Yeh Rishta 30th August 2022 Update Akshara faces Abhimanyu

Yeh Rishta 30th August 2022 Update Akshara faces Abhimanyu

Yeh Rishta 30th August 2022 Update Akshara faces Abhimanyu Manjiri hates Akshara who had abandoned Abhimanyu for the sake of her family. She didn’t expect Abhimanyu and Akshara’s separation. Abhimanyu still loves Akshara. He defends her. He tells Manjiri that it wasn’t easy for Akshara to leave her marriage, husband and family and go too far. Abhimanyu meets Parth and Shefali’s son Shivansh and feels destressed. He tells that he missed Shivansh so much. He tells that he treated a baby in the village. He is glad that the baby missed him a lot. Meanwhile, Kairav is still traumatized by the murder game. He tells Akshara that it wasn’t his mistake, still he was caught and punished. She pacifies him and brings him to a stable condition. She worries that he isn’t okay and she shouldn’t leave him and go.

Kairav tells that he will handle himself, but he is stressed thinking what will Akshara do if she faces Abhimanyu in Jaipur. He is sure that fate is going to make Abhimanyu and Akshara meet in Jaipur just like their first meet. Abhimanyu dresses Shivansh as the little Kanhaiya. Manjiri compliments that her Krishna Abhimanyu got her Bal Gopal, little Kanhaiya. She is pleased with the sight. Akshara gets her visa. She tells Kairav that she got her visa and she is leaving for India tomorrow. Abhi asks Shefali about his trip to Jaipur. She asks him to leave tomorrow. Akshara hopes that she will meet Abhimanyu, and everything will get fine between them. Abhimanyu tells Mahima that like she is waiting to find Akshara and Kairav, even he wants to reach them and confront them for the truth. His eyes get filled with bitterness and anger for Akshara. Keep reading.

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