Bhagya Lakshmi 1st September 2022 Written Update Lakshmi back

Bhagya Lakshmi 1st September 2022 Written Update Lakshmi back

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Bhagya Lakshmi 1st September 2022 Written Update Lakshmi back Malishka tells Kiran that she will do something that the police investigations will happen according to her, then she will make sure that Lakshmi doesn’t come out of the jail. Abhay tells that this would happen, he will do this for his daughter’s sake. Malishka gets glad. Neelam tells Virender that he has become successful just because of her. She counts his favors on him. He doesn’t deny it. He tells that she is right, but she has just one problem, she has a misunderstanding that Lakshmi is inauspicious for the family. Rishi promises Lakshmi that they will never be incomplete. She asks him if he will break his promise. He tells never, and kisses her hand.

Earlier in the show, Ayush turns angry. He speeds the car. Shalu asks him to drive slow. Ayush tells sorry as much as she wanted. He plays the radio again. A bhajan plays on the radio. Ayush turns calm and smiling. He apologizes. She also apologizes to him. They end their cute fight. Lakshmi smiles thinking of Rishi. She tells that she knows it well, Rishi will surely save her. Shalu and Ayush reach the police station, and find Rishi getting ousted. Rishi talks to the constables. Constable tells that she liked to see Rishi’s love story, he is a loving husband. She tells about Lakshmi’s appearance in the court after two days. Rishi is happy that he met Lakshmi. He tells Ayush that he met Lakshmi and promised her, all his tensions are over now. They ask Rishi to save Lakshmi. Rishi asks them to not worry, he will save Lakshmi. He promises Shalu also. Ayush and Shalu get glad.

Bhagya Lakshmi 1st September 2022 Written Update Lakshmi back:

Rishi asks Shalu not to worry for Lakshmi, he will get her home. Ayush asks Shalu not to worry, Rishi will save Lakshmi. He tells that he will take care of Shalu. Rishi looks at him. Ayush tells that Shalu is his good friend. Rishi asks Ayush to make Shalu meet Lakshmi. Ayush comes up with an act. He meets the inspector. He weeps and tells the inspector that his mum has sent the tiffin for Lakshmi. Shalu asks Ayush what is he doing. He winks to her. She asks why is he winking. He tells hat its his plan to meet Lakshmi. She apologizes and asks him to continue. Ayush tells that Shalu is in trauma.

Shalu also does a drama. Ayush asks inspector about any mental asylum nearby. Shalu gets angry. Ayush asks if he can take the lunch, or send Shalu. Constable asks is he Shalu’s brother. Ayush tells that he has a love angle with Shalu, she isn’t his sister. Ayush asks Inspector to come aside for a private talk. He seeks his help in Shalu and his love story. Inspector comments on him. Ayush asks aren’t they humans, why can’t they have a love story. Inspector gets interested to know about it. Ahana and Dadi are worried. Ahana asks if Rishi will bring Lakshmi or not. Dadi tells that Rishi loves Lakshmi a lot. Rishi comes home. He tells that Lakshmi can’t come home so soon. Dadi asks the reason.

Ahana tells that Lakshmi didn’t do anything wrong. He promises to get Lakshmi back in 2 days, he spoke to Virender to arrange a lawyer. He is also in tension. He asks about Neelam’s mood. Ahana tells that she didn’t listen to Neelam, so she is angry. Malishka asks Rishi what did the police say. He tells that court will decide. He is sure that Lakshmi is tolerating the punishment of someone’s evil deed. He swears to punish the wrongdoer. He tells that he will give much happiness to Lakshmi so that she forgets this pain. Dadi blesses him. Malishka thinks Rishi has gone mad for Lakshmi.

Ahana tells that the real culprit would be so shameless, heartless and dangerous. She wishes Rishi finds the real criminal. Dadi prays for Lakshmi. Neelam asks Rishi not to insult her more. He hugs her and apologizes. She doesn’t want his sorry. She asks him why did he do this. He tells that its about Lakshmi. She asks him why did he support Lakshmi, who ruined their goodwill. He defends Lakshmi. He tells that her innocence will be proved in the court. She calls Lakshmi unlucky for them. He tell that the truth will come out. He asks her not to deny that Lakshmi is his wife. He wants to respect his relation.

He feels troubled and hurt that he isn’t keeping Neelam happy when he is trying to protect Lakshmi. He tells that he can’t hurt her ever. He wants her to be with him. He apologizes to her. She hugs him. She tells that she didn’t forgive him. He knows she loves him a lot. She tells that he is her life. He tells that she is his life, he can’t hurt her ever. Virender speaks to the lawyer. Rishi takes the phone to talk. Ayush tells the fake love story to the inspector. Shalu wonders what is Ayush saying. Ayush seeks Inspector’s permission. Shalu happily goes to hug Ayush. She stops. He asks her to hug him as a friend.

She wants to go to Lakshmi. He asks her to say thanks. She asks what did he say to the inspector. He doesn’t reveal anything. Moreover, Malishka meets Balwinder. He drinks. He tells that Rishi will save Lakshmi anyhow. She asks him not to forget his status. She tells that she isn’t his ATM that he always depends money. He tells that he does risky work for her, so he demands the money. She tells that she can hire any goon for her work. He demands the money. Malishka pays his double amount and asks him to keep his mouth shut. He guarantees that she will get Rishi. She guarantees that she won’t let Lakshmi win Rishi. He finds her daring. Ayush and Shalu meet Lakshmi. Lakshmi hugs them and cries.

She tells that Rishi promised her, that he will free her soon. Shalu tells about the delay in court hearing. Lakshmi acts positive. She tells that its okay, it’s a matter of one day. Ayush feels sad. Lakshmi asks them if they got the tiffin. He asks Ayush how did the inspector allow them. Shalu tells that Ayush deserves the credit, he really worked hard. Lakshmi asks him why did he worry so much. Ayush tells that they are friends, he can do this for her. Shalu feeds the food to Lakshmi. Her finger gets bitten by Lakshmi. Lakshmi apologizes. Ayush cares for Shalu. They share an eyelock. Lakshmi finds Shalu and Ayush in love, and thinks if they are friends or something more than that.

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