Bhagya Lakshmi 9th September 2022 Written Update Jail twist

Bhagya Lakshmi 9th September 2022 Written Update Jail twist

Bhagya Lakshmi 9th September 2022 Written Update Jail twist Rishi can’t see Lakshmi getting blamed by chef Mukesh. Neelam finds Rishi leaving. She asks him doesn’t he like to see Lakshmi’s truth getting revealed, or is he feeling upset that Lakshmi is proved guilty of the crime. Rishi goes out. Ayush follows to stop him. Rishi is much upset. He tells Ayush that he won’t let Lakshmi get jailed, he will save her anyhow by hook or by crook. Malishka overhears them. Ayush supports Rishi. She tells that Rishi told he will save Lakshmi, but he can’t do this, because she has left no option for him. Kiran tells Malishka that Basu got failed, he couldn’t do anything to save Lakshmi, now the judge will punish Lakshmi. Malishka gets glad. Rishi leaves from the court in search of some help. How will he help Lakshmi and save her from jail? Keep reading.

Earlier in the show, Basu asks judge to grant some time. Amod tells that two people are still critical. Basu tells that they suspect a chef, who is missing since that day. Judge asks him who is that person. Basu tells that he just got to know this lead. He asks judge to get that chef’s testimony, then the judgement can be clear. He wants the police to find the chef.

Mukesh makes an entry in the court. This becomes a big shock for everyone. Rishi tells that Mukesh has come, it means he isn’t the culprit. He wants to see if Mukesh speaks in Lakshmi’s favor or against her. Amod questions Mukesh. Mukesh tells that he had prepared the food with the other chefs. Ayush is sure that he will save Lakshmi. Basu tells that the chefs had made the food, it means Lakshmi is innocent. Mukesh tells that Lakshmi has done everything.


Basu asks Mukesh did he follow Lakshmi’s instructions, who did she ask to add the poison. Mukesh tells that he doesn’t know anything. He answers Basu with confidence and lies in the court. Mukesh tells that he has come back to give the statement and bring the truth out. Amod tells that Lakshmi had prepared the faulty food, it was poisoned, and two people are still battling for their lives. Neelam asks Rishi can’t he tolerate Lakshmi’s truth, doesn’t he want to see her getting punished. Lakshmi signs Ayush to go after Rishi. Amod tells that Lakshmi isn’t innocent. Basu tells that Lakshmi didn’t confess any crime, there is no proper evidence. He argues with Amod to defend his client.

Abhay recalls bribing Mukesh by paying him a hefty amount. Abhay and Malishka ask Mukesh to tell the court that Lakshmi is the culprit. Mukesh tells that someone else also came to the court. Malishka and Abhay threaten Mukesh and ask him to think, what he wants, money or jail. Mukesh accepts their offer. Malishka doesn’t want to give any chance to Lakshmi. Shalu pacifies Lakshmi. Malishka tells that nobody can save Lakshmi. Rishi tells Ayush that Lakshmi is innocent, he can’t see her in trouble. Ayush pacifies him. Malishka overhears them. She feels bad that she is giving pain to Rishi.

Rishi tells that he won’t let Lakshmi go to jail, he has promised her that he will take her home. Rishi remembers Lakshmi’s words. He knows she trusts him a lot. Ayush loves Rishi’s goodness. He is sure that Rishi’s love will protect Lakshmi. Malishka doesn’t want Rishi to win his goal. Amod tells that Lakshmi is guilty, she has risked many lives. Basu tells that Amod can’t decide the verdict, there is no such proof against Lakshmi. Virender and Neelam ask Dadi to go home. Dadi wants to be with Lakshmi. He promises that they will get Lakshmi with them. Neelam asks Ahana to take Dadi home.

Amod tells that Lakshmi has added the poison in the food. He wants Lakshmi to get strict punishment. Basu tells that he has nothing more to say. Balwinder is happy that Lakshmi is getting punished. Kiran tells Malishka that Rishi can’t save Lakshmi. Uday tells the reporter that Neelam’s pride will shatter when her bahu gets punished. Lakshmi has faith that Rishi will save her. Rishi stops the judge. He apologizes. He tells that he is Lakshmi’s husband. He holds Lakshmi’s hand. Balwinder tells that it’s the last time.

Rishi tells that he has promised to take Lakshmi home. Amod asks Rishi to say what he wants to say. Neelam doesn’t want Rishi to say anything. Virender supports Rishi. Rishi tells that he wants to say the truth, Lakshmi didn’t do anything. He wants the judge to decide. He tells that everyone should know the truth. He shares about his company and losses. He tells that they have started cost cutting by shutting down two branches of the hotel. Amod asks him not to tell the story. Judge asks Rishi to just say what’s important. Malishka asks if Rishi has gone mad. Neelam tells that Rishi is saving the hotel and family respect. Malishka gets stressed. Ahana finds a goon following her. The goon arrives to free Monish. Ahana wishes the goon doesn’t do anything wrong in the court.

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