Kundali Bhagya 19th August 2022 Written Update Karan confess

Kundali Bhagya 19th August 2022 Written Update Karan confess

Kundali Bhagya 19th August 2022 Written Update Karan confess Inspector gets the ID card of the goon Vishnu. He tells Rishabh that Vishnu is a criminal, a serial killer, he works for his boss Raja, who is a supari king, he is really dangerous, he takes money to kill people. Rishabh is shocked to know this. He tries to recall where he had seen Vishnu before. He had seen Vishnu outside Arjun’s house before. Inspector meets Arjun and Anjali also. He shows the picture to them as well. Karan tells that he knows this person, who might have come to take revenge on them. Anjali asks him how does he know so much about them. Karan admits that he wanted to kill Rishabh. Inspector stares at him after hearing his confession. Anjali again covers up for Arjun, and saves him from suspicion. Will Karan’s past mistake get known to the family? Keep reading.

Earlier in the show, Kavya tells that there is no fun in playing the game. He calls her doll. He tells that they will clear the space and then play cricket. He makes her smile. The family members also helps Arjun in clearing the mess. Karan asks them to do fielding. Rishabh and Preeta find Kavya happy with Arjun. Preeta gets hurt. Rishabh asks her is she okay. She tells that she is okay. Mahesh and Kareena get the police inside the house, halting their cricket. Biji asks Kavya to catch her if she can. Inspector tells that the goons have escaped, but they will get caught soon. He tells that they will search for the goons inside the house once. Rishabh permits them. He asks Preeta to come alongwith him. Karan realizes that Preeta listens to Rishabh’s every word with much love, she was never complying with him before.

Kundali Bhagya 19th August 2022 Written Update Karan confess:


Rakhi asks Anjali to stay back for some time. Karan tells that his phone got exchanged with someone else’s. Rakhi tells that its Rishabh’s phone. Bani tells Arjun that Kavya is bonding well with him, when she doesn’t talk to any stranger. She asks him if he has children in his family. He thinks of Rishabh and Kavya. He tells that he also has kids at home. He goes to give Rishabh’s phone and get his phone back. Sameer asks Shrishti why didn’t she tell him that she got hurt. She tells that she is okay. She asks the police if they found the goons. Constable tells that they didn’t find anyone till now. He questions them and goes to check their room. He asks them to show their entire house to the police.

Shrishti tells that the goons aren’t hiding in the house, which means that they can go towards the terrace. Sameer takes the police to the terrace. Constable gets a wallet there. Shrishti screams on seeing a rat. Sameer gets worried for her. She tells about a rat. He asks her is this a time to get scared of a rat. Mohan tells them that he feels he has seen someone from those robbers gang. He doesn’t remember it. Shrishti tells that maybe he got confused.

Sameer asks him to have almonds and make his memory sharp. Constable asks them to go to their family. He questions Mohan about Vishnu. Mohan tells that he didn’t see him. On the other hand, Rishabh takes Preeta to the room and asks her to just sit and relax. He tells that she thinks she is a superwoman, but she doesn’t have superpowers. He tells that she is a physiotherapist, she has medical knowledge to an extent, he should have patience, his pain will get away with time. He asks her to show her wound, he will do the aid. Karan comes there to get his phone from Rishabh.

Rishabh gives the phone to Arjun and tells sorry for the exchange. Karan taunts that his thing is still with him. He sees Preeta and asks if she is hurt. Rishabh tells that Preeta got hurt while playing. Inspector comes to talk to Rishabh. Rishabh asks Arjun to help Preeta. Karan asks Preeta to show her wound. Preeta tells that she is okay. Karan tells that she got a scratch, he will apply the ointment. She refuses to take his help. He tells that he will tell her family and they will rush her to the hospital, she should listen to him if she doesn’t want to make her family worried.

She sits to get the aid. Karan applies the ointment. His touch reminds her of Karan. They have a moment. Inspector asks Rishabh if anyone wants to kill him. Rishabh tells that he doesn’t have any enemy, the goons just came to rob. He asks Inspector to tell him why did he ask so, because its concerning his entire family. Inspector tells that someone might be after Rishabh’s life. He shows Vishnu’s wallet. He tells that he isn’t any ordinary thief, but a serial killer, he works for Raja who is a supari king. He tells that Vishnu might have come to kill someone.

He asks Rishabh to file the FIR against Vishnu, it was a big planning, not a small incident. Rishabh excuses. He goes to ask Preeta is everything okay. Karan tells that she is good. Rishabh apologizes that he left her and went. Karan tells that he has applied the ointment to her wound. She tells that it wasn’t needed. Karan tells that he did it on Rishabh’s saying. Rishabh asks her if anything happened after he left. Rakhi looks for the laddoos jar. She tells Anjali that she had made it for Arjun. She doesn’t find the jar. She tells that she always hides the laddoos from Mahesh, he loves it a lot. Anjali asks her if Arjun knows it that she made the laddoos for him. Rakhi tells that she fed it to him.

Anjali finds the laddoos in the microwave. She tells Rakhi that she knows Arjun well, Arjun has hidden the box to safeguard it from others. Rakhi tells her that Arjun’s habits and thinking, even his behavior resembles Karan. She asks her to tell about Arjun’s background. Anjali avoids the talks. She tells that she will give the laddoos to Arjun. Rakhi tells that she wants to know about Arjun, they will talk next time when they meet. Karan tells Rishabh that nothing happened. Preeta also tells the same. She asks Rishabh not to worry about her wound. Karan tells that the scratch was deep.

She asks him not to give tension to anyone. Rishabh tells that Preeta would have asked him to not tell the family about her, else they would worry. Karan tells that he understands her really well. Rishabh tells that their relation is such, they are life partners. He asks Preeta to take care of herself, until he goes to the police station and files the FIR. Preeta asks him not to go anywhere, Rakhi will get tensed. She asks Arjun to go and file the FIR if he is free. Rishabh also thinks it’s a nice idea. Karan tells that he will go. He gets upset and leaves. Preeta wonders what happens to her when Arjun is around. Prithvi and Sherlyn are still hiding. They try to find a way to leave. Prithvi asks her to leave through the back door and then call him if the way is clear. Sherlyn goes away.

Prithvi sneaks inside a car dicky to get saved from the police. Karan speaks to the inspector. He tells that he will come along, Rishabh is busy with his wife, its their wedding anniversary today, Preeta is in shock, she is scared and she needs her husband with her right now. Anjali tells him that Rakhi has sent laddoos for him. Inspector tells him about the goon who wants to kill Rishabh. He adds that Vishnu’s wallet is found in the corridor, he is a killer. Karan asks him to investigate the matter and find out who wants to kill Rishabh. She asks him how does he know so much. He angrily tells that he wanted to kill Rishabh. He sees the inspector in front and worries.

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