Bhagya Lakshmi 5th September 2022 Written Update Lakshmi fears

Bhagya Lakshmi 5th September 2022 Written Update Lakshmi fears

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Bhagya Lakshmi 5th September 2022 Written Update Lakshmi fears Abhay tells Malishka that if Rishi and Ayush found a way, then he will also find a way for Malishka, he will find such a way that directly takes her to her goals without any hurdle. He asks her to meet Rishi and find out what he is up to. Malishka meets Rishi and learns that he has found the culprit. Rishi tells her that he is better than before, but he got to know the name of the culprit, he is hopeful that he will free Lakshmi from the wrong blames. Lakshmi prays for Oberoi family’s name and reputation. Rishi also prays for Lakshmi. He tells the family that he is going to find evidence for Lakshmi’s innocence. Lakshmi is ready to bear anything for the sake of the family. Neelam seems upset that Rishi started feeling for Lakshmi.

Earlier in the show, Lawyer meets the chefs to interrogate them and find out if any stranger had entered the kitchen. Chef tells that Lakshmi has made the food in a proper way. He calls her Lakshmi Bhabhi, because she is Rishi’s wife. He tells that Lakshmi had made such tasty food, they all tasted the food and really liked it. Rishi asks him if they all didn’t fall unwell. Chef tells that everything was good when they tasted the food, maybe something was added later. Rishi tells the lawyer that Lakshmi had made the food right, but something happened there. Ayush learns that a chef Mukesh is missing. A man hears this and thinks to inform Malishka. Rishi tells that everything got spoiled after Lakshmi left the kitchen. Lawyer tells that they have to find out who has done this deliberately. Ayush runs to Rishi. He tells Rishi that he got a big news, there is something fishy. Rishi asks him what is the news.

Bhagya Lakshmi 5th September 2022 Written Update Lakshmi fears:

Malishka tells that she knew it, Rishi will hire a big lawyer to save Lakshmi. She wishes to take Rishi far somewhere. She doesn’t understand what he wants to prove. She tells that Rishi can’t prove Lakshmi innocent. The staff guy gets the news for her, and demands some money in return. He tells her that he has seen Ayush running to Rishi’s cabin, they got to know that Mukesh is missing. She worriedly goes to Rishi. Ayush tells Rishi that their chef Mukesh is missing. Basu tells that Mukesh is the possible suspect, it can be someone’s conspiracy. Rishi gets angered.

Malishka meets him. He tells that she would have got hurt. Ayush asks her why did she come here. She asks Rishi is he okay. He tells that he is okay, he got to know the culprit’s name. She tells that Lakshmi did the mistake unknowingly. He tells that Lakshmi can never do such a mistake, he got to know who did the mistake. She asks him who is it. He tells that a chef is missing, chef Mukesh is behind this conspiracy, he was so trustworthy, but he had done this. She tells that Mukesh has gone to his hometown, he took permission from her, even Neelam knows about this, they can verify this by calling Neelam. Rishi and Ayush get back to square one. Rishi tells Ayush that truth never dies and lie doesn’t stay for long.

Basu tells that they have no proof, Mukesh went to his hometown suddenly, he is still a suspect. He tells them that they need time to get evidence. Ayush tells that the hearing is due tomorrow. Basu tells that there is one way, its quite tough, Rishi has to say yes for it. Malishka thinks Basu is a famous lawyer, he still has a solution for this. On the other hand, Virender feels guilty that Lakshmi is jailed because of him. He tells that he couldn’t do anything for her. She asks him not to say sorry to her. He asks her to have faith, she will get well soon and come back home. She tells that she has total faith on Bappa.

She enquires about the family members. He recalls Neelam asking the family not to go against her for Lakshmi’s sake. Virender tells that the family is waiting for her return. She asks about Neelam, who dislikes her. She tells that she will come back home tomorrow and meet everyone. She worries for his health and safety. He tells that he is okay, she needs to take care of herself. She takes his blessings. Basu tells Rishi that two patients are really serious. He tells that if anything happens to them, then the case can get tough. He tells that they have one way to save Lakshmi, that’s to put the blame on someone else.

Malishka calls it inhumane, risky and illegal. Basu tells that its necessary to buy some time, they will put the blame on Mukesh and defend Lakshmi. Rishi and Ayush agree with him. They want to save Lakshmi at any cost. Rishi gives his consent for this. He tells that he will get Lakshmi out of the jail and keep his promise. Rishi goes to the police station and takes sweets for the inspector. He appears happy that he got a good news. He tells that Lakshmi will get released tomorrow.

Rishi sounds confident that Lakshmi is innocent and will get free tomorrow. He pleases the inspector and asks for a favor to meet Lakshmi. Inspector permits him to meet Lakshmi. Rishi tells that Lakshmi always stays on his mind and thoughts, he just sees her whenever he closes eyes. He adds that when she sees him, she will get a priceless smile, she looks really beautiful when she smiles happily. He thanks the inspector. Constable calls Rishi’s love true. Rishi comes to meet Lakshmi inside the jail. She thinks he didn’t come for real. The ladies laugh seeing their cute love chemistry. Lakshmi tells that she was waiting for him. Rishi gives her the sweets. He asks the ladies to have sweets, because Lakshmi is going home tomorrow.

Lakshmi gets happy. Rishi celebrates the good news in advance. She asks him if the patients are okay. He tells that nothing happened to anyone. She tells him that Virender came to meet her, she felt really happy and got courage. He asks her if she didn’t get happy seeing him. She denies it to tease him. He tells that he won’t come to meet her. She asks him to never come. He turns to leave. She tells that he won’t need to come to meet her in the jail, because he will take her home tomorrow. Malishka knows that Rishi will find a way out and bring Lakshmi home tomorrow. She doesn’t want her plan to fail. Abhay encourages her to not lose. She tells that her fate is defeating her.

She reveals that Rishi and Basu found a way to free Lakshmi. He tells that they will also find a way that gets Malishka reach her goal. She asks if he has some plan. He tells that he will make a plan for sure. He thinks for a while and shares some plan with her. He tells that this time, she will win. She likes the plan. Kiran applauds him for the smart plan. Malishka hugs Abhay. Kiran and Malishka tell him that he is doing a lot for them this time. Abhay tells that he just wants to see his daughter happy. Kiran tells that they both can do anything for their daughter’s happiness. Abhay assures Malishka that he will fix up things. Lakshmi makes prayers for the family. Dadi also prays for Lakshmi, who has become the soul of the family. Rishi also joins the prayers for Lakshmi.

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