Bhagya Lakshmi 3rd September 2022 Written Update Alarming

Bhagya Lakshmi 3rd September 2022 Written Update Alarming

Bhagya Lakshmi 3rd September 2022 Written Update Alarming Ayush and Rishi meet the lawyer. Rishi tells that their chef Mukesh is missing. Lawyer Mr. Basu tells that the suspicion falls over Mukesh now, it can be someone’s conspiracy against Lakshmi and Oberois. Rishi tells that if Mukesh is really the culprit, then he won’t leave him. He angrily punches in the air. Malishka comes and stops Rishi, when he gets close to hit her unknowingly. Malishka asks him if he is okay. Rishi tells that he is okay, he is better than before because he got to know the name of the culprit. She is stunned. The jail mate tells Lakshmi that when a wife gets away from a husband for some time, the husband looks for some other partner, else some girl can trap him without showing her intentions clearly. Lakshmi grows worried and thinks if Malishka is behind this entire conspiracy, just to separate Rishi and her. She cries in tensed state.

Earlier in the show, Dadi blesses Virender. She tells that he has made her proud. He asks what did he do. She tells that he gave a befitting reply to Neelam and explained her well. He tells that Neelam couldn’t tolerate that Rishi didn’t listen to her. She tells that this doesn’t mean they all are wrong. Malishka grows mad in anger. Kiran wonders what happened to Malishka now.

She asks her the matter. Malishka tells that this should have not happened, Rishi is missing Lakshmi. She cries that Rishi doesn’t value her love. she tells that she has done a lot to win Rishi, who is just falling for Lakshmi. She feels raged that he gave her place to Lakshmi. Kiran asks her not to think much, Lakshmi is in jail and will never come back. Malishka doesn’t want to stay on fake hopes. She tells that she will make sure that the police investigations happen as she wants. Abhay meets them. He supports Malishka. He promises that he will help her. Malishka hugs him.


Bhagya Lakshmi 3rd September 2022 Written Update Alarming:

Virender tells Dadi that even he misunderstood Lakshmi before. He calls Lakshmi the right person for his family and Rishi. She tells that she understands Lakshmi, who won their heart with her patience. She doesn’t know when will Neelam understand her. He tells that he can’t let Lakshmi suffer more because of Neelam. He wants to explain Neelam until she understands. He tells Dadi that he is going to meet Lakshmi tomorrow. She tells that Neelam will get angry. He tells that he will apologize to Neelam for Lakshmi’s sake. Dadi feels proud of him. Shalu and Ayush come home. Shalu feels shy. Bani finds Shalu behaving different and asks her what happened, why did she run out when Ayush is fine.

Shalu asks her not to worry, she is okay, even Lakshmi is fine. She tells that they met Lakshmi in the jail. Rano meets them and taunts that Lakshmi ruined their name. Ayush tells that he will shut the mouth of the entire world, Lakshmi is innocent, he will prove her innocence. He asks Rano to stop saying anything against Lakshmi. He tells that he can even stand against his mom for Lakshmi’s sake. She goes to attend Balwinder’s call. Shalu and Bani tell that Ayush scolded Rano a lot. He tells that he gets angry when he hears anything against Lakshmi. They liked it that he defended Lakshmi. He tells that he will scold Rano more. Shalu asks him to save his heroism for some other day.

Ayush finds Shalu getting distant. He takes a leave. Lakshmi finds a lady crying and asks the problem. The lady tells about her husband’s affair in her absence. The other lady tells that men aren’t loyal, if they are loyal, even then other girls trap her. Lakshmi worries that Malishka might have done this to make her away from Rishi. She thinks if Malishka is trying to win Rishi. Rano wants the money from Balwinder. She thinks if Balwinder will cheat her. Rishi and Ayush meet the lawyer and tell him about the entire incident. Ayush tells that it was chaotic, he doesn’t know how did it happen. Lawyer asks if anyone unknown came into the kitchen.

Ayush tells that there were just chefs, Lakshmi and Malishka there. Lawyer asks who is Malishka. Rishi tells that Malishka is a family friend. Lawyer tells that he wants to meet all the chefs to get all the details they can obtain to produce in the court. Lakshmi gets surprised when she sees Virender coming to meet her. She cries emotionally and hugs him. He tells that he wasn’t with her, but his heart was with her. He asks her how is she. She cries, while he consoles her. He calls her brave. She tells that she feels strong now that he has come. She asks him not to get sad, Rishi has promised her that he will free her soon. She asks him to keep courage. He tells that she is really brave, she is in jail and she is giving him courage. He hugs her. They cry. He knows Rishi will soon free her.

Lawyer meets the chefs to interrogate them and find out if any stranger had entered the kitchen. Chef tells that Lakshmi has made the food in a proper way. He calls her Lakshmi Bhabhi, because she is Rishi’s wife. He tells that Lakshmi had made such tasty food, they all tasted the food and really liked it. Rishi asks him if they all didn’t fall unwell. Chef tells that everything was good when they tasted the food, maybe something was added later. Rishi tells the lawyer that Lakshmi had made the food right, but something happened there. Ayush learns that a chef Mukesh is missing. A man hears this and thinks to inform Malishka. Rishi tells that everything got spoiled after Lakshmi left the kitchen. Lawyer tells that they have to find out who has done this deliberately. Ayush runs to Rishi. He tells Rishi that he got a big news, there is something fishy. Rishi asks him what is the news.

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