Kundali Bhagya 9th September 2022 Written Update Dance Challenge

Kundali Bhagya 9th September 2022 Written Update Dance Challenge

Kundali Bhagya 9th September 2022 Written Update Dance Challenge Preeta stamps Arjun’s feet when she feels he is behaving like Arjun. They have a fight in front of everyone. Karan tells that Preeta stamped his feet. Preeta tells that he can’t dance well. He tells that she can’t dance well. Shrishti tells that Preeta is a good dancer, she can’t stamp anyone’s feet. Sameer tells that even Arjun is a good dancer. Rakhi tells that they will have a competition round. Karan tells that its not needed. Shrishti asks if he got scared. Mahesh and Sameer ask Arjun to take the challenge. Arjun and Preeta challenge each other for dance. Karan doesn’t want to lose. Rakhi announces boys versus girls competition.

Karan and Preeta give each other a tough competition. Karan forgets his revenge and feels love for Preeta again. Anjali grows worried for Arjun. She is jealous seeing Arjun bonding with Preeta. She rebukes Arjun for saying something and doing something else. She tells that he talks of hating Preeta, but he loves her. She tells that she has no problem, but she doesn’t want to tolerate his double standards. She asks him why did he bash up Prithvi when the latter told bad about Preeta. Karan asks her why is she yelling at him, like she is jealous of Preeta. She admits that she cares for him, she is afraid of losing him, she is jealous and insecure. Anjali has started to like Arjun. She doesn’t want Arjun to go close to Preeta. Keep reading.


Earlier in the show, Preeta asks Arjun to not joke. Karan jokes on her and calls her a fighter cock. He laughs. Preeta gets upset. Sameer tells that he will call Arjun for dance to please Bappa. Preeta asks him not to call Arjun. Rakhi asks them to call Arjun and dance. Karan asks Janki not to take Preeta’s side. Sameer asks Arjun to come and rock the dance floor. Karan refuses. The DJ plays a romantic song. Kareena takes Rishabh and Preeta for dance. Rishabh gets glad thinking Preeta wanted him by her side. They both dance romantically. Karan gets jealous. He dances with Anjali. Sherlyn and Prithvi keep an eye on Luthras. He tells that he just loves Sherlyn. Sherlyn gets pleased, that he isn’t seeing Preeta and Kritika. Karan dances with Preeta. Preeta stamps his feet in anger. Rishabh asks Arjun what happened to him.

Kundali Bhagya 9th September 2022 Written Update Dance Challenge:

Preeta stamps Arjun’s foot. Rishabh and Rakhi ask what happened to Arjun. Preeta asks Arjun not to make excuses when he can’t dance properly. Karan tells that she stamped his foot. Shrishti defends Preeta, while Sameer defends Arjun. Rakhi calms down the chaos. She asks Preeta and Arjun not to fight, else they can’t know who is a better idea. She tells that they can keep a dance competition, girls versus boys, whoever dances well will prove it. Rishabh and Karan tell that its not necessary.

Rakhi asks did they get scared. Mahesh tells that they aren’t scared. Rakhi announces the competition. The boys and girls have a dance competition to prove who are the best. The family enjoys the dance. Sherlyn gets angry seeing Prithvi dancing with Kritika. She takes Prithvi to some room. She confronts his feelings for her. He tells that he just loves her. She pulls his fake beard. She tells that she shouldn’t see anything seriously, what they see aren’t the truth always. She tells him that Luthras madly love Arjun, Arjun just pretends of loving Luthras, he has a true intention, he wants to destroy Luthras. He asks Sherlyn to understand him and just go away, trust him that he has come here with a motive.

He doesn’t want her to doubt him. He tells that he can’t waste his time, just Sherlyn matters to him, she doesn’t need to grow jealous. She tells that she can help him if she stays back. She hears someone coming. He asks her to hide. She runs away from there. He asks her to help him too. Kritika reaches there and catches Prithvi. She asks him if he got the face reader to fool her. He tries to charm her and fool her. She tells that she will tell the entire family that he has entered the house to fool them, he won’t get saved this time. He stops her by using the weapon of love. He tells I love you to Kritika and stops her.

He emotionally influences her. He begins the charming lovey-dovey talks and admits that he still loves her. Sherlyn angrily hits Kritika’s head on the cupboard. Kritika faints down. Prithvi gets relieved that he is safe. Sherlyn apologizes to him. She tells that she can’t see him saying I love you to anyone, she feels jealous. He tells that he is really proud of her. He tells that he will handle Kritika. Sherlyn asks him to call her for help. He asks her to be safe. They have a hug. Sherlyn rushes out of the room. Karan finds Mahesh talking to the other ladies. He goes to tell Rakhi about Mahesh, so that she scolds him. He reaches Rakhi. He finds Kavya complaining about Mahesh. Rakhi goes to scold Mahesh.

Preeta asks Kavya why is she doing this. Karan finds Kavya behaving just like him. Mahesh apologizes to Rakhi. He tells Rakhi that he was just talking to the ladies. Rakhi asks him if Kavya is lying. Preeta apologizes to him from Kavya’s side. Mahesh tells that they all know Kavya is naughty, but Rakhi should understand. Karan also complains about Mahesh to Rakhi. Mahesh asks Arjun not to act like Karan. Rakhi gets to see another aspect of Karan and Arjun’s similarity.

Rakhi tells Kavya that everything is okay. Kavya asks her to scold Mahesh. Preeta tells that its enough. Mahesh tells that he has apologized already. Kavya tells that she just started to enjoy the scolding. Mahesh and Rakhi get away. Preeta attends the guests. Kavya asks Karan to play hide and seek with her. She goes away to hide. Mahesh asks Rakhi not to think of this again, Arjun isn’t like Karan. Rakhi tells that her heart feels Arjun is Karan. Mahesh asks her not to overthink. Karan feels much disturbed recalling Kavya, who is just his photocopy. Kavya asks him if he saw her hiding. He tells that he didn’t see her. She calls him sweet. She tell that she will go and hide, he should find her. Karan hugs her. She goes to hide.

Anjali asks Arjun to listen to her. She finds him gone. She has to tell him about Prithvi. Karan reaches Preeta and Rishabh’s room again to find Kavya’s birth certificate. He wants to remember that he hates Preeta, he isn’t a blind lover, but a smart man who wants revenge. Preeta reaches her room. Karan hides from her. She thinks she has come for makeup touch-up. She struggles to tie the string of her blouse. She calls Shrishti to take help. Shrishti tells that she is away. Karan recalls their similar moment. Preeta doesn’t understand why tying the string is an impossible task. Karan reaches to help her. She gets angry seeing him. He draws her close and ties the string. She angrily slaps him. Karan wakes up from his dream.

Rishabh walks into the room. Prithvi hides again. Karan picks the fallen paper. Rishabh takes it from him and asks him what is he doing in his room. Karan tells that he was just trying to pick the paper. Rishabh tells that it’s Kavya’s birth certificate. Karan asks if he can see it. Rishabh tells that it’s a personal thing, the certificate should be in the locker. Karan apologizes and leaves. Prithvi feels Arjun as a connection with Luthras. Preeta looks for Rakhi and Kavya. Kavya shouts for help. Anjali asks Arjun where was he till now. Karan tells that he is getting a strange feeling, he is worried for Kavya. She asks him if he knows about Prithvi. He tells that Prithvi met him, he showed the video, he is blackmailing him for money now, Prithvi was in the police station that time. Biji hears this and asks Arjun how does he know Prithvi. Karan gets tensed to answer her.

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