Kundali Bhagya Kritika spots Sherlyn 6th September 2022

Kundali Bhagya Kritika spots Sherlyn 6th September 2022

Kundali Bhagya Kritika spots Sherlyn 6th September 2022 Kundali Bhagya episode spoiler – Kritika spots Shirleen Preeta says that she is understanding everything and asks Karan to stop being so smart. She says that he is trying to fulfill his demands by using Kavya. Karan complains to Kavya that Preeta is scolding him. Kavya asks Preeta why is she scolding Mr. Handsome as he is a big boy now. Preeta gets irritated. Kritika sees Shirleen and becomes shocked. Shirleen is busy on her phone and doesn’t notice Kritika. Prithvi gets frightened to see Shirleen walking towards Kritika.

The Kapil Sharma Show episode spoiler – Kapil is back:

Kapil gets up in the hospital and recognizes his father-in-law, Chandu and Gudiya. He asks Bindu who are you sister and she becomes shocked. Everyone informs him that she is his wife. Kapil calls her darling and she goes to hug him. He pushes her and goes to Ghazal. Kapil flirts with her and hugs her. Archana Puran Singh taunts Kapil that he remembers Ghazal’s scooty number but not his wife. He taunts her back by asking her to stop eating the patient’s fruits. Everyone laughs. Kapil offers the apple to Ghazal but Bindu stops him.


Bindiya Sarkar episode spoiler – Megha approaches Abhay:

Megha confronts Abhay for forgetting her and becoming close to Bindiya. He assures her that it is nothing like that. Megha says that he is holding Bindiya’s hands, going closer to her and they might have also slept together. Bindiya comes there and listens to their conversation. Abhay and Megha are shocked to see Bindiya.

Ishq Ki Dastaan Naagmani episode spoiler – Paro brings Peacock feather:

Paro requests everyone to let her bring her idol so that the pooja is complete. Mohini is stunned. Manmohan tries to control Rambha and wraps her face with a shawl. Paro sees the bangle in her hands and wonders who the lady is. She decides to find out. Mohini informs Manmohan that Paro has brought a Peacock feather. He is startled.


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