Kumkum Bhagya 16th August 2022 Written Update Sid to die

Kumkum Bhagya 16th August 2022 Written Update Sid to die

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Kumkum Bhagya 16th August 2022 Written Update Sid to die Ranbir and Prachi reach there, and find them really fighting. Shahana beats Aryan. Ranbir and Prachi stop their fight. Aryan and Shahana complain about each other. Ranbir calls Aryan really handsome. Prachi also compliments Shahana’s beauty. They ask Aryan and Shahana to not fight publicly, and at least wait till they go home. Aryan and Shahana calm down. Prachi asks how did their fight start. Shahana tells that Aryan pulled her close. Ranbir and Prachi smile. They leave for home. Vikram asks Dida to sit and relax. He gets emotional, and tells that he wants to relax in her lap, he is too worried for the family.

He thinks if Dida will also gather proof against Pallavi, then it will also be right. He doesn’t know what is happening in their family. He knows that Pallavi never liked Prachi, then how did Pallavi accept Prachi suddenly, maybe she accepted Prachi only for the baby’s sake. He tells that he also doubts Pallavi’s intentions. She asks him not to think anything against Prachi, Rhea is lying, Prachi is carrying Ranbir’s child. She is fed up of everyone’s thinking.

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Pallavi reaches there with a cup of tea for Dida and asks why is Dida angry. Dida confronts her about her statement. She asks her why does she doubt Prachi again, when she accepted Prachi as her Bahu. She tells that Pallavi shouldn’t have supported Prachi if she has no trust. Aaliya’s hired goons reach the airport to kill Sid. Pallavi tells Dida and Vikram that she will not support Prachi if she lied to them. She calls it Karma. She tells that whatever Prachi has done, she will face the outcome of her own deeds. She answers Dida. Aaliya asks the goons to send her the picture of dead Sid. Shaina hears Aaliya’s conversation with the goon. She is shocked to know that Aaliya is getting Sid killed. Aaliya turns and sees Shaina standing at the door. Will Sid really die instead reaching home? What bad news will come for Kohlis? Keep reading.

Kumkum Bhagya 16th August 2022 Written Update Sid to die:

Dida asks Pallavi why did she ask Rhea about Prachi. She tells that if she had to believe Rhea, then she should have not supported Prachi in the first place. Pallavi gives her the cup of tea. Dida asks her to answer first. Pallavi asks what does she want to know. She tells that she is also a human, she had a doubt, what’s the big deal if she had asked Rhea to clear her doubt, she trusts Prachi, but not as much as Ranbir trusts Prachi, she loves Prachi, but not as much as Dida loves Prachi.

She tells that she wants her faith to get firm on Prachi, but if she makes mistakes, then she will rectify it. She asks Dida if her trust didn’t shake up on seeing the evidences shown by Rhea, everything can’t be a lie. Dida asks Pallavi why did she call Prachi true and show her faith before. Pallavi asks her to look at her goodness. She tells that doctor told her that Prachi’s pregnancy is complicated, Rhea has brought so many proofs and troubled Prachi, if she told Prachi that she doesn’t trust her, then Prachi would feel insecure. She tells that she just wanted Prachi to feel secure. She adds that she will not support Prachi if the latter is lying. She tells that it will be the result of Prachi’s own deeds.

She admits that she has lied, she isn’t proud of it, but she lied for someone’s betterment. Vikram gets convinced when Pallavi asks them to see her intention instead her lie. He tells Dida that Pallavi isn’t saying wrong, she is saying the right thing. Dida thinks the matter is something else which she isn’t able to see. On the other side, Shahana asks Aryan to drive well, Prachi is pregnant. She asks Ranbir to drive the car. Ranbir tells that he is enjoying in the back seat with Prachi, Aryan is driving well and they are okay with it.

Prachi jokes that Ranbir drives rashly, Aryan should drive, because he is driving safe. She reminds Ranbir that he used to offer her lift during their college times, she used to ignore him because of his bad driving. Ranbir asks Prachi not to pull his leg. He misses their old days. Aryan tells that rain has started to shower. Prachi asks him to stop the car. Ranbir refuses to drive. Prachi tells that she will go to temple and make a prayer. Ranbir asks her not to go now, they will go to some other temple when it stops raining. Shahana asks them not to confuse Aryan. Ranbir takes an umbrella. He asks Prachi to come with him. They go to the temple and pray for their coming baby.

Aryan and Shahana start arguing again. Prachi wishes for the house peace, that the baby gets a good life. She wants to get Ranbir as her husband in every birth. Ranbir asks her what did she pray. He tells that she will fulfil all her wishes. She tells that she can’t mention her wishes. The umbrella flies off. Shahana asks Aryan to help them. Prachi enjoys the rains. Shahana tells that Prachi loves to stand under the rains and enjoy it. Ranbir sees Prachi enjoying the rains. He leaves the umbrella and joins her. They get into a romantic moment. Aryan and Shahana watch them from far, and smile happily. Shahana wishes Ranbir and Prachi always stay happy together, and their dreamy world never breaks.

Ranbir hugs Prachi with affection. They both happily cry realizing they are together after such a long time. Meanwhile, Rhea tells that her entire plan backfired, because she didn’t think of the DNA test. She thinks what to do to stop her lie from coming out. She doesn’t want to get caught. She panics. She doesn’t want anyone to know that she hired Priya. She wanted Ranbir to kick out Prachi from the house. She guesses if she will be caught or not. After a while, Dadi opens the door for the younger lots. She finds them drenched in rain. She asks Prachi why didn’t she stop others.

Shahana tells that Prachi was enjoying the rains. Ranbir tells Dida that he wants her to hug him if she loves him. Aryan and Ranbir go to hug Dida. Dida tells that she will slap them. Shahana asks Dida to slap Aryan. Aryan and Shahana fight again. Dida tells that they fight like cat and mouse. Aryan and Shahana continue their banter. Ranbir and Prachi smile. Dida asks them to go and change the clothes. She is glad to see them as a normal happy couple. Prachi thanks Dida for stopping her at home, else she would have not got Ranbir’s love. She is glad that she got the family’s love and support.

She hugs Dida. Dida asks her not to get emotional. She tells that Prachi stopped because of her happiness calling her, after she saw lots of sorrow. She blesses Prachi. She wishes that the happiness always stays in Ranbir and Prachi’s lives. Prachi gets shivering with cold. Ranbir changes his clothes. He finds Prachi sneezing. He covers her up with a towel. He asks her to go and quickly change. Shaina watches them. She follows them to the room. Ranbir dries Prachi’s hair with love. Shaina finds them a cute and perfect couple. She finds Ranbir madly in love with Prachi.

She wishes that she also gets such a mad lover. She wonders why is Rhea coming between them, knowing Ranbir just loves Prachi. Prachi asks Ranbir why did he dry her hair when he had to send her to change. She calls him silly. Ranbir smiles and tells that he likes to hear it when she calls him silly. He admits that he is mad in her love, he will learn new things with her. He promises her. She gets a saree and goes to change. He likes her choice. Shaina goes to tell Aaliya about Prachi. She hears Aaliya talking to the goon on call. Aaliya asks him to send Sid’s picture after his death, only then he will be paid for the task. Shaina is shell shocked to know the murder plot.

Aaliya sees her and asks her to remember that she didn’t hear anything. She threatens Shaina to shut her mouth. She adds that they have to support Rhea by adapting fair and unfair means. She explains that if Sid comes home and supports Prachi by stating that Prachi is carrying Ranbir’s child, then Rhea’s future will be ruined. Shaina agrees to hide the secret. Aaliya tells that she has hired a killer to kill Sid. She asks Shaina not to tell this to anyone, not even Rhea.

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