Swaran Ghar 16th September 2022 Upcoming Swaran’s decision

Swaran Ghar 16th September 2022 Upcoming Swaran's decision

Swaran Ghar 16th September 2022 Upcoming Swaran’s decision Ajit and Swaran have a prolonged silence between them. Swaran’s family falls into trouble as a payback for their own bad deeds. Nakul alerts Vikram and Kiran, asking them to reform. Kiran doesn’t accept her mistake. Nakul asks Vikram to pay for his own mistakes. Vikram doesn’t have any plan to save himself from the big trouble. Arjun learns that Ajit and Swaran are just friends, and decides to propose Swaran at the office. Arjun awaits Swaran. Ajit ignores Swaran, feeling hurt that she gave him no right to speak out his feelings.

Swaran wants to be true to him, and keep their friendship. She doesn’t have any interest in making any relationship. She wants Ajit to respect her refusal and not break their friendship. Ajit sinks in sorrow and stops taking care of himself. He falls sick. Jai informs Bebe about Ajit’s health condition. Bebe worriedly tells Swaran that they shall go and see Ajit once. Swaran gets adamant that she won’t visit Ajit. Bebe asks her why is she forgetting her old friendship just because of an alliance talk.

She asks Swaran to forget it if she is so stern about her decision of not marrying Ajit. Swaran doesn’t move. Bebe asks her to remember that Ajit is her friend. Swaran tells that she won’t go to meet Ajit. Bebe tells that she will go alone and see Ajit, who might be expecting them at home. Swaran gets worried for Ajit. She remembers the times when Ajit fought the world for her sake. Ajit has always protected her as a good friend, but she didn’t know that he had hidden his feelings of love from her for so long. Bebe wants to unite Swaran and Ajit. Will Swaran visit Ajit and sort their differences? Keep reading.


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