Udaariyaan Nehmat confronts Fatejo 5th September 2022

Udaariyaan Upcoming Leap Promo 16th September 2022

Udaariyaan Nehmat confronts Fatejo 5th September 2022 Udaariyaan episode spoiler – Nehmat confronts Fatejo: Nehmat cries. Tejo tells her that she is their life and what happened if she didn’t come out of her tummy as a mother and father’s relationship is from heart as they have. Fateh asks Nehmat to hear her mother and father’s heartbeats. She remembers Jasmine’s words and runs away in anger. Tejo asks Nehmat why is she speaking like this and Fateh asks her who told her about all this. She says that Naaz’s mother told her that they have been lying to her that they are her real parents. Tejo and Fateh are stunned.

Naagin S06 episode spoiler – Shakti kidnaps Anmol:

Rishabh confronts Shakti for making his life poisonous. He tells him that even if he belongs to the same family he is a killer. He asks him how did he dare to kill his other daughter and set a dirty eye on his love Pratha. Shakti threatens to kill Anmol and everyone is stunned. Katha gets a dream that her daughter has turned into a Naagin after 21 years. She gets up in shock.


Yeh Hai Chahatein episode spoiler – Pihu catches Vidyut:

Rudraksh opens Armaan’s safe locker and says that he must have kept the medicines here only. Pihu asks the man to show him the footage of the green room on the day of competition. She sees Vidyut mixing something in the footage. She is left stunned. Preesha enters the room and asks what is going on here. Rudraksh, Saransh and Ruhi get frightened.


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