Bhagya Lakshmi 26th August 2022 Written Update Rocking Rishi

Bhagya Lakshmi 26th August 2022 Written Update Rocking Rishi

Bhagya Lakshmi 26th August 2022 Written Update Rocking Rishi Rishi finally arrives home and meets his family. Rano calls up Balwinder and asks him to come with her to the police station to get Lakshmi freed. She tells that she heard his confession and she knows everything what he did with Lakshmi and Oberois. He gets worried. Rishi argues with Neelam. She tells that he wasn’t present there and he can’t know if Lakshmi did something wrong or not. Rishi tells that he can stay anywhere in the world, but still he can be sure that Lakshmi is innocent, she can never do wrong with anyone. He shows his faith on Lakshmi.

He tells that he knows Lakshmi well, he can never see her in pain, so he is going to bring her home by bailing her out. Neelam doesn’t permit him, but he doesn’t stop. He tells that he is going to meet Lakshmi, he isn’t going against his mom, but he is just trying to save his wife. Virender, Dadi and Ayush get happy with Rishi’s return. Lakshmi imagines Rishi with her. She wishes he comes home and rescues her.

Earlier in the show, Rishi gets up to leave and reach Lakshmi. He tells the manager that Lakshmi is calling him, she needs him. He asks him to just book the ticket for Mumbai. He gets hurt but rushes. Manager tells that he isn’t fine, he can’t go. Rishi madly runs to leave from the hospital.


Neelam calls the lawyer to file a case against Lakshmi. Virender is stunned to know this. Neelam tells that she can’t tolerate anyone staining Oberois’ name. Virender stops her. He asks her not to hate Lakshmi so much. She tells that Lakshmi has snatched her peace and happiness. She doesn’t want to tolerate Lakshmi further. She tells that she will file the case on Lakshmi.

Bhagya Lakshmi 26th August 2022 Written Update Rocking Rishi:

Virender talks in Lakshmi’s defense. He asks Neelam not to force Rishi to choose between his mum and his wife. Ayush wants to help Lakshmi at any cost. He reaches the police station. He knows Lakshmi would be expecting him to help. He feels guilty that he couldn’t protect her. He gains courage to call Rishi and inform him the matter. He is ready to get punished by Neelam. He checks Rishi’s missed calls. Rishi rushes to the airport. He feels the pain. He just wants to meet Lakshmi. He answers Ayush’s call. He scolds Ayush for not answering the calls. He asks about Lakshmi. He tells that he just wants to Lakshmi. Ayush asks him to come soon. Rishi asks him if Lakshmi is okay.

Ayush tells about the big problem, Lakshmi wasn’t at fault, she was innocent in the matter, but she still got arrested. Rishi is shocked to know this. He asks him to take Virender’s help. He asks Ayush to tell him everything how did this happen. Ayush tells that Lakshmi made the food well, the critics were impressed, but suddenly they got sick by food poisoning. Rishi asks why didn’t he inform before. He asks him to talk to lawyer. Ayush tells that they are trying hard. He asks Rishi to come as soon as possible. Rishi tells that he felt Lakshmi is in trouble, so he left his work. Ayush tells that Rishi and Lakshmi love each other, its their strong love connect. He thinks Rishi will come and save Lakshmi.

He hopes that there is no family clash. Shalu sees Ayush outside the police station. Rishi already felt that Lakshmi is in trouble and she was calling him. He feels sorry that he is away from her. Ayush asks Shalu to come with her, he has come to safely drop her home. She refuses. She asks him to go home, else his family will scold him. She asks what’s his right on her. He tells that by the right of their relation. She tells that their breakup happened. Ayush stops her from leaving. She doesn’t listen to her.

She asks him to go and free Lakshmi. She scolds him. Ayush feels frustrated that nobody is understanding him. He admits that he is attached to Lakshmi who is a motherly figure for him. He tells that he has called Rishi to help Lakshmi. She asks if Rishi is also helpless, he won’t go against Neelam. He tells that he is standing here to support Lakshmi. He adds that they should wait and not make any mistake. He tells that he promises to free Lakshmi. She apologizes to him. He also apologizes to her that he was helpless before and couldn’t stop Lakshmi’s arrest.

Meanwhile, Lakshmi imagines Rishi. He tells that he will always stand by her, he is still with her and will always be there for her. She tells that he shouldn’t be here. He asks her to come, they will always stay together. Rishi disappears. Lakshmi’s day dreaming ends. She knows Rishi will really come. Rishi wishes Lakshmi stays strong. The auto driver tells Shalu that one gets a true partner with fate. Shalu sends him. She goes to Ayush. She asks him to drop her home. She holds ears and apologizes. He asks her not to act cute. He tells that they should always trust each other, so no breakup, their friendship is still intact. She agrees.

Elsewhere, Balwinder enters Kiran and Malishka’s room. They wake up and find Balwinder in the room. Balwinder demands the money. He tells that Malishka wasn’t answering his calls and didn’t pay money. Malishka asks him to go, Lakshmi went to jail. He feels happy. Malishka gives the money to him and calls him greedy. He tells that he will take the alcohol to celebrate. She tells that she may need him again. He tells that their dreams broke because of Lakshmi, he will not spare Lakshmi. She tells that he won’t let Rishi stay happy if Rishi breaks her dream. Balwinder tells that Malishka is evil like him.

Kiran asks him to just leave. He asks Malishka to answer his calls, else he will get her arrested. She asks him to get out. He leaves. Malishka tells that they will always need Balwinder to separate Rishi and Lakshmi. Ayush drops Shalu home. He wishes Rishi comes soon. Balwinder sees Ayush’s car and hides. Lakshmi feeds her food to the other lady. The lady blesses her that her dreams turn true soon. Lakshmi learns that someone has come to meet her. She thinks Rishi has come to take her home.

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