Yeh Rishta Truth hits Kairav 11th August 2022 Update

Yeh Rishta Truth hits Kairav 11th August 2022 Update

Yeh Rishta Truth hits Kairav 11th August 2022 Update Anisha ties an evil eye Rakhi to Abhimanyu and the latter also gives an evil eye gift to the former. Manjiri wishes that Anisha and Abhimanyu’s relationship doesn’t get overcast by any evil sight. Anisha says Kairav helped her in buying the evil eye Rakhi for Abhimanyu. Akshara feels angry recalling Anisha’s love conversation with the mysterious person. Anisha says her brothers are the best brothers in the world. She also says that her personal favorite is Abhimanyu. Parth and Neil say that they know this. Kunal sees a “Maaya” tattoo made on his wrist.

Akshara feels worried for Kairav. Kairav notices a tense Akshara. Kairav tells Akshara that he brought another gift for her with the normal gift. He handovers a brochure of charity music (singing) classes to Akshara. Kairav tells Akshara that everyone knows that she can and will sing for big banners in near future. He also tells Akshara that they also want her to give free music/singing classes to Ashram kids like Naira used to give free dance classes to Ashram children through her dance academy. Kairav also hands over a schedule to Akshara.

Abhimanyu praises Kairav’s gift by calling it a very thoughtful gift. He says Akshara will disappear in all the works now; like rehearsals, therapy, practice, auditions, and brother’s marriage. Abhimanyu asks Akshara to not forget him in all this. He tells Akshara that it’s his wish too to see her gaining popularity through music. Abhimanyu tells Akshara that once her voice reaches the world, no one will be able to forget it. Kairav says Akshara will become India’s biggest singing star and he and Abhimanyu will remain her biggest fans, who will always be cheering her. Everyone claps for Akshara.


At the same time, Abhimanyu receives a text and happily informs everyone that Akshara cleared the 4th round of auditions. This news stuns everyone and they clap in happiness. Dr. Kunal congratulates Akshara. Akshara thanks, Dr. Kunal. Abhimanyu tells Dr. Kunal that Akshara is one of the 20 selected people in the whole world. He says now everyone will be able to see Akshara live. Dr. Kunal says that it’s every singer’s ultimate wish that their voice should reach the whole world. Everyone starts cheering for Akshara. Dr. Kunal suddenly leaves the Birla house.

Abhimanyu receives a text from Dr. Kunal, informing him that he had to leave immediately for some urgent work. Neil says how Dr. Kunal can get urgent work as he doesn’t even know anyone in Udaipur. Parth says maybe Dr. Kunal could have felt awkward as they involved him in their family functions more than required. Manjiri says maybe Dr. Kunal could have really indulged in some urgent work. A staff arrives and gives an envelope to Abhimanyu telling him that Harsh sent it for him. Abhimanyu informs everyone about it. He explains to everyone that in the Indemnity form, it is written that doctors can’t be blamed if anything happens to a patient during the operation.

Abhimanyu says this has to be signed before the operation. He signs the Indemnity form, which tenses up Akshara. Akshara feels angry seeing Anisha faking love and care towards Abhimanyu. Anisha goes to get Abhimanyu’s favorite cake, which she ordered earlier. Akshara goes behind Anisha. Akshara by mistake ruins the cake. She apologizes to Anisha. Anisha refuses to accept Akshara’s apology and screams at her. Akshara tells Anisha that she just ruined her cake by mistake but she is intentionally ruining her brother’s life. She also tells Anisha that she got shell-shocked by hearing her truth.

Akshara tells Anisha that she is badly deceiving the people who trusted and supported her the most. Anisha acts innocent and asks Akshara what she is saying. Akshara angrily asks Anisha to not act innocent. Anisha doesn’t accept her mistake and keeps on pretending to be innocent. She asks Akshara to say directly whatever she wants to say. Akshara asks Anisha why she is marrying her brother when she is having an affair with someone outside. She also asks Anisha if she wants to continue her affair even after marriage. Akshara tells Anisha that she is deceiving even her own family. She asks Anisha to accept her affair and marry.

Akshara also asks Anisha why she is faking love and marriage with Kairav. She grabs Anisha’s shoulder and angrily asks Anisha why she is deceiving her brother. Anisha tells Akshara that she is misunderstanding her. Akshara asks Anisha to explain everything to her clearly. Kairav’s voice comes and says that nothing needs to be spoken now. This shocks Anisha and Akshara. Kairav reminds Anisha that neither Birlas nor Goenkas forced her into anything. He asks Anisha why she did all this with him. Kairav reminds Anisha that they didn’t talk to each other for months. He tells Anisha that he would have even ended feelings for her from his side if she would have cleared everything with him earlier.

Kairav asks Anisha why she pretended to propose to him. Kairav asks Anisha why she deceived him. Before Anisha could explain herself, Kairav stops her. Both Akshara and Kairav leave from there. Abhimanyu comes and asks Akshara how she can do this. He angrily asks Akshara what she and Kairav were saying. Akshara gets scared. Abhimanyu starts laughing. He tells Akshara that he always fails to act and fool people. Abhimanyu notices Akshara crying. He asks Akshara if she is acting and playing a prank on him just like he did. Akshara moves her head in yes.

She hugs Abhimanyu. Abhimanyu tells Akshara that it was a very good and memorable day today. He expresses his happiness to Akshara. Abhimanyu tells Akshara that he got a new hope and new life since Dr. Kunal told him that there are 99% chances that his hand will get fine again. Akshara thinks that she can’t even share her pain with Abhimanyu. Abhimanyu showers love on Akshara. Akshara leaves with a burden on her heart. She feels scared that Abhimanyu’s health will get affected, knowing Anisha’s truth/reality.

Akshara feels burdened thinking that for how much time, she will have to hide Anisha’s affair truth from Abhimanyu. Later, Abhimanyu finds Anisha tense and drinking a lot of water. He asks Anisha what happened. Firstly Anisha says nothing happened. Abhimanyu repeatedly asks Anisha to tell him what happened. Anisha starts crying and hugs Abhimanyu. This makes Abhimanyu worried. Akshara on the other hand goes to Kairav. Kairav shares his pain of Anisha’s deception with Akshara. He tells Akshara that he can’t tolerate Anisha’s thinking and intent to deceive.

Anisha tells Abhimanyu that she can marry Kairav. Shocked, Abhimanyu asks Anisha what happened, and why she is saying all this. On the other hand, Kairav keeps on sharing his pain with Akshara. Akshara feels very bad for her brother. Kairav tells Akshara that he got serious for Anisha but she broke him badly. Abhimanyu asks Anisha to tell him the reason why she wants to cancel her and Kairav’s marriage. Manjiri comes and says that she will tell what has happened.

Kairav on the other hand tells Akshara that trust is the base of every relationship. He asks Akshara to think about what will happen when both families will get to know about Anisha’s reality. Kairav tells Akshara that their family is modern enough to understand girlfriend-boyfriend type relationships but not that modern that they will tolerate cheating or deception. He leaves telling Akshara that he won’t be able to tolerate all this. With Manjiri, Mahima also walks toward Anisha.

In the next episode, Kairav ​​will tell Akshara that whatever Anisha has done, she has to accept it in front of everyone. This will shock and scare Akshara. She will follow an angry Kairav. Kairav and Abhimanyu will be seen grabbing each other’s collars in anger. This will shock everyone. Akshara will get worried seeing all this.

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