Pandya Store 23rd August 2022 Bade Acche 2 Spoilers

Pandya Store 23rd August 2022 Bade Acche 2 Spoilers

Pandya Store 23rd August 2022 Bade Acche 2 Spoilers Ram is asked to do Sara’s kanyadaan, as she regards him an elder brother. Ram and Priya sit for the kanyadaan rituals. Ram passes the sindoor to Vikrant. He loses the sindoor box when Pihu hits his hand, which flies in the air and drops the sindoor in Priya’s hairlines. Priya and Ram get into a moment. Vikrant and Sara get married. Ram and Priya also get the hint that they should get back together. Pihu unites Ram and Priya’s hands.

Pandya Store 23rd August 2022 Spoilers:
Shweta and her family fail to take care of Chiku. They decide to hand over the baby to Dhara again, knowing the baby was in safe hands and good care in the Pandya house. The Pandyas don’t want to accept Chiku back knowing Shweta’s family will claim him anytime after the bonding forms between Chiku and Dhara again. Suman doesn’t want Dhara to invite the sorrow. Dhara is speechless. She isn’t able to cut off her relation with Chiku from her heart. She accepts Chiku, when the entire family is against her decision. She decides to look after Chiku until Shweta recovers from her illness. Shiva supports Dhara in her decision.

Gautam and Suman worry for Dhara’s emotional stress. Dhara tells Suman that they will keep Chiku’s Naamkaran as well along with Rishita’s baby’s Naamkaran. Rishita doesn’t agree. She just wants the entire limelight for her baby. She tells Dev that just their baby’s Naamkaran should happen as planned, if Chiku has come back, then it doesn’t mean that Dhara keeps his Naamkaran on the same day. Dev asks her to not blame Dhara, who also deserves the happiness. The family arranges the Naamkaran for both the babies. Rishita takes her baby from the Naamkaran puja, refusing to get the Naamkaran done when Chiku is also sitting in the same puja with Dhara. Dev asks Rishita to stop the drama, but a new tension forms in the house with Rishita’s denial.



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