Bhagya Lakshmi Rishi good news 5th September 2022

Bhagya Lakshmi Rishi good news 5th September 2022

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Bhagya Lakshmi Rishi good news 5th September 2022 Bhagya Lakshmi episode spoiler – Rishi prays for Lakshmi Malishka’s father assures her that they will not remain behind as compared to the Oberois. He says that they will find other ways to keep Lakshmi in jail. Rishi informs Malishka that he has come to know about the culprit. Lakshmi prays to god to keep her and Oberoi’s reputation intact. Rishi also prays for Lakshmi. Rishi’s ring slips from Lakshmi’s hand.

Anupama episode spoiler – Paritosh’s affair:

Rakhi asks Paritosh how was his Mumbai trip and he says that it was good. She mocks him that there must be some special person. Paritosh, Vanraj and Anupama are shocked. Rakhi warns Paritosh that he is wrong if he thought that he will never get caught. Anupama comes to speak with them. Paritish asks Rakhi what did he do. She asks him what was he doing in a hotel room with a girl. He is stunned.

Anandibaa Aur Emily episode spoiler – Emily brings Kalindi:

Emily tells Anandibaa that she has fulfilled her desire. Anandibaa is puzzled. Emily says that there is a surprise for her. Kalindi enters and everyone is stunned. Kalindi comes towards Anandibaa. They both become emotional and prepare to hug each other. Emily feels happy. Anandibaa and Kalindi lock horns instead of expressing love for one another.

Banni Chow Home Delivery episode spoiler – Banni defeats Manini:

Banni informs Devraj that Manini made Yuvan believe that she herself is his mother Vandana. She says that Manini made this possible by acting it out everytime in front of Yuvan. Manini seeks Devraj’s blessings and Yuvan forces him to bless her. Banni tells Devraj that they will have to show the truth to Yuvan. Manini fools Yuvan but Banni defeats her in her own game.

Pandya Store episode spoiler – Rishita loses her cool:

Rishita shouts at Dhara and asks her if she wants to kill her baby. Everyone is shocked. Rishita informs Suman that Dhara was trying to feed spoiled milk to her daughter. She blames Dhara for giving more importance to Chiku as compared to Chutki. Rishita complains that no one understands her, not even her husband Dev. She says that she cannot take it anymore and breaks the milk bottle in anger.

Imlie episode spoiler – Malini’s daughter Chini:

The doctor informs Imlie that Chini’s condition is very bad. He asks her to fill the form as she is her mother. Imlie says that she didn’t give birth to Chini but she stayed with her only from childhood. She says that Chini needed blood transfusion when she was 3 months old. Malini is shocked to realize that Chini is her daughter. She says that she will not snatch anything from Imlie but take away whatever belongs to her. Malini is determined to seek revenge and her daughter Chini.






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