Pandya Store 17th September 2022 Update Shweta’s confession

Pandya Store 17th September 2022 Update Shweta's confession

Pandya Store 17th September 2022 Update Shweta’s confessionGautam, Raavi, Dev and Shiva get informed about Chiku when one of Raavi’s social media fan calls her. The man informs her about a girl taking Chiku secretly. Raavi rushes to find the girl. Rishita suspects Shweta, who acts really mysterious. Suman awaits the family members and wishes they bring Chiku along. She worries for Dhara, who isn’t eating anything in sorrow. Rishita lectures Shweta. She tells that the family members aren’t careless, they all know about Dhara’s immense love for Chiku. A new trouble comes home when a fraud baba arrives.

Dev wants to inform the family that he got Chiku’s location, but Gautam doesn’t think they should rush. Pandya brothers find an interesting way to reach Chiku. Chiku finally comes back home, and gives a new life to Dhara. Shweta gets mad that her plan failed, because of Raavi. She isn’t happy to see Chiku back. She gets drunk and speaks her heart to Krish. She tells him that she just wished for a carefree life, freedom and a loving husband, who would get everything for her.

She regrets that she didn’t get anything she wished, and instead she got pregnant, the child came as a burden on her. Krish feels worried when she admits that she has done a lot of plotting to get rid of Chiku. She tells him that she has made a big plan to send Chiku away from her life. Krish can’t believe that Shweta is the mastermind behind Chiku’s abduction. Though he sympathizes with her on seeing her tears, but can’t forget her for ruining Chiku and Dhara’s lives. Will Shweta handover Chiku to Dhara forever? Keep reading.


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