Kundali Bhagya 12th August 2022 Written Update Preeran Jodi

Kundali Bhagya 12th August 2022 Written Update Preeran Jodi

Kundali Bhagya 12th August 2022 Written Update Preeran Jodi Sameer tells Rishabh that Taapsee is coming. Rishabh gives the good news to Shrishti as well. Shrishti spreads the news. Sameer smiles. Rishabh tells that Sameer has a crush on Taapsee. The family welcomes Taapsee. Rishabh thanks her for taking time out for them and coming in the party. He introduces his family. Sameer tells Taapsee that he is her huge fan, he loves her a lot. Karan and Preeta also meet Taapsee. They collide and get into a moment. Karan holds Preeta. He doesn’t let her fall down. Taapsee compliments them as they are made for each other, they are a cute couple. Rishabh tells that Preeta is his wife. Taapsee apologizes.

Karan tells that he has a crush on Taapsee. She asks Rishabh to cut the anniversary cake. Anjali manages to arrange a fresh cake. Rishabh and Preeta go for the cake cutting. The lights begin to flicker. Karan has his eyes on Preeta. Taapsee realized their chemistry. She tells Preeta that some storm is going to come, it’s a miracle that the storm will repeat the series of events in their life which already happened before. She hints Preeta that someone is re-entering her life again, something that happened before will happen again. She asks Preeta to be careful. Rishabh and Preeta cut the cake. Preeta stays cautious of Arjun.

Preeta looks happy with Rishabh. Karan gets angered seeing them. Taapsee wishes them a beautiful life ahead. She makes a leave. Sherlyn and the goons rob the jewellery. They hide when Rakhi enters the room. Rakhi finds the cupboard open and shuts it. She doesn’t see Sherlyn. Karan asks Preeta why didn’t she feed the cake to Rishabh first. He taunts that marriages don’t stay for long these days. She asks him why didn’t he get married till now. He asks her why is she so interested. She calls him strange.


He asks her to go and talk to Rishabh. She asks him not to get mistaken that she wants to talk to him. She doesn’t want to talk to him. He shows Rishabh to her. She remembers Biji’s words. Rakhi hears a sound and ask who is hiding. She tells that she will call her son, and he won’t spare anyone. Sherlyn signs the goon to faint Rakhi. Shrishti meets Rakhi. She asks Rakhi to come with her. Rakhi doesn’t see the goons hidden under the bed. Sherlyn cries on her bad fate. She tells that this house and jewellery were of him, she has come to steal the same jewellery now. Bunty tells that he can’t see her sorrow. She slaps him and asks him to shut up. She blames Preeta. She asks Bunty to get the bag. Prithvi tells Raja that he has a loaded gun.

Raja tells that he has gone to fix a device, he is a professional, he has fixed the network jammer device. Prithvi calls him a fool. He tells that he will snatch everyone’s phone. Raja tells that the people can have hidden phones. Prithvi tells that he didn’t think of that. He receives a call. He sends Raja. Karan goes to the bar counter to get a drink. Anjali stops him from drinking. She asks him to stay as Arjun, not Karan. She doesn’t want him to have love for Preeta in his heart. Karan tells that he has always loved Preeta, but now there is no love. Anjali worries that he still loves Preeta. She asks him what does he want. He tells that she knows his motives well. He stares at Preeta. He thinks Preeta stays happy with Rishabh, if she liked him so much then why did she ruin his life.

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