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Kumkum Bhagya 17th August 2022 Written Update Ranbir threatens

Kumkum Bhagya 17th August 2022 Written Update Ranbir threatens

Kumkum Bhagya 17th August 2022 Written Update Ranbir threatens Ranbir requests Aaliya, Rhea and Pallavi to not say anything against his wife Prachi. He tells that if he finds anyone speaking against Prachi, then he won’t remind them his words, but silently leave from the house, he will also accompany Prachi and they both will go really far from the family. Pallavi is shocked to hear this. She angrily slaps Ranbir. She doesn’t want her son to get away from her. Aaliya and Rhea are amazed seeing Pallavi’s reaction. Ranbir sticks to his word. He tells Pallavi that he really means what he said. Pallavi fears of losing Ranbir because of Prachi. The family awaits the DNA test results. What will be the result? Will Rhea get the result changed in the nick of time? Keep reading.

Earlier in the show, Shaina goes to tell Aaliya about Prachi. She hears Aaliya talking to the goon on call. Aaliya asks him to send Sid’s picture after his death, only then he will be paid for the task. Shaina is shell shocked to know the murder plot.

Aaliya sees her and asks her to remember that she didn’t hear anything. She threatens Shaina to shut her mouth. She adds that they have to support Rhea by adapting fair and unfair means. She explains that if Sid comes home and supports Prachi by stating that Prachi is carrying Ranbir’s child, then Rhea’s future will be ruined. Shaina agrees to hide the secret. Aaliya tells that she has hired a killer to kill Sid. She asks Shaina not to tell this to anyone, not even Rhea.

Kumkum Bhagya 17th August 2022 Written Update Ranbir threatens:

Ranbir gets a cup of tea for Prachi. He asks Prachi is she okay. Prachi tells that she is okay. He asks her to have tea, he didn’t know to make hot pakodas for her, so he could just make a tea. He asks Prachi to not judge the tea, he has made it for her, tea is good to keep the body warm. Prachi tells that the tea is good. He tells that he has added much love in the tea. She tells that it won’t be fair. She drinks the tea again and praises the tea. He tells that she will never praise his efforts. He asks her if she can offer the tea to him with love, he also got drenched in the rains. She passes the tea cup.

They both share the tea. They have a moment. Shahana breaks their moment. Ranbir calls Shahana a fly in the tea. Prachi asks him not to say anything. Shahana asks him not to act innocent in front of him. He tells that he had to do a lot. She asks what does he mean, is he talking of romance. Prachi takes Shahana along. Ranbir finishes the tea and goes after Prachi. The entire family gathers in the living room. Pallavi tells Rhea that the DNA reports are coming home. She awaits the reports. The reports get delivered. Prachi received it. She gives the reports to Rhea and tells that its an answer to her suspicion, its important to clear Rhea’s misunderstanding, because Rhea has linked her name with Siddharth, who was once Rhea’s husband.

She asks Rhea not to shame the relations. She tells that her baby is of her husband Ranbir. She asks Rhea to read the reports. Rhea takes the reports. She tells that she wishes that Prachi is right, she doesn’t want to win this time, she wants their terms to get better. Shaina thinks Rhea is acting sweet knowing she will lose. Rhea tells that she will apologize to Prachi if she is proved wrong. Prachi asks her to just read the reports, her apology isn’t needed. Rhea checks the reports.

Everyone looks at Rhea’s reaction. Aaliya asks Rhea about the result. Rhea passes the report to her. Pallavi asks them to say what’s written in the report. Prachi tells that it would be tough for Rhea to read the result aloud. She adds that she has always forgiven Rhea for her sins and today she is forgiving Rhea again. She asks Rhea not to question her baby again. Pallavi asks Aaliya to give the reports to her. Pallavi checks the reports, and is left shocked.

Pallavi can’t believe reading that Ranbir and the baby’s DNA didn’t match. Dida asks Pallavi why did she get quiet. Pallavi tells that result that the DNA of Prachi’s baby didn’t match with Ranbir. Aaliya and Rhea feel glorious when Pallavi tells that the baby isn’t of Ranbir. Ranbir and Prachi are shocked too, just like Dida, Aryan and Vikram. Ranbir angrily tears the reports. He tells Pallavi that he trusts his love, his wife Prachi, he won’t trust a piece of paper that testifies the truth against Prachi. He tells that its his baby. Rhea asks him how blind can he be, the baby isn’t of him, DNA report is never wrong. Ranbir asks her to shut up. He holds Prachi’s hand and supports her.

He tells that he has earned Prachi’s trust and won’t lose it. He asks them to talk when Sid comes home, Sid is coming to end their misunderstanding, not for him, he trusts Prachi and her truth. He asks them to wait for Sid. Prachi gets happy that Ranbir supported her. The goons wait outside the airport for Sid. They think of knocking down Sid and then blackmail Aaliya for more money. They see Sid coming out of the airport. They follow Sid’s cab to kill him. The cab driver notices a car following. Ranbir asks Prachi not to take stress. Prachi asks him if he believes in her.

He tells that he can’t believe that she is asking this. He admits that he made mistakes in the past, but its better to leave the past in the past. He is glad that she is with him. he tells that she is the best thing that has happened to him. He tells that they love each other and trust each other. He is ready to answer the entire world. She asks him not to fight anyone, its all in the family. He tells that if anyone stains her character, then he will forget that its his family. She feels angry on herself that she has hurt him so much, he loved her and she scolded him, she made him cry and didn’t believe him. She feels guilty. He opens arms for her. She hugs him. He consoles her.

He asks her to just keep loving him, he doesn’t want anything else. She tells that he is the best thing that has happened to her. They both profess love for each other. Rhea can’t believe her good fate. She calls it a miracle, until Aaliya comes to meet her. Rhea tells that the reports changed, everything turned down in her favor. Aaliya is happy. Shaina tells Rhea that its their gift, they have changed the DNA reports. Sid thinks of calling Vikram and inform that he has reached the city. He wonders what’s going on in the house. The cab driver gets tensed seeing the car still following.

He asks Sid what work does he do. Sid tells that he does business. Driver tells that a car is following them from the airport. Sid gets worried. Driver tells that he always stays alert. He adds that they should get rid of the goons somehow. He races the car. Shaina tells Rhea that she has met the lab technician and bribed him to change the DNA test results in the report. Shaina tells that she has helped Rhea in time. Rhea tells that she knew it, Aaliya and Shaina will do something to save her. Aaliya tells that she won’t let Rhea leave the house, she will always keep her safe. Rhea tells that she loves Aaliya and Shaina. She asks Shaina how much money did she pay to change the DNA report. They see Pallavi at the doorstep. Did Pallavi hear the truth? Stay tuned.

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