Udaariyaan 13th September 2022 New Leap Promo

Udaariyaan Upcoming Leap Promo 16th September 2022

Udaariyaan 13th September 2022 New Leap Promo Udaariyaan episode spoiler – Naaz-Nehmat leap promo Tejo and Fateh dance and celebrate their memories of love. Suddenly a sad turn comes as Tejo sings that even if they both are dead their love will remain immortal. Fatejo make a heart with their hand. Naaz and Nehmat are seen jumping around holding their hands. They grow big as a new chapter begins with Naaz aur Nehmat Ki Udaariyaan.

Anandibaa Aur Emily episode spoiler – Gunjan terrifies Anandibaa:

Pinky becomes a scarecrow. Gunjan asks her to scare away the crows properly as Anandibaa is standing downstairs with the food and no crow should come here. Anandibaa wonders why is Baa not coming to eat the food in a crow’s disguise. She asks Gunjan for help and she asks Moti Baa to give a clue. Pinky breaks Aarav and Emily’s marriage photo. Gunjan says that Moti Baa’s soul is angry as Aarav married a foreigner. Anandibaa is astonished.


Spy Bahu episode spoiler – Sejal tricks Veera:

Sejal joins hands with Tanahji disguised as a priest. She takes Veera at the tip of the gallery so that she can pour the water from the pot. Sejal pushes her wheel chair a little more and Veera keeps her feet on the floor. Mahira feels scared. Veera’s chair falls down and she stands on her feet. Sejal pretends to feel stunned. Yohan tells Veera that she is standing on her feet. Veera acts surprised.

Rajjo episode spoiler – Madhu insults Pushkar:

Madhu tells Pushkar that she respects him a lot but he doesn’t have a right to make decisions for Arjun as only she has the right to do it as a mother. He is stunned. Rajjo asks her to scold her how much ever she wants but requests her not to make Arjun cry. Madhu informs Rajjo that she knows her son better than her. She declares that she wants Rajjo to leave the house immediately.

Yeh Hai Chahatein episode spoiler – Rusha’s love confession:
Raj informs Pihu that K Music record company has selected them for their next album. Pihu and Preesha feel happy. He tells her about a launch party organized by them. Pihu and Preesha reach the party. Sharda realizes that Preesha is feeling nostalgic. Armaan asks Digvijay to keep Rudraksh away from Preesha. Rudraksh sings a song and dances with Preesha. Rudraksh and Preesha confess their love for each other.


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