Yeh Rishta 19th August 2022 Kairav breaks prison

Yeh Rishta 19th August 2022 Kairav breaks prison

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Yeh Rishta 19th August 2022 Kairav breaks prison Yeh Rishta episode spoiler – Kairav escapes jail Abhimanyu tells Akshara that till the truth doesn’t come out she should not speak about trusting her brother. Manish is shocked to know that Kairav ran from the jail. Akshara tells Mahima that this is not the truth but she is adamant. Akshara gets teary-eyed.

Yeh Hai Chahatein episode spoiler – Armaan accuses Prem:

Rudraksh says that as soon as the Bal Krishna’s idol comes they will give it to Preesha and she will remember everything. Rudraksh decides to replace the idol with the original one in the temple before Janmashtami pooja. He tells Ruhi and Saransh that they have to do this when Armaan and his uncle are not at home. Kanchan does not find the idol and Armaan blames Prem for stealing it.

Pandya Store episode spoiler – Kamini taunts Suman:
Rishita asks Suman where is Raavi and she says that she must be with Dhara as Chiku was taken away. She says that Dhara must be heartbroken and asks God how many times he will do injustice to her. Kamini tells Suman that injustice has happened to them too. She taunts Suman for crying over an unknown baby instead of celebrating their real blood’s birth.

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain episode spoiler – Priya confronts Vedika-Shubham:

Priya informs Pihu that Meera is the world’s best grandmother. Priya warns Vedika and Shubham to not even think about hurting Pihu. Vedika questions her what she will do and she says that she will not let the deal happen. Ram claps and says wow.

Ajooni episode spoiler – Bebe questions Ajooni:
Dolly tells Rajveer that Ajooni is not as simple as she seems. She complains to Bebe that Ajooni changed the toe ornament she gave her to wear. Bebe becomes furious and demands Ajooni to show her legs. Ajooni and Rajveer are stunned.






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