Kundali Bhagya 7th September 2022 Written Update Arjun is Karan

Kundali Bhagya 7th September 2022 Written Update Arjun is Karan

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Kundali Bhagya 7th September 2022 Written Update Arjun is Karan Shrishti overhears Rakhi and Mahesh’s conversation. Rakhi emotionally tells Mahesh that her heart is repeatedly telling her that Arjun isn’t Arjun, but her Karan. She tells him that she is Karan’s mother and she is sure that Arjun is Karan. Mahesh also feels the same. Shrishti gets worried. Kavya asks Rishabh about the meaning of Kundali. Karan answers it well that Kundali represents their Bhagya, their fate, which they can never change. Rishabh smiles hearing his words. He also feels Karan and Arjun’s resemblance, and it gives him utmost pleasure to find someone who can fill Karan’s place in their lives.

Prithvi gets worried seeing both of them coming face to face. He asks his friend to save him. He pushes him towards Kritika. He hides Sherlyn till then. Kritika asks the guy how did he fall. He tells that he just slipped. He tells her that he has seen somewhere just now. She tells that there is no one around. He tells that its an aura.

She tells that she had seen Sherlyn, she hates Sherlyn a lot, his theory won’t work here, why would she see someone she hates the most. He tells that love and hatred are strong emotions, they visualize the people they love and hate, the mind creates such illusions. He asks Kritika to accept it. Kritika tells that Sherlyn might have got hidden. Kavya asks Preeta to get her favorite food, she is feeling hungry. Preeta goes to make it. Karan knows that Rishabh questioned about his family. He isn’t able to tell him that he is with his family. He loves Preeta and hates her too.

Kundali Bhagya 7th September 2022 Written Update Arjun is Karan:

Kritika tells that Sherlyn might have hidden somewhere. Prithvi’s friend misleads her. Kritika goes to have Bappa’s darshan to bring her mind at peace. Sherlyn gets angered. Prithvi stops her. Rakhi recalls Arjun and Karan’s words. She feels they resemble each other so much like they are one. Rakhi prays to Bappa and cries. Mahesh finds her disturbed. He asks her what’s bothering her. She tells that her Karan has come, she got her son back. Mahesh asks her what is she saying, is she okay. Shrishti hears them. Rakhi tells Mahesh that she told Arjun about her headache, Arjun went and got tea for her, he told the exactly same words that Karan used to tell her. She adds that Arjun spoke the same words, her heart feels that Arjun isn’t Arjun, but her Karan. Mahesh grows worried.

He also feels the same and recalls Arjun’s strange behavior. Rakhi tells that Arjun is their Karan. Mahesh doesn’t want to jump to any conclusion so soon. He tells that he understands her feelings, even he feels this sometimes that Arjun is Karan, but they can’t deny the truth, Arjun has his own identity, own family and background. He asks Rakhi not to deny the facts. Rakhi doesn’t listen to him. She believes that Arjun is Karan. Mahesh goes after Rakhi to explain her. Sherlyn tells Prithvi that she wanted to beat Kritika. He asks her to keep her class. He reminds her class and attitude. He tells that she has changed a lot. She hurts him by twisting his hand. She tells that every action has an own reaction. He tells that he doesn’t want to study physics, so she shouldn’t become his teacher. She tells that he will reap the results of his deeds.

She regrets that she lost everything in her life because of Prithvi. He apologizes and promises her that he will return everything she lost. He knows she loves him a lot. He asks her to give him some time. He hugs her. He asks her to stay hidden until he finds Arjun and gets the money from him. He tells that they won’t stay in the chawl. Kavya asks Arjun what is he thinking. Karan tells that he has nothing to say. Rishabh asks him not to get serious, they are friends and now business partners. He asks Arjun to share about his family members. He tells that he would have found his Kundali if he was staying in the same city. Kavya asks what’s Kundali. Karan tells that Kundali means their fate, which they can’t change.

Rishabh asks about his family. Anjali reaches them. She tells that Arjun is secretive about his family. She tells Rishabh that Arjun is from London, he has won many business awards. Rishabh asks about Arjun’s family, because his identity is because of his family. Anjali asks him to know that later, and come with her for an important talk. She tells that she wants to discuss the contract. She takes Rishabh along. Kavya asks Arjun about his parents. Karan tells that his parents are the world’s best parents, they love him so much even if he isn’t with them. She asks him how do they look. Karan tells that his parents and entire family look like her. She asks him is he joking. Mahesh asks Rakhi to listen.

Rakhi tells that he isn’t ready to accept that Arjun is Karan. Mahesh consoles her. Rakhi tells that she is very sure, Arjun is her Karan, she isn’t mad to call anyone her son, her heart is certifying this again and again, she can feel it that Arjun is her son. Mahesh tells that he understands her feelings for Karan, she always finds Karan around, but Arjun isn’t Karan. He admits that Arjun behaves like Karan, but he is a different person, he isn’t Karan. She asks him if he never felt the same for a moment. Mahesh tells that he won’t lie to Rakhi.

He admits that even he felt the same, Arjun is their Karan, especially when Arjun asked him for the golden pen. He tells that if Arjun was their Karan, then he would have come to them, he has no motive to hide the truth. Shrishti tells Rakhi that she feels the same, but if Arjun was Karan, then he would have told them about his identity. Rakhi tells that Arjun is Karan. Guests come there to talk to them. Preeta finds Kavya and Karan hiding their secret. She asks Karan not to come between Kavya and her. He calls her rude. Kavya asks her not to talk rudely to her friend.

Preeta refuses to give Kavya her favorite fruit, apples. Karan asks for an apple slice, because he is feeling hungry. Kavya takes the apples plate from Preeta. She tells Karan that she doesn’t share the apples with anyone. Preeta tells that Kavya doesn’t share her favorite things. Kavya calls her baby doll. Preeta gets reminded of Karan. Karan watches Preeta’s changed expressions. Preeta goes away. Kavya tells that Preeta gets upset when she calls her baby doll. Karan asks Kavya is she okay. Kavya tells that she isn’t scared of any wound, she will become a big cricketer one day, she will soon become famous and have many fans. Karan finds Kavya just like him.

Kavya plays with a cricket ball. She asks Anjali not to touch the ball. Anjali tells that she was offering help. Kavya asks her not to help her, its her favorite ball, because it belongs to Karan Luthra. Anjali asks her what does Preeta tell her about Karan. Kavya tells that she doesn’t talk to strangers. She compliments Anjali and goes. Anjali finds much attitude in her. She tells that Kavya is naughty, but sweet.

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