Bhagya Lakshmi 8th September 2022 Written Update Shock for Rishi

Bhagya Lakshmi 8th September 2022 Written Update Shock for Rishi

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Bhagya Lakshmi 8th September 2022 Written Update Shock for Rishi Basu tells the judge that chef Mukesh and the other chefs have prepared the food. Chef Mukesh is brought to the court. Mukesh tells that Lakshmi has done everything, they have prepared the dishes on Lakshmi’s saying, she has supervised the cooking. Rishi gets worried when Mukesh blames Lakshmi. Neelam finds Rishi restless. She asks Rishi can’t he tolerate Lakshmi’s truth, or is he feeling bad seeing Lakshmi proved as a culprit. She asks does he not want to see Lakshmi getting punished. Rishi makes a leave from the court, getting speechless. Lakshmi finds Rishi leaving. Shalu spots Balwinder outside the court room. She doesn’t identify him. Balwinder rushes away to save himself. Will Lakshmi’s innocence gets proved? Keep reading.

Earlier in the show, Neelam tells that a culprit always does a mistake. Malishka tells her that nobody can save Lakshmi now. Lakshmi’s family grows worried for her. Basu gets angry on Lakshmi. Rishi and Virender ask him not to say anything to Lakshmi. Basu reminds him their plan of action. Virender tells that its not Lakshmi’s mistake, she is true, she can’t lie, or think anything wrong about others. He tells Basu that Lakshmi can’t lie in the court. Basu tells that they have to lie to make the truth win. He warns Rishi and Lakshmi. He tells that he knows to fight a case and win, they aren’t aware of the legal battles. He asks them to let him do this if they want to win the case, else Virender can hire any other lawyer.

Bhagya Lakshmi 8th September 2022 Written Update Shock for Rishi:

Ayush tells Shalu that Lakshmi should have lied. She tells that she can’t lie to trouble others. He tells that it wasn’t a lie, they could have got some time. She tells that Lakshmi can cause harm to her future, but not to others. She gets scared. He tells that Lakshmi didn’t do anything wrong, they all are with her, even Rishi is with her, he will not let Lakshmi suffer, he loves Lakshmi a lot. He hugs Shalu with love. Bani finds them into a moment. Ayush notices Bani around. He consoles her also. Rishi asks Lakshmi what is she thinking. She asks him if he is also upset that she told the truth.

He tells that he is really proud of her. He asks her not to think of the lie, just say the half-truth and prove her innocence, because she didn’t prepare anything that could poison anyone. He wants her to always support the truth. He tells that he will prove her innocent and take her home. He promises her. Meanwhile, Virender tells Basu that Lakshmi is a true person, she can never lie, that’s why people can’t stand her. He asks Basu is this right to leave her side. He tells that Lakshmi spoke the truth knowing the risks. Basu tells that he wants to win the case, goodness doesn’t matter in the court, they have to present the evidences. Virender asks him to think from his heart and decide if he will fight the case or not.

Basu asks Lakshmi not to say anything wrong, its for her betterment. Lakshmi goes with the police. Rishi tells that they have to blame the missing chef and save Lakshmi. Basu tells that they will buy some time, until the police finds that chef, then they can find out more details. He tells them that they will find some other way if they get some time. Virender thanks Basu. Virender finds Shalu and Bani upset. Shalu apologizes to him for her words. He tells that she spoke to defend her sister.

She tells that she should have been careful. He apologizes that he couldn’t stop Lakshmi’s arrest. They ask him if he will help Lakshmi. He promises that Lakshmi will go home with them. They hug him. Ayush knows its not going to be easy for Lakshmi to win this battle. Neelam and Karishma ask Dadi to have food if she is feeling hungry. Dadi tells that she will have the food prepared by Lakshmi, when they all go home. Dadi doesn’t want to hear any conspiracies from them.

Neelam goes with Dadi. Kiran tells Karishma that she will throw a party today when they get rid of Lakshmi. Ahana tells that she will party when Lakshmi comes home. Sonia tells that Lakshmi won’t return home, and Rishi will marry Malishka. Malishka dreams of marrying Rishi. Balwinder asks her to face the reality, Lakshmi is still a hurdle for her. She tells that Lakshmi accepted her mistake, that she cooked the food. He pities Lakshmi. She tells that he shouldn’t pity Lakshmi, who is really cunning. He asks her to pay some money. He tells hat Lakshmi has something special, so everyone is mad about her. She agrees to him. She tells that Lakshmi traps everyone by acting charming. He asks her next plan.

They see Virender and hide. Shalu sees Balwinder and follows him. Balwinder hides from Shalu. He comes into the sight of the police. The court hearing begins after the break. Amod asks the judge to punish Lakshmi, since she has confessed her crime. Basu tells that its not proved that she has added the poison, she is a simple girl with a good heart, she is true, she didn’t lie to save herself, she can’t blame anyone, she can take someone’s blame on herself, she is so true, she can’t trouble anyone. He tells that she has taken the blame on herself.

Basu tells Amod that Lakshmi made the food well, but someone else added the poison in the food. He adds that Lakshmi isn’t responsible for it. He shocks Balwinder and Malishka by saying the culprit is also here. Amod asks where is the culprit. Basu tells that he knows about the culprit. Amod asks him not to waste time. He asks Basu to get evidences to support Lakshmi. Basu asks judge to grant some time. Amod tells that two people are still critical. Basu tells that they suspect a chef, who is missing since that day. Judge asks him who is that person. Basu tells that he just got to know this lead. He asks judge to get that chef’s testimony, then the judgement can be clear. He wants the police to find the chef.

Mukesh makes an entry in the court. This becomes a big shock for everyone. Rishi tells that Mukesh has come, it means he isn’t the culprit. He wants to see if Mukesh speaks in Lakshmi’s favor or against her. Amod questions Mukesh. Mukesh tells that he had prepared the food with the other chefs. Ayush is sure that he will save Lakshmi. Basu tells that the chefs had made the food, it means Lakshmi is innocent. Mukesh tells that Lakshmi has done everything.

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