Pandya Store 10th September 2022 Upcoming Suman’s birthday

Pandya Store 10th September 2022 Upcoming Suman's birthday

Pandya Store 10th September 2022 Upcoming Suman’s birthday Suman is much upset that the family doesn’t remember her birthday. Rishita and Shweta get against each other. Shweta tries to ignite a new fire to create a family feud, but the entire family stands by Rishita, leaving Shweta shocked. Rishita is really proud that her family is supporting her so much while she is dealing with the post pregnancy depression. Shweta tries to get rid of Chiku’s responsibility and handover Chiku to Dhara, but the latter doesn’t accept Chiku’s duties. Dhara tells that she will deny the duties from now, because Shweta has to learn handling her baby. Dhara’s outright behavior makes Shweta take a big step. Shweta learns about the Pandyas planning Suman’s birthday.

She plans Chiku’s kidnapping with the help of her friend. Pandyas plan a surprise party for Suman’s sweet 60 birthday. The family surprises Suman by throwing a huge party for her. Suman grows really happy. She tells that she didn’t expect a surprise party, but she was sure that her children can never forget her sweet 60 happy birthday. Suman hugs her children. The family brings a cake and further surprise Suman. Suman sees the sweet 60 written on it, and gets cutely talking.

After the cake cutting, another surprise awaits Suman. Gautam gifts a gold chain to Suman. The entire family gives gifts to Suman. Suman is really happy. Shweta plans to put Chiku in trouble. She feels sorry, but wants to move on in her life without a child’s baggage. She wants to prove that Chiku will be safe, secure and happy with Dhara. Shweta and her friend plan to disappear Chiku, and shock the Pandya family. How will Dhara find the missing Chiku? Will Rishita expose Shweta by using the installed CCTV cameras? Keep reading.


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