Kumkum Bhagya 22nd August 2022 Written Update Heartbreak

Kumkum Bhagya 22nd August 2022 Written Update Heartbreak

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Kumkum Bhagya 22nd August 2022 Written Update Heartbreak Pallavi rebukes Sid and taunts him on his father. She tells Vikram that Sid is also a bad blood just like his dad. She tells him that Vikram’s elder brother was a bad man, he has passed his bad blood to his son Sid also. Vikram loses his cool and screams out Pallavi’s name in rage. Sid hears the taunts silently after what he has done. He angrily raises hand on Pallavi, and leaves the latter shocked. On the other hand, Prachi cries and asks Ranbir if he trusts Sid more than her, if he believes what Sid told against her character. Ranbir angrily replies that he has no reason to not believe Sid. He breaks Prachi’s heart by showing his disbelief on her. Prachi feels dejected.

Earlier in the show, Aaliya watches them. Ranbir asks Rhea how can Sid do this, Sid used to call Prachi his friend and then like him, he had hid his bad intentions behind friendship. He hates Sid. Rhea feels she has won, Ranbir has realized that its Sid’s baby. She is grateful to Aaliya for help. Aaliya feels proud of Rhea, who is just like her. Rhea shows her fake concern for Ranbir. Prachi shatters. Shahana consoles her. Prachi asks how can Sid blame her, when she had regarded him like a brother, he never thought of her feelings, he had lied in such a bad way with confidence. She knows that Ranbir supported her, he loves her and trusts her, but its hard to protect his love and trust. She doesn’t understand why people are after Ranbir and her relation. She feels nobody wants their baby to come in the world. Shahana hugs her and calms her down.

Kumkum Bhagya 22nd August 2022 Written Update Heartbreak:

Pallavi confronts Sid. She asks him how can he do this with Ranbir, didn’t he think of ruining the family name. She tells him that he has proved that his blood is bad. She asks Vikram not to get in between. She tells that Sid doesn’t deserve their love, respect, surname and help. Vikram asks her to calm down. Pallavi tells that Sid has ruined the entire family name, he didn’t think before cheating them. She tells that Sid has done this only to take revenge on them. She insults Sid, taunting him about his dad. She tells that Sid is characterless and disgusting like his dad. Vikram asks her not to cross her limits.

She tells that Sid’s dad had an extra-marital affair, his girlfriend also had a baby, even Sid is like his dad, he also did the same mistake. She tells that Sid is ahead of his dad, his dad had an affair with some stranger, but Sid had an affair with his brother’s wife. She reprimands Sid for impregnating Prachi. She calls him bad blood. Vikram angrily raises hand on her. She asks him to slap her. She tells him to beat her and prove that Kohli family men just know to control women. Vikram asks her to stop it. She tells that its totally her fault, she has called Sid home, she should have thought of Sid’s bad blood before. She adds that she was pitying Sid, whose parents died in a car accident, Sid didn’t think of staying loyal to them.

She wishes that Sid also died in the car accident. Sid silently hears her scolding. He leaves. Pallavi tells that Sid has his dad’s bad blood, and same blood is now in Prachi’s womb. She hates them. Vikram leaves in disgust. Jita calls Aaliya for money. He tells that he is at home and he will ring the bell if she doesn’t pay the money. She asks him how dare he comes home. Jita demands the money. She tells that Sid is alive, he has come home, she won’t give any money to him. He blackmails her and tells that he will reveal her crime. She believes his lies. She pays the money to Jita and sends him off.

Elsewhere, Rhea does the aid to Ranbir. She tells him that she loves him and will always love him. He asks her to understand, he doesn’t love her, he loves Prachi. She tells that her love isn’t in her control, Sid loved Prachi, knowing Prachi loves Ranbir, even Prachi loves Sid now. She asks Ranbir not to take the burden on himself. He asks her to stop it. She asks him to stop being a fool, Prachi is lying to him and he is dying in her love. She cries to tell him that she just loves him and always told the truth to him, she has always been loyal to him. He tells that its not about her, its about Prachi and him.

Aaliya hears their talks. She tells him that Rhea is incomplete without him, he should accept Rhea, her love for him is true, she is devoted to him. Ranbir talks of Prachi, when they both try to brainwash him and stain Prachi’s love as impure. Rhea tells that Prachi had no pure feelings for Ranbir. Shahana tells Prachi that Ranbir trusts her. She doesn’t understand why did Sid lie. Prachi tells her that Ranbir’s eyes had something, it wasn’t nice, she wants to know if it was suspicion. She wants to talk to him once. She tells that she wants to know what he is thinking, if he doubts him. Prachi asks Shahana to please let her go and talk to Ranbir. Ranbir asks Aaliya to leave. Rhea asks him to not vent his anger on Aaliya.

She tells him that Sid and Prachi have an affair. She asks Ranbir to realize that Rhea and he always stayed in their limits before their marriage, even Prachi should have known her limits. Aaliya tells that Ranbir stayed loyal to Prachi, but she wasn’t loyal. She is sure that Sid and Prachi had an affair since before. Rhea and Aaliya corrupt his mind. He asks them to stop it and just leave him alone. Rhea asks him not to ignore the truth. She blames him for always neglecting the truth. Prachi reaches there to talk to Ranbir.

Rhea asks Prachi to leave Ranbir alone, he doesn’t want to hear anything and fall into her words. Prachi tells that he wants to talk to Ranbir. Rhea asks her to just get out. He tells that he also wants to talk to Prachi. Rhea doesn’t want them to talk. He threatens to go away with Prachi, if Rhea doesn’t let them talk. Rhea leaves in anger. Ranbir and Prachi see each other with tears in eyes. Aaliya asks Rhea to go to Ranbir and not leave him alone. Rhea tells that Ranbir has asked him to leave from the room, because Prachi has come to talk to him. Aaliya asks her why did she listen to Prachi.

Rhea tells that Ranbir asked her to leave. She doesn’t understand what’s happening. She tells that Ranbir still wants to talk to Prachi, it means Prachi’s reputation is intact. Aaliya tells that Prachi can do anything, Ranbir’s male ego won’t let him accept Sid’s child. Rhea wonders what are Ranbir and Prachi talking. Prachi finds Ranbir upset. She asks him to answer her, does he trust her. Ranbir nods, but looks confused. Prachi tells that he isn’t able to say it today. He tells that he trusts her, he knows that she felt bad of whatever happened, he still loves her a lot, but his love is hurting him, its not giving him any happiness.

He wipes her tears by asking her permission. She gets back and feels bad that he is feeling alienated. She tells him that he feels she isn’t of him now. He disagrees. She tells that even he doesn’t know his own feelings, he doesn’t trust her now, he also believes Sid. He tells that he really doesn’t know it, he wants to trust her, but she didn’t tell him about her baby before. Prachi gets upset when he calls the baby as her baby, and not their baby.

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  1. Richa Avatar

    Ranbir again breaks prachi’s heart this is not acceptable by viewers . I think I should stop seeing this kumkum bhagya show . This serial makes me very disappointed

  2. Sandy Avatar

    this show story n dialogues so nasty n disgusting .absolute filth n garbage.no longer a family show.Rhea must always win n conspiracies crimes are nirmal in this trash serial.

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