Anupama accuses Vanraj Upcoming Star Plus Spoilers

Anupama accuses Vanraj Upcoming Star Plus Spoilers

Anupama accuses Vanraj Upcoming Star Plus Spoilers Anupama episode spoiler – Anupama accuses Vanraj Vanraj tells Anupama that whatever happened should not have occurred. She becomes angry and asks him to shut up. She warns him that if he repeats himself once again she might slap him. Anupama says that only he is responsible for Anuj’s accident. Vanraj feels guilty. Barkha becomes happy and says bingo.

Banni Chow Home Delivery episode spoiler – Yuvan out of control:

Yuvan says that he has to respect his wife Banni. He comes across an unusual mirror and gets scared. He panics and throws things around when he finds his mother’s photo missing. Yuvan loses control and starts crying. Manini becomes happy seeing this. Banni says that she knows this marriage is not easy so she will pray to god to give her strength. Yuvan urinates in front of everyone. Viraj teases him. Banni is stunned.


Imlie episode spoiler – Chini’s truth:

Narmada declares that Imlie will not go anywhere. Malini asks her to not waste her tears on Imlie as she doesn’t have any money left with her so she came here. Narmada is stunned. Malini says that there is no place in this house for greedy beggars. Imlie stares at her. She also calls Imlie uneducated. Chini becomes angry and goes to insult her but Imlie stops her. Imlie is about to reveal something to Chini but stops abruptly. Malini becomes curious.

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein episode spoiler – Sai-Vinayak’s accident:

Sai leaves Chavan mansion with Vinayak in a bus. A stone comes under a tyre and the bus goes off-track. Sai asks the driver to drive carefully but the situation becomes worse. Her phone falls out of the window. The passengers panic and the bus falls off the cliff. Usha sees the news and gets worried. She calls up Ashwini and informs her that Sai was going to come but the bus coming to Gadchiroli has met with an accident. Ashwini is taken aback.

Yeh Hai Chahatein episode spoiler – Preesha’s ice-cream memories:

Preesha takes out Saransh, Ruhi and Rudraksh to have an ice-cream. Armaan’s uncle sees them going out. Rudraksh recreates his and Preesha’s old memories of eating icecream. She pancis and says that she feels all this has happened to her before. Rudraksh asks her to wipe off her face with water. Ruhi sees Rudraksh’s beard coming off. Preesha sees this and becomes astounded.


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