs and Kapadias. Both families turn and see Vanraj and Anuj again. Kavya says Anuj and Vanraj could have met and talked to each other either at home or temple only. She says Anuj and Vanraj shouldn’t have gone near the cliff to talk to each other. Kavya says she knew that Vanraj was very angry and going to do something wrong in anger. She tells everyone that she called Vanraj in between the pooja to check if he is at home or not. Kavya says that after hearing the background voices on call, she understood that Vanraj was not at home.

Kavya reveals that after that she saw Anuj going somewhere from the temple and followed him to the cliff. Anupama asks Kavya what happened after Anuj and Vanraj reached the cliff. Kavya tells everyone that both Anuj and Vanraj were talking to each other. She says that she was about to loudly call Anuj and Vanraj but stopped thinking that her sudden voice can make Anuj and Vanraj fall from the cliff as they were standing on the cliff’s edge. Kavya reveals that she was standing far from Anuj and Vanraj, so she started walking faster toward both men. She says suddenly her saree got stuck in a sharp branch.

Kavya reveals that when she got her stuck saree free from the branch, she again looked forward but found that Anuj and Vanraj had disappeared from the cliff’s edge. She says that she doesn’t know what happened after that. Kavya tells Shahs and Kapadias that she didn’t have the strength to call families, so she directly called the police. Ankush and Samar get angry at Kavya for telling them the thing which they already understood that would have happened. Baa and Anupama shut Ankush and Samar. Ankush says he is suspecting Vanraj is behind all this. Baa, Samar, and Paritosh support Vanraj, saying that Vanraj can’t kill anyone in anger.

Ankush and Adhik say that Vanraj loses his senses in anger. Bapuji asks everyone to get silent. Paritosh asks Kapadias how much they know Vanraj as they met him just now. Baa asks Ankush and Adhik if they want to say that Vanraj himself jumped from the cliff after pushing Anuj. She says they can also say that Anuj might have pushed Vanraj. Anupama asks Shahs and Kapadias to stop their argument as they are standing inside the premises of the hospital. She tells everyone that they are accusing the people, who themselves are fighting for their life inside ICCU.

Anupama asks the family members, arguing to have some shame. She says Kavya told whatever she knew. Anupama requests Shahs and Kapadias to stop assuming or making stories about Vanraj and Anuj’s accident. She says, only Vanraj and Anuj know what actually happened between them. Anupama says Vanraj and Anuj’s present condition is the result of both families’ arguments, disagreements, and tensions. She requests everyone to at least stop their arguments now. Anupama asks Kavya to give a statement to the police according to whatever she has seen. Ankush tries objecting to it. Anupama tells Ankush that Vanraj can’t take anyone’s life.

She tells Ankush that everyone says many bad things to other people but it doesn’t mean that they will really do it. Ankush says he still is sure that Vanraj is behind this accident. Anupama tells Ankush that even she believes that Anuj and Vanraj didn’t do anything on purpose. She tells Ankush that they will learn the actual truth only when Anuj and Vanraj will gain consciousness. Anupama tells both families that till then they should pray for Vanraj and Anuj’s well-being. Anupama and Kavya cry seeing Anuj and Vanraj’s condition respectively.

Later, Anupama receives Anu’s voice note. Through a voice note, Anu tells Anupama that she saw Anuj and Vanraj in her dream. Anu asks Anupama not to worry at all and tells her that she has asked God to make Anuj and Vanraj completely well. Anupama thanks Anu in another voice note. Samar brings water for Anupama. Anupama fails to drink water. Samar breaks down in Anupama’s lap seeing her in pain. Anupama tries to calm Samar. She explains to Samar that their bad time will also pass through. Anupama tells Samar that even Vanraj and Anuj will soon return home on their own feet. She cries and says everything will get better.

A doctor comes out of ICCU. He tells Shahs and Kapadias that Vanraj is responding to treatment. Except for Adhik and Ankush, everyone sighs a breath of relief. Baa thanks, God. The Doctor tells everyone that they are shifting Vanraj to ICU and will have to monitor him constantly. Paritosh asks the doctor when they can meet Vanraj. Kavya asks the doctor if Vanraj will gain consciousness soon. Anupama asks the doctor about Anuj’s condition. The doctor apologizes and says that Anuj is not at all responding. This news shocks everyone brutally.

The doctor tells everyone that they are keeping Anuj in ICCU at present. He leaves telling everyone that they can meet Vanraj in some time. Shocked, Anupama feels dizzy, and Samar handles her. Bapuji asks Anupama to have courage and also faith in God that he/she will make Anuj well. Broken Anupama says treatment is affecting/working on Vanraj but not on Anuj. She says both Anuj and Vanraj suffered the accident together and also got the treatment together. Anupama says then why treatment is not working on Anuj, and why he isn’t responding. She repeatedly asks why.

Baa handles Anupama. She explains to Anupama that many times sorrows come together but happiness comes one by one. Baa asks Anupama to not worry, saying that soon Anuj will also get well. Crying Anupama hugs Baa. Baa caresses Anupama like a mother. Anupama, Ankush, Adhik, and GK keep standing near Anuj’s ICCU ward, in tension. Heartbeat sound plays in the background. Anupama recalls her and Anuj’s first meeting at their college reunion. “Oh Anupama” also plays simultaneously with the heartbeat sound in the background.

Anupama recalls the first pooja that she and Anuj performed together. She also recalls her, Anuj, and Anu’s last night moments. Anupama further recalls her and Anuj’s last dance and romantic moments. Samar comes and keeps a comforting hand on Anupama’s shoulder. Anupama sends Samar back to Vanraj. The Shahs watch an unconscious Vanraj from outside the ICU ward. Anupama gets worried when a nurse pulls down the curtains of the glass window from which she was watching unconscious Anuj. In the next episode, Anupama will enter Vanraj’s ward. She will tell Vanraj that Kavya told her that he called her. Vanraj will try to tell Anupama who actually pushed Anuj into the cliff.

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