Bhagya Lakshmi 10th September 2022 Written Update Daring Lakshmi

Bhagya Lakshmi 10th September 2022 Written Update Daring Lakshmi

Bhagya Lakshmi 10th September 2022 Written Update Daring Lakshmi Rishi and Oberois are left in shock when Monish and the goons attack the people present in the court. Monish shoots at them. Neelam falls down. Rishi, Virender and family worry for Neelam. Lakshmi comes in front of the goon who aims a gun at Neelam. She gets at gun point to protect Neelam. The goon asks Lakshmi to explain her mother-in-law, who is a disgusting woman. Lakshmi asks him to mind his tongue. Monish enjoys the drama, and likes Lakshmi’s dare. The goon threatens her and points the gun at her. Rishi grows panicking for his mom and wife. The chaos gets created in the court. The onlookers record a video seeing Lakshmi’s daringness. Will Neelam’s perception about Lakshmi change after this incident? Keep reading.

Earlier in the show, Rishi tells that he has promised to take Lakshmi home. Amod asks Rishi to say what he wants to say. Neelam doesn’t want Rishi to say anything. Virender supports Rishi. Rishi tells that he wants to say the truth, Lakshmi didn’t do anything. He wants the judge to decide. He tells that everyone should know the truth. He shares about his company and losses. He tells that they have started cost cutting by shutting down two branches of the hotel. Amod asks him not to tell the story. Judge asks Rishi to just say what’s important. Malishka asks if Rishi has gone mad. Neelam tells that Rishi is saving the hotel and family respect. Malishka gets stressed. Ahana finds a goon following her. The goon arrives to free Monish. Ahana wishes the goon doesn’t do anything wrong in the court.

Bhagya Lakshmi 10th September 2022 Written Update Daring Lakshmi:


Monish’s goons come to secure him and fight with the police. The goons free Monish from the chains. Monish threatens the inspector. Judge hears the gun shot. There is chaos in the court. Monish tells that he will kill many people if the police goes against him. He commands the police to put the guns down. He finds an inspector hiding behind the table and shooting at him. Rishi gets scared for Lakshmi and reaches her. The shootout goes on. Monish finally kills the Inspector. He orders his goons to take the policemen to the court room and lock them there. Inspector informs the judge about the terrorists attack at the court.

He calls the team to get the backup. Rishi tells that there is no network in anyone’s phone. He asks him how can this happen, that nobody is getting network. Inspector tells that the terrorists would have installed network jammers there. He tells the judge that he has to take him outside first and protect him. The judge refuses to leave the common people in danger and secure himself. He wants to help them in vacating the place. Uday is also there and plans to have a live coverage of the terrorists attack. Neelam wonders how can this happen.

Ahana tells that she had seen the goons outside. Rishi asks them to keep courage and try to help others also. The terrorists reach there, and get everyone at gun point. It becomes a panicking situation for them. The people try to run away. Neelam gets a jerk and falls down. The goon gets her at the gun point. Rishi and family worry for Neelam. Neelam tells that she wasn’t running away, but fell down. The goon insults her. Lakshmi comes in front of Neelam to protect her. She takes a strong stand for Neelam and asks them to back off, without thinking of harming Neelam. Monish sits to enjoy the family drama. Malishka asks Kiran what is Lakshmi doing. Kiran tells that Neelam can melt her heart for Lakshmi. Lakshmi rebukes the goon who speaks bad about Neelam. The goon laughs at Lakshmi. Uday records the ongoing.

Rishi and Ayush get angry when the goon threatens of killing Lakshmi and Neeam. Monish asks his goon Balram to decide and kill one of them. Balram chooses Lakshmi as his prey. Lakshmi isn’t scared for her life. Rishi appears shocked and helpless. Inspector tries to save Lakshmi, but in vain. Goon asks him to keep sitting behind, else he will lose his life. Balwinder feels he is also stuck. He asks Kiran and Malishka to save their lives. Malishka tells Neelam that Lakshmi pushed her to create this drama. She takes Neelam behind and acts of securing her. Rishi and Ayush see a gun fallen there. Rishi asks Ayush to cover up, until he does something. He picks the gun and points the gun at Balram, asking him to leave Lakshmi.

Balram laughs at Rishi. He tells that Rishi is brave to threaten a terrorist. He asks Rishi who is Lakshmi that he wants to die for her. Rishi tells that Lakshmi is his wife. Monish gives him a chance to shoot and save Lakshmi. He tells that if Balram gets shot, then Rishi will be shot next. The goons threaten Rishi. Ayush tells Shalu that everything will get fine. Ayush goes in front to protect Rishi. Lakshmi and family stop Ayush from his kiddish mistake. Virender apologizes to the goons and asks them to let his family go. Monish tells that the entire family will get killed. Monish asks Rishi to show how daring he is.

Lakshmi asks Rishi not to do this for her. Rishi tells that he can’t see anyone doing wrong with her, he can’t tolerate this. Monish finds their love true and takes their love test. Ayush and Lakshmi somehow try to save Rishi. Rishi realizes that Monish is the chief terrorist. He leaves Balram and points the gun at Monish. He threatens Monish. Ayush asks Inspector to come and take the weapons from the goons. Monish tells that Rishi has courage, but to no avail, nothing can save him now. Rishi takes his challenge. The media reaches there. Monish’s goons are also guarding at the door. They stop the people from escaping.

Monish and his goons take charge once again. Monish asks Rishi to just prove his word and shoot him. Rishi tells Monish that he just wants a chance to shoot a terrorist like him, he will shoot him and kill him right away. Balram catches Lakshmi at gunpoint again. Monish bashes Rishi. Lakshmi cries for Rishi. ACP reaches there. Reporters ask ACP about Monish’s attack. ACP tells that he will not spare the terrorists. He makes a promise of protecting the city from the terrorists. The family cries seeing Monish beat up Rishi. Lakshmi begs Monish and asks him to spare Rishi. Rishi tells that he is okay. The goons take away Rishi. Malishka cries in fear that Rishi will get saved or not.

Monish tells that his men will now torture Rishi to settle the scores. ACP tells that he is responsible for securing Oberoi family, who is also taken as hostage by the terrorists. Dadi gets this news. She gets scared for their lives. Monish tells that they will give a surprise gift to Rishi. Lakshmi asks what do they mean. The judge gets into an argument with Monish. He tells the crimes done by Monish. He remembers the hearing when he punished Monish for his crimes. Monish tells that he will take revenge. The judge isn’t scared of him. Monish tells that he will spread his terror by blasting this court. Rishi tells that Monish or anyone else can’t decide about the people’s lives. Monish promises to terrify Rishi.

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