Kundali Bhagya 26th August 2022 Written Update Truth out

Kundali Bhagya 26th August 2022 Written Update Truth out

Kundali Bhagya 26th August 2022 Written Update Truth out Prithvi comes home in stress. Sherlyn asks him what had happened at Arjun’s office. Prithvi feels raged up recalling his insult. She asks him to tell her if anyone has beaten him. He narrates the happenings to her. He tells that Rishabh came there and offered business partnership to Arjun, who had an old revenge to settle with Luthra. He adds that he offered to help Arjun in his revenge, but Arjun threw him out of the office. Rishabh stays busy in his work.

The manager hands over a pendrive and tells that its from Kavya’s school. Rishabh checks the footage to know who was following Preeta that day. He gets Rakhi’s call at the same time. He tells her that he is busy and will call her later. Rakhi asks him to talk to her right away, if she is important. He asks her to calm down. She complains about Mahesh. She emotionally blackmails him and asks him to listen to her, not her dad. Mahesh asks Rishabh to explain her. Rishabh asks what’s happening there.


Rakhi tells him that Mahesh is going to meet his girlfriend tomorrow. Mahesh calls it a lie. Rakhi feels insecure. Rishabh laughs hearing their banter. Sherlyn tells Prithvi that their lives have changed because of Luthras, they shall not mess with them again. Prithvi asks her not to forget their goal. He tells that he will compel Arjun to join hands with him, and then they both will together tackle the Luthras. He is confident that he will win. Rishabh misses to see Arjun in the footage, walking behind Preeta in the school corridor. Will Rishabh learn that Arjun was tracking them since a long time and has a hidden agenda to enter their lives? Keep reading.

Kundali Bhagya 26th August 2022 Written Update Truth out:

Rishabh tries to sort Rakhi and Mahesh’s fight. He tells them that he is coming home in some time. He leaves for a meeting. He doesn’t see Arjun in the footage. Preeta is midway. Her car breaks down. She finds a man scolding some kids at a shop. She goes to the help the kids. Karan watches her pay for the poor kids. Preeta asks them to have food as much as they want. Karan thinks he sees Preeta everywhere, when he doesn’t want to see her. The kids thank her. Preeta asks the man to give the kids whatever they want. Karan gets glad seeing her kind side again. They have a similar moment as happened in their past.

Karan sees the stormy weather and gets an umbrella for Preeta. The umbrella flies to her. She thinks she got the umbrella because of Matarani. Karan also gets under the umbrella. She asks him what is he doing here. He tells that it started raining, he wants to stand under the umbrella, its of him. She doesn’t believe it. She tells that Matarani has sent the umbrella for her. He tells that its his umbrella, it flew to her. He asks her not to snatch the umbrella, else he will fall sick because of the rains. They both have an umbrella moment.

Preeta gets reminded of Karan and her past moment. Karan holds her in arms. She remembers that even Karan and she had a similar moment when they met under the rains for the first time. The driver informs her that the car got fixed. Preeta leaves. Rishabh gets touched by Preeta’s gesture. He thinks of their moments. Preeta is disturbed that she always thinks of Karan when Arjun is with her. Karan and Preeta think of each other. She goes to meet her family. Karan also passes by her locality and thinks of meeting her Dadi. Preeta hugs Biji and Janki.

She gets surprised to see Arjun at the door. Karan too didn’t expect to see her at home. He asks her what is she doing here. She asks him the same. He tells that his car broke outside, so he came to ask for help, he didn’t know that its her Maayka. Preeta asks him how does he know it. He makes her aside and meets her family. Shrishti asks him how did he come suddenly. Karan gives the same excuse. Preeta questions him. Biji asks him if he is following Preeta. He tells that Preeta isn’t his type. He flirts with Biji. Preeta jokes on his filmi story. He tells that he came to take help, and coincidentally its her Maayka. Janki tells Biji that they are fighting like Karan and Preeta.

Shrishti stops her. Janki apologizes. Preeta gets upset. She tells that there is nobody like Karan. She cries for her Karan. Karan gets confused. He asks Biji won’t she arrange a cup of tea for her. Preeta goes to make tea. Karan follows her to the kitchen and asks for water. Preeta doesn’t listen to him. Karan complains about Preeta to Biji. Biji asks Preeta to get water for him. Preeta sends Shrishti instead. Karan and Preeta argue. She tells that she isn’t making tea for him, but for Dadi and Shrishti. She adds that she will give the extra tea left to him. Shrishti asks Arjun to forgive Preeta. Karan calls Preeta bitter like a bitter gourd. Preeta asks what did he say. Karan takes the tea.

He tells that it tastes bad. She asks him to keep it down. He replies that he will manage. Biji asks him why does he irritate Preeta. Karan tells that Preeta gets irritated for no reason, she dislikes him. Preeta wants him to leave. On the other side, Sherlyn and Prithvi have an argument. She wants her old life back. He gets a message, which seems to shock him. She asks him is he okay. He tells him about Shambu. Karan tells that he will find a mechanic and leave. Preeta asks him why is he telling her. He tells that he is just updating her. He leaves. Biji and Shrishti like Arjun a lot. Preeta finds them developing a liking for Arjun, like they used to like Karan.

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