Kumkum Bhagya 19th August 2022 Written Update Sid's baby

Kumkum Bhagya 19th August 2022 Written Update Sid’s baby

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Kumkum Bhagya 19th August 2022 Written Update Sid’s baby Rhea tells Sid that the baby isn’t of Ranbir, as the results of the DNA test has come. She tells him that Prachi doesn’t have a good character and now her baby’s identity will be questioned, people will question Prachi about the baby’s father. Sid gets enough of the same drama where Prachi is questioned and suspected for her assumed affair again. Rhea asks Sid to tell them whose baby is Prachi carrying, if the baby isn’t of Ranbir. She yells at him and asks him to answer her, whose baby is Prachi carrying. Sid angrily blurts that its his baby. Ranbir and Prachi are shell shocked by Sid’s reply. Pallavi too can’t believe it. Sid lies to the family, but why, is he threatened by someone on his way to home, or did he just say its his baby to save Prachi from others’ evil tags? Keep reading.

Earlier in the show, Aaliya calls the goons and asks about Sid. Goon tells that Sid wasn’t alone, police inspector was with him. She tells that he could have done the work somehow by distracting the police. She threatens to kill him. She asks him to return the money. He laughs on her dare. Prachi meets Sid. Sid asks her how is she doing. She tells that she is okay. She asks how is he. He tells that even he is fine. Rhea tells that their relation is really strong. Shahana tells that they are friends.

Aaliya tells that Sid and Prachi stayed away for a long time. Ranbir asks Aaliya not to talk in such a way. Vikram asks Aaliya to give them some time. Rhea tells that Prachi will sign Sid to lie. Sid senses something isn’t right. He asks what’s going on. Dida tells that they are fighting to know the truth. Pallavi asks Sid to just answer them the truth. Rhea asks Sid is Prachi pregnant with his child. Pallavi asks Sid to answer the question. Sid denies it. Prachi smiles happily.

Kumkum Bhagya 19th August 2022 Written Update Sid’s baby:

Sid tells the family that Prachi isn’t pregnant with his child, how can they even think so. Ranbir tells that they are atleast asking him, they didn’t ask Prachi and just blamed her. He adds that he doesn’t need him to come and say this. He tells that he believes Prachi, Sid has come just for the family’s sake. Prachi thanks Sid for coming and saying this in her favor. Sid asks her how did the matter drag so much. He asks them how can they stain such a pure friendship, Prachi is Ranbir’s wife first, then his colleague and a friend. He tells that their relation isn’t illegitimate.

Shahaha asks Rhea did she accept it now that Prachi’s baby isn’t of Sid. Sid angrily scolds Rhea. He calls her the worst human, the worst sister and the worst wife. He rebukes her for always staining Prachi’s character. He asks her why is she always hating Prachi. Rhea asks him to shut up. He asks her why didn’t she change after staying with a good family. Rhea asks him to just answer them, and not lie to them about Prachi’s baby. She tells that he will accept the truth after seeing the evidences against him.

She gets the evidences she had got by bribing Priya. She shows the hotel room pictures and asks him how is this relation pure. She scolds him. Prachi asks him to spare Sid. Rhea asks her if she felt bad for Sid, their friendship is so deep. She asks Sid to tell the truth, how can friends hug and sleep on the same bed in the same hotel room, isn’t this love, its just given a name of friendship. She asks Sid to look in her eyes and tell the truth. She tells that the DNA reports have come, Prachi’s baby isn’t of Ranbir. She tells that Sid’s DNA test should be done as well. She asks him to answer her, whose baby is Prachi carrying. Sid angrily tells that its his baby, and shocks everyone. Prachi slaps Sid in rage.

Rhea and Aaliya get smiling happily. Prachi asks Sid how dare he lie such a big thing. She tells that its Ranbir’s baby, Sid shouldn’t call it his baby. Sid asks Prachi to stop the drama now, its his baby and that’s the truth. Prachi can’t believe his words. Ranbir angrily beats up Sid for tarnishing Prachi’s character. He asks Sid how dare he lie. Sid tells that he is saying the truth. Ranbir suffocates him in anger. He tells that he will kill Sid. Vikram asks Ranbir to stop it. Ranbir loses his cool. He tells that Prachi has done a lot for him, Sid didn’t think before ruining her life.

He doesn’t want to leave Sid. Ranbir goes mad in anger. The fight pleases Rhea. Ranbir tells that Prachi is true, Sid should be ashamed to malign her name. Sid asks Ranbir to stop beating him, he is already bleeding. Pallavi and Vikram ask Ranbir to stop it. Ranbir angrily breaks a bottle to stab Sid. Prachi shouts to stop Ranbir. She doesn’t want Ranbir to commit any crime. The goons reach there to take the money from Aaliya. Prachi asks Ranbir to leave Sid, else he will die. She cries a lot. Ranbir hugs her to console. He tells that everything is okay. He calls Sid a stain on brotherhood. He tells Sid that he is alive because of Prachi. Aaliya asks Ranbir to hear the truth for what Sid has come here.

Ranbir tells that he knows the truth. Rhea asks Sid to just say the truth, and explain them. Ranbir tells Sid that if Sid lies, then he won’t go back alive. Aaliya asks Sid not to get scared of Ranbir. Sid tells them that its not Prachi’s mistake. He adds that Prachi and he felt bad by the affair allegation, there is one thing true that they were good friends, they presented their friendship in a wrong way. He admits that he liked Prachi since day one. Prachi shouts on him. He apologizes and tells that he has to tell them the truth.

He tells them that he told Ranbir as well that he likes Prachi, and Ranbir asked him to stop visiting them. Sid tells that Prachi loved Ranbir a lot, so he never tried to get close to her, he never crossed his limits, he met Prachi after she got separated from Ranbir, so they both found solace in each other, it was their mistake. Prachi tells him that she will never forgive him for this lie. Sid tells her that he can’t lie to his family. He reminds that even Ranbir accused them for the affair. He tells that Prachi shared everything with her, she informed him first about her pregnancy. Prachi tells that she had no one with her that time. Rhea tells that Prachi has confessed it herself.

Ranbir calls it enough and bashes up Sid again. Pallavi asks Ranbir to leave Sid. She asks Sid to come with her. Sid refuses to stay back with them. Pallavi orders Prachi to stay away from Ranbir for a few days. Prachi breaks down. She goes away. Rhea and Aaliya think its really a miracle happening today. Ranbir also breaks down recalling Sid’s words about Prachi and his relationship. Rhea reaches Ranbir to do the aid to his hand. She tells Ranbir that she has told him many times that Prachi cheated him, he should have trusted her word before itself, because now his trust broke and also his dreams. Ranbir stops her. She asks him to not trust her if he wants, but not regard her an enemy.

Aaliya watches them. Ranbir asks Rhea how can Sid do this, Sid used to call Prachi his friend and then like him, he had hid his bad intentions behind friendship. He hates Sid. Rhea feels she has won, Ranbir has realized that its Sid’s baby. She is grateful to Aaliya for help. Aaliya feels proud of Rhea, who is just like her. Rhea shows her fake concern for Ranbir. Prachi shatters. Shahana consoles her. Prachi asks how can Sid blame her, when she had regarded him like a brother, he never thought of her feelings, he had lied in such a bad way with confidence. She knows that Ranbir supported her, he loves her and trusts her, but its hard to protect his love and trust. She doesn’t understand why people are after Ranbir and her relation. She feels nobody wants their baby to come in the world. Shahana hugs her and calms her down.

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4 responses to “Kumkum Bhagya 19th August 2022 Written Update Sid’s baby”

  1. Sandy Avatar

    What nastiness is this now? why rhea must always win n prachi n her child humiliated? viewers are fed up of alliya n rhea n this sid/ prachi affair n identity of the baby.

  2. abe Avatar

    If the writer does not know what to write about the story is better to end than downgrade and humiliate a woman and unborn child that is so innocent. It could also be a way in which they are trying to change the society in which we live in because actor , actresses movies writer are used as agent of change by the bad people of the world when they are trying
    to push a narrative

  3. Pallavi Avatar

    please end the serial if you cant come with good episodes always favors villain’s in this serial the first series not ended peacefully and again now second generation with same misunderstandings and villiain winning. pragya and abhi relationship is bad and now prachi and ranbir relation also same kind. why script writers are not coming with good scripts tried of watching the same thing every day and Rhea overaction

  4. Mira Avatar

    This script is not teaching good moral values to the viewing public how the hell in the first place can a man be married to 2 women

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