Kumkum Bhagya 18th August 2022 Written Update Sid blurts truth

Kumkum Bhagya 18th August 2022 Written Update Sid blurts truth

Kumkum Bhagya 18th August 2022 Written Update Sid blurts truth Ranbir tells Pallavi that he loves Prachi a lot, he trusts Prachi more than before, even if hundreds of such reports come, he will not believe it. He just wants to believe Prachi. He threatens Pallavi that he will leave the house if they target Prachi on her character again, he will just pack his bags and leave with Prachi without uttering a word in defence. Pallavi can’t tolerate his madness. She slaps him in anger. Sid arrives home after saving his life from the goons hired by Aaliya. The entire family welcome Sid. Sid wants to know the reason for their sudden call.

Pallavi confronts Sid about his affair with Prachi, if he had impregnated Prachi. She asks Sid if Prachi is carrying his child. Sid is disgusted by her questions. He can’t believe that Prachi is standing under suspicion once again. Sid shouts no. He tells that Prachi isn’t pregnant with his child. Prachi smiles on hearing this, and so does Ranbir. Rhea and Aaliya are shocked seeing their plan failing.

Earlier in the show, The cab driver gets tensed seeing the car still following. He asks Sid what work does he do. Sid tells that he does business. Driver tells that a car is following them from the airport. Sid gets worried. Driver tells that he always stays alert. He adds that they should get rid of the goons somehow. He races the car. Shaina tells Rhea that she has met the lab technician and bribed him to change the DNA test results in the report. Shaina tells that she has helped Rhea in time. Rhea tells that she knew it, Aaliya and Shaina will do something to save her. Aaliya tells that she won’t let Rhea leave the house, she will always keep her safe. Rhea tells that she loves Aaliya and Shaina. She asks Shaina how much money did she pay to change the DNA report. They see Pallavi at the doorstep. Did Pallavi hear the truth? Stay tuned.


Kumkum Bhagya 18th August 2022 Written Update Sid blurts truth:

Pallavi asks Aaliya what’s going on. Shaina tells that whatever she heard is wrong. Rhea and Aaliya stop Shaina, and ask her to first hear out what Pallavi wants to say. Pallavi apologizes for supporting Prachi, instead Rhea. Ranbir thinks he should have gone to pick Sid. Pallavi tells Rhea that Ranbir loves Prachi, so she is being nice towards her, but she doesn’t trust her. Ranbir hears them. Pallavi tells them that Ranbir is showing trust on Prachi now, but he didn’t say anything to support her when she was blamed for her affair, when she was leaving the house.

She tells that even Ranbir had blamed her that time, Prachi didn’t slap him and didn’t call him wrong. She wonders why is everyone supporting Prachi when the DNA report has proved her wrong. Ranbir intervenes. He asks Pallavi not to say anything that makes her regret later. He tells that Prachi is his wife and her bahu too. She asks him not to talk baseless things after knowing the DNA test results. She tells that Prachi and Sid’s truth has come out. Ranbir tells that its not the truth, but a suspicion, it’s a big lie, Prachi had slapped him when he didn’t listen to her. He requests them not to say anything against Prachi, else he will leave the house, and go alongwith Prachi. Pallavi angrily slaps him.

Sid tells the driver that he will ask the goons why are they following, if they want to find someone else. Driver asks him not to risk his life. He races the car to save himself and Sid’s lives. Sid tells that the goons are still following. They stop at the signal. The goon takes a gun and goes to kill Sid. Driver tells Sid that the goon is coming to attack him, he has a gun in his hand. The police Inspector reaches Sid’s car. The goon sees the police inspector and leaves making an excuse. Inspector meets Sid. Sid recognizes his friend Mahesh. He tells that he was coming from the airport.

Driver tells that the goons left. Sid is thankful that his friend came on time. Goon calls Aaliya to inform her that he couldn’t kill Sid. She doesn’t take the call. Pallavi asks Ranbir how dare he decides to leave the house for Prachi’s house, doesn’t he want to stay with his mom and dad. She rebukes him for neglecting his mom. She tells that she is his mom, so she has slapped him, he should never leave the house. She cries. She tells that she had accepted Prachi and respected her, but she can’t turn blind after checking the DNA report, Prachi’s baby isn’t of Ranbir. She doesn’t want to be good towards Prachi. He understands her that she doesn’t blindly love Prachi, she can just see the truth.

He tells that he loves her a lot, she has raised him, their relation is special. He gets emotional about his mom. He tells that she has made him a good man, he has learnt a lot from her and also from the world, he can’t keep everyone happy, he is helpless. He requests them not to say anything against Prachi. He asks Pallavi to keep her feelings for Prachi in her heart, he loves Prachi a lot and trusts her a lot, he won’t believe any such report.

Aryan comes to inform them about the police. Aaliya grows worried. Ranbir and everyone rush to meet the police inspector. Ranbir asks Inspector the reason for his coming. Mahesh tells that they don’t know the reason, that’s funny. Sid comes there. Aaliya thinks Sid has come home, which means the goons failed. Vikram and everyone are glad to see Sid. Aaliya thinks the police has safely brought Sid home. Ranbir asks Sid is he fine. Sid hugs him. He happily meets everyone. Pallavi stays rude. Sid tells that Inspector Mahesh is his friend. Inspector tells that he will leave now. Sid introduces his family to Mahesh, who takes a leave. Pallavi asks Sid why is he joking when he can see everyone is stressed.

Dida asks them to wait for Prachi before asking Sid anything. Pallavi asks them to call Prachi. Aaliya excuses herself. Sid asks what’s happening. Pallavi asks him to let Prachi come. Rhea goes to call Prachi. She tells that Sid has come. She asks Prachi to come. Prachi tells that she is true, and now Rhea’s lie will be exposed. She asks Rhea to accept that she lied. Rhea defends herself. Prachi asks her not to lie in front of her. Shahana asks her not to waste her time on Rhea. Rhea tells that Shahana will get all the answers when Prachi get exposed. Prachi and Shahana go to meet Sid.

Aaliya calls the goons and asks about Sid. Goon tells that Sid wasn’t alone, police inspector was with him. She tells that he could have done the work somehow by distracting the police. She threatens to kill him. She asks him to return the money. He laughs on her dare. Prachi meets Sid. Sid asks her how is she doing. She tells that she is okay. She asks how is he. He tells that even he is fine. Rhea tells that their relation is really strong. Shahana tells that they are friends.

Aaliya tells that Sid and Prachi stayed away for a long time. Ranbir asks Aaliya not to talk in such a way. Vikram asks Aaliya to give them some time. Rhea tells that Prachi will sign Sid to lie. Sid senses something isn’t right. He asks what’s going on. Dida tells that they are fighting to know the truth. Pallavi asks Sid to just answer them the truth. Rhea asks Sid is Prachi pregnant with his child. Pallavi asks Sid to answer the question. Sid denies it. Prachi smiles happily.

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  1. .this show is nasty stink n downright filthy.shame on u 2 actors who still acting n supporting the nastiness.
    all the twist is dirty filthy trash.n
    content u talking bout mughda.the content is pure shit 1 man married 2 sisters n only crimes n crimes n conspiracies.u ever see alliya rhea n pallavi crimes n conspiracies exposed n thhey punish.ranbir n prachi has lost the charm as a couple

  2. This show is nasty and degrading. No morals whatsoever.
    I really liked this show but it has become disgusting and really filthy. I am ashamed to watch this anymore


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