Udaariyaan 14th September 2022 Written Update New Jasmin

Udaariyaan 14th September 2022 Written Update New Jasmin

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Udaariyaan 14th September 2022 Written Update New Jasmin Fateh and Tejo really feel sad that Naaz had nothing good in her life. Rupy surprises Naaz by showing a new cycle. Naaz tells that its not her birthday. Tejo tells that they will celebrate her real birthday later. Tejo and Fateh gift her the cycle and encourage her to ride the cycle without any fear. Naaz is scared that Jasmin will scold her for asking for a cycle. Fateh tells that she didn’t ask for it, they got it by their wish. Tejo tells Naaz that she will get anything Naaz wants. Naaz recalls Jasmin’s magic trick, to never ask for anyone and just express the wish. Fateh teaches her riding the cycle. Naaz likes it a lot. Tejo worries when Naaz compares her cycle with Nehmat’s cycle. She doesn’t want Nehmat to feel bad.

Naaz tells Nehmat that her cycle is better. Nehmat is happy for Naaz. Mallika hinders their bonding. Nehmat can’t upset her best friend. Fateh finds Naaz upset. Naaz tells that Nehmat has gone to play with her best friend. He asks her to come home and play with Nehmat. Naaz tells that Mallika doesn’t like their bonding. She complains about Mallika, who was brainwashing Nehmat against her. Fateh grows worried. Naaz overhears Abhiraj and his wife’s talk. She learns that Nehmat is also Jasmin’s daughter, but Tejo and Fateh have raised her. Naaz gets angered that Jasmin didn’t leave her in a big house. She badly sobs. Tejo is worried for Naaz’s emotions.

Fateh also wants to do something to end Naaz’s insecurities. He doesn’t want Naaz to choose a wrong path to get success. He tells that they have to build her self-confidence. Tejo likes his idea. She tells that they can give much love to Naaz. He tells that they can adopt Naaz and raise her. He adds that they shall go and ask Nehmat if she wants Naaz in their family. Naaz is insecure that Jasmin left her. Jasmin feels sorry to leave Naaz. She wants Naaz to live a secured life. She doesn’t wish Naaz to make mistakes like she did. She is sure that Naaz will never do anything wrong.

Nehmat seems ready to accept Naaz. Fateh and Tejo like her positive side. Tejo tells that Nehmat is taking care of Naaz. Fateh doesn’t want Nehmat to become another Tejo and compromise on her happiness for her sister. He tells that Jasmin always snatched things from Tejo. He doesn’t want the history to repeat. Tejo tells that Nehmat will not compromise on anything. Naaz gets upset on seeing Nehmat with the family. Fateh asks Naaz to stay happy with Nehmat. Satti tells Tejo that she has no answers for Naaz. She doesn’t want Naaz’s heart to break. Tejo asks her to leave Naaz’s responsibility to them. Naaz is frustrated recalling her bad childhood. She gets jealous that Nehmat has a loving family. Naaz drops her icecream. She finds Tejo loving Nehmat a lot. She steps back. She lies to them and goes away. She vents anger by breaking Nehmat’s cycle. Fateh feels proud of Nehmat. He asks her to take care of Naaz. Naaz feels unlucky.

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