Bhagya Lakshmi 20th August 2022 Written Update Malishka wins

Bhagya Lakshmi 20th August 2022 Written Update Malishka wins

Bhagya Lakshmi 20th August 2022 Written Update Malishka wins The Oberois learn about the mess, and get worried for their hotel reputation. They pray that the people survive over the critical food poisoning. Neelam accuses Lakshmi for the mess. She tells that Lakshmi is really inauspicious for the family. She adds that since Lakshmi came home, they lost their happiness and peace. Kiran is glad knowing the bad occurring.

She tells Malishka that finally she has removed the thorn from her family. Lakshmi and Rishi return home. Lakshmi tries to explain him. He asks her to shut up. He calls it over. He tells that their relationship is over, he is removing her from the house and his life as well. He tells that their relation is over from now. Lakshmi sheds tears, while Malishka gets overjoyed. Is this Malishkas dream that Rishi ousted Lakshmi from the house? Keep reading.

Earlier in the show, Ayush brings Lakshmi home. Karishma taunts Lakshmi for her victory. She asks Lakshmi to celebrate after ruining their family name. Lakshmi tells that she cooked the food safely and checked everything before serving to the critics. Neelam tells that wrong happens around her, because of her bad fate. Ayush defends Lakshmi. He believes that she can never do wrong. He tells that he was also at the hotel when this happened, he doesn’t know how this happened and who did it. Virender asks him not to worry. Neelam asks him how will he fix up things. She tells him that their family name and respect will be ruined totally. She asks Virender not to support Lakshmi. She shouts on Ayush when he tells that its not Lakshmi’s mistake.


Bhagya Lakshmi 20th August 2022 Written Update Malishka wins:

Ayush tells that Lakshmi didn’t do anything wrong, he was with her. Neelam asks Malishka to get her phone. Malishka thinks she is being treated like a maid. She wants to marry Rishi. Neelam requests Ayush to stop supporting Lakshmi. She asks him how can he defend Lakshmi when he has seen everything in front of his eyes. She tells that Lakshmi made the food which had poison in it. She asks Ayush to just shut up and listen to her. She yells at Lakshmi. She asks Lakshmi if she did this deliberately to take her revenge on the family. Malishka checks journalist Uday’s call on Neelam’s phone. She answers the call. Uday tells that he had come to the hospital to cover the news.

He tells that he wanted to request her, he wants an exclusive interview to clear his hotel’s image. Malishka talks as Neelam and rebukes him. She wants the hotel to lose the name. She angers him so that he maligns the hotel name further. She tells that her Bahu Lakshmi just made a mistake. She asks him if he wants money or publicity for his newspaper. He tells that he was just saying this to help her. She threatens him. She asks him to show what he can do against her Bahu if he can dare. She uses the opportunity to defame Lakshmi. Uday tells that he was talking to her nicely, but Neelam showed him much attitude. He thinks of bringing out Lakshmi’s name. Mayank asks the doctor to save all the patients.

The reporters ask Doctor about the food poisoning case. Doctor asks them to excuse him and let him do his work. Uday meets the Inspector. He tells that Lakshmi Oberoi has been careless in her work, the food had poison in it, Lakshmi is responsible for this mess. Inspector goes to talk to the doctor. Uday tells that he will show the media power to Neelam and break her ego, now Lakshmi will bear the punishment. He tells the audience about the incident. He blames Lakshmi for it. Shalu and Neha see the news. Shalu gets worried for her sister. She defends Lakshmi. Neha doesn’t believe her.

Rishi sees the news and grows worried. He calls Lakshmi. He wants to know the matter. Karishma accuses Lakshmi for badly spoiling their business and reputation. Lakshmi doesn’t take her call. Rishi hopes everything is fine. Neelam tells that she wants to kick out Lakshmi from the house. Malishka gets the phone to Neelam, and tells that it wasn’t a call ring, but a message tone. Ayush suspects Malishka. Neelam gets angry on Lakshmi. Ayush tells that even Malishka was there. Malishka asks him not to blame her. He asks her to tell them that Lakshmi worked hard, she didn’t do anything wrong. Malishka admits that Lakshmi worked hard, but it went wrong.

Neelam asks her to pray that they don’t lose their respect. Sonia asks her not to worry, Rishi and Virender will handle things. Virender assures Neelam that things will get fine. Lakshmi worries for the people’s lives and asks Virender to call Mayank once, if the people are safe. He tells that he believes her, she can never make a mistake, her worry is genuine. He trusts her and assures that he is with her. Neelam scolds Lakshmi. Lakshmi breaks down into tears. Ayush consoles her. Kiran proudly hugs Malishka. She tells that Malishka has finally removed Lakshmi from her life.

Rishi ousts Lakshmi from the house, stating that his faith on Lakshmi is over. He removes her from his life too, and pushes her outside the door. Lakshmi asks him to listen to her once. Malishka dreams of this. She tells Kiran that Rishi should make Lakshmi out of the house, then she won’t have any scope of coming back. Kiran asks if Rishi would do this. Malishka tells that he loves his reputation and family more than Lakshmi, he will oust Lakshmi. Kiran tells that she is expecting Rishi and Malishka’s marriage soon. Malishka tells that the marriage will happen. Lakshmi cries at some corner.

Ayush tells her that she can do anything when it comes about Rishi, she is a superwoman, she can do anything for him, this is a little trouble they are facing, they will handle it easily. He protects her. She tells that so many people are hospitalized because of her, she wants to apologize to them. He asks her what did she do that she will apologize. He asks her not to feel guilty. Kiran asks Malishka not to call Rishi, he shouldn’t know this. Malishka tells that he would know it somehow. Kiran tells that Lakshmi won’t have a way to stay in the family. Malishka praises Kiran and herself. She tells that Lakshmi has forced her to do such a thing. Kiran asks her not to worry, and prepare to get married to Rishi. They see Neelam at the door.

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