Yeh Rishta 3rd September 2022 Abhi family clash

Yeh Rishta 3rd September 2022 Abhi family clash

Yeh Rishta 3rd September 2022 Abhi family clash Yeh Rishta episode spoiler – Akhilesh insults Manjiri Akshara informs Dr. Kunal that she will reach before the event starts. He says that the event has been preponed to morning instead of afternoon. He asks her to reach there as soon as possible. Mahima sees mud on Manjiri’s sari. She says that she met Akhilesh at the temple and had an argument with him and he splashed mud on her through his car. Abhimanyu becomes angry and decides to be there for his mother.

Yeh Hai Chahatein episode spoiler – Ruhi catches Armaan:

Armaan gives medicine to Preesha and Ruhi sees it. She informs Rudraksh that Armaan made Preesha drink some powder with water. He says that Armaan is giving a powdered medicine to Preesha which he is hiding in his room. He says that they all have to go there and check for the medicine inside the room at any cost. Rudraksh, Ruhi, Saransh and Vanshika sneak into Armaan’s room but drop a painting. Armaan gets up.


Rajjo episode spoiler – Arjun helps Rajjo:

Rajjo asks Arjun if she will get good news about her mother. He tells her that let’s see. Rajjo’s mother is asked to leave. Pushkar and his wife enter and the media runs after them. Rajjo’s mother gets up to leave. Rajjo and her mother walk parallely to each other. Arjun takes Rajjo carefully through the crowd while Pushkar gives an interview to the media.

Ajooni episode spoiler – Ajooni-Rajveer stun Bebe:
Ajooni asks Rajveer to wake up as she has some work in the kitchen. He is very sleepy and asks her to go. She asks him who will wrap up the bedsheets and he says that he will do it. Rajveer asks her to go and she leaves. Ajooni opens the door and realizes that she kept the bathroom light on and goes to switch it off. Bebe enters the room and sees Rajveer sleeping on the floor. She is stunned. Rajveer and Ajooni are shocked to see her.

Saavi Ki Savaari episode spoiler – Saavi’s birthday:
Nityam’s mother gives birthday wishes to Sonam and she is shocked. Sonam realizes that she changed the name in the horoscope but forgot to change the birth date. Nityam sends cake and flowers for her. Sonam says that Saavi is her sister and she will celebrate her birthday nicely. Saavi cuts the cake with her family.


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