Kumkum Bhagya 29th August 2022 Written Update Pranbir back

Kumkum Bhagya 29th August 2022 Written Update Pranbir back

Kumkum Bhagya 29th August 2022 Written Update Pranbir back Prachi helps the girls and makes few of them escape, until the kidnappers catch Prachi at gun point. Prachi is drugged by them so that she doesn’t use her mind again. Ranbir and Shahana look for Prachi. They come across a girl who just escaped from the kidnappers den by Prachi’s help. Ranbir asks about Prachi. Shahana finds the girl worried and tells that she won’t ask her anything. The girl tells that its good that Ranbir asked her about Prachi, because she knows it. Shahana then asks her to say. The girl tells them about the kidnappers who kept the girls locked in a warehouse. She guides them to reach the place.

Shahana and Ranbir rush to find Prachi. Ranbir is still drunk, and now Prachi is also intoxicated by the drugs administered to her. Ranbir meets Prachi, while Shahana speaks to the girls caught up there. The girl asks Shahana not to worry because the goons don’t trouble pretty girls, and the goons find Prachi really pretty. Ranbir consoles Prachi and asks her to stop crying. She asks him if he doesn’t like her to cry. He tells that he hates tears. He wipes her tears. Ranbir and Prachi have a moment. He tells that he loves her and will never let her cry. Prachi grows emotional and looks at him. Keep reading.

Earlier in the show, the goons talk about selling the girls. Prachi asks for water. The goon refuses to help. She tells that she is sick, she can die due to coughing. The goon gets some water for her. She picks a piece of glass to cut her ropes. She gets freed. She helps the other girls as well. She asks them to come with her. They try to find an escape route. Ranbir tells that he feels Prachi is close. Shahana tells that he broke Prachi’s heart, he didn’t trust Prachi. She blames him for always hurting Prachi. Prachi is stunned when she gets caught at gun point by the goons.


Kumkum Bhagya 29th August 2022 Written Update Pranbir back:

Prachi gets caught by the goons again. Mona sprays something on the girls and turns them dizzy. He asks the goons to go and catch the girls who escaped. Ranbir tells Shahana that he felt like seeing the tempo. Shahana tells that he is drunk and doesn’t know anything. She hits a girl by mistake. She apologizes to the girl. Ranbir goes after the girl to ask about Prachi. Shahana tells that the girl won’t know about Prachi. Ranbir asks the girl to listen to him once, if she knows about his wife Prachi. Shahana feels sorry to bother the girl. The girl tells that its good that Ranbir asked her, she knows about Prachi.

Mona tells that the spray worked really good on the girls, especially Prachi, they are really drunk. The goon calls someone to sell the girls. The man rejects the girls, saying they aren’t beautiful. The goon sends Prachi’s picture. The man selects Prachi and asks him to send Prachi to Goldie. Mona goes to meet Prachi. Prachi is intoxicated. She laughs and asks Mona to play with her. Mona refuses. Prachi cries and asks if she is so bad. She beats Mona and sends her away. She tells that this isn’t her house, because her cute sister and sweet husband aren’t with her. She shows her mangalsutra.

She tells that her husband is really handsome, he is charming and nice. Ranbir and Shahana come to the kidnappers den. She asks him not to make noise, else they can’t save Prachi. They hear the goons talking about selling Prachi. They hide and enter the place. Shahana controls Ranbir, who may get them caught by his overacting. She asks how will she save him if the goons kidnap him also. Ranbir finds some alcohol there and consumes it. He tells that he will save Prachi. He calls out Prachi and goes to her. Prachi happily greets Ranbir. He opens arms to hug her. They both have a funny, sweet and emotional scene. Prachi introduces her handsome husband. Ranbir tells that he is a liar lover also.

They madly laugh, and then cry that they missed each other. Shahana finds them together. Prachi calls Shahana cute. Shahana asks them to just come before the goons catch them. The goons find Ranbir and Shahana. The goon Ashok finds Ranbir drunk. Ranbir and Prachi laugh on the goons. They ask the goons to leave Shahana. Ranbir boasts of himself. The goon threatens of shooting Ranbir. Ranbir drinks more alcohol. He tells that he will beat him now. The goon asks him to stop the drama. Ranbir tries to take Prachi and Shahana, and run. The goons surround Ranbir. Ranbir gets a gun. He throws it away. He fights the goons in a silly way. The goon picks the gun. He takes Shahana at gun point. Ranbir tells that he will take his wife and go. Mona tells that she will lock Ranbir and Prachi in the room, else their drama will go on.

Mona locks them and asks them to enjoy their time. Ranbir asks Mona to free them. Shahana rebukes the goon. The goon tie her up and ask her to sit quiet, else Prachi and Ranbir will be punished. The girl tells Shahana that the goons keep pretty girls safe, but she doesn’t know what they do to the guys. Shahana thinks to help Ranbir and Prachi. Ranbir asks Mona for some water. Mona gives the water bottle. Ranbir asks Prachi to have water. She cries that he had abandoned her by not showing any faith. He tells that she left him by packing her bags. She apologizes to him. They both cry and profess their love. She tells that he is Rhea’s husband. He tells that he just loves her. He asks her to not cry, he hates her tears, he loves her and won’t let her cry.

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  1. I think Prachi should help herself without Ranbir’s help and then she should ran away from ranveer because he doesn’t have trust on her. And after the the leep when the will be in front of Ranvir then may he realises what he did and now what he have to do.The another side prachi will become stronger than past and prachi should must be stand on her leg then only pallavi and Rhea will also feel guilty.


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